Melt For Him

Melt For Him

by Lauren Blakely


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Fire captain and bar owner Becker Thomas usually spends his nights alone, trying to escape painful memories from his past. When he meets a sexy, free-spirited brunette outside his bar, he knows he's found the perfect way to forget for one night. But when he discovers the woman he wants back in his bed is his best friend's sister, everything comes to a halt.Megan Jansen has one rule

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ISBN-13: 9781511705448
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 09/08/2014
Series: Fighting Fire Series , #2
Pages: 220
Sales rank: 287,633
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

A #1 New York Times Bestselling author, and #1 Wall Street Journal, Lauren Blakely is known for her contemporary romance books, including Big Rock, Unbreak My Heart, and her Heartbreakers Series. She lives in California with her family, including her smoking hot and funny husband and her two brilliant and kind children. She has plotted entire novels while walking her dogs. Her titles have appeared on the New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal Bestseller Lists more than 100 times, and she's sold nearly 3 million books.

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Melt For Him

Fighting Fire novel

By Lauren Blakely, Stacy Abrams, Alycia Tornetta

Entangled Publishing, LLC

Copyright © 2014 Lauren Blakely
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-63375-078-4


She had killer legs.

Strong, shapely — the kind that should never be covered up with pants or jeans. Yeah, the woman who'd just walked into the alley behind his bar, as if she were hunting for a bit of peace and quiet, too, should be legally required to wear short skirts and boots every single day.

He'd happily sign that edict.

She headed in his direction, tapping away on her phone, and Becker saw no reason not to check her out from his post at a table on the back porch of the Panting Dog, the microbrewery he owned and operated. Considering the way the crowds inside had felt constricting, wanting to toast him and his good buddy Travis for simply doing their job — as volunteer firemen, they'd answered the call and saved two kids from a fast-moving midnight fire a few weeks ago — he'd had to get away for a bit. The quiet porch had much more appeal than the scene inside, which threatened to bring other memories careening back, too — memories with different endings. But here in the dark of the warm May night that surrounded him, he was trained on the present, only the present — and on those legs.

He raked his eyes over the rest of the woman.

The gorgeous brunette looked like she put a premium on fitness — maybe woke up early for hikes or a five-mile run as the sun rose, just as he did. She was toned all over, and he offered a silent thanks to the genius who invented strappy little tanks, because they'd clearly been designed with this woman in mind. On her wrist she had a gray leather band, like a bracelet, and that, coupled with a small tattoo on her shoulder, seemed to scream "tough chick." As she neared him, she stopped texting, tucked her phone into her purse, and tugged at the neckline of her shirt.

"Fuck it," she said and looked to the left, then to the right. She hadn't seen him. She reached a hand up the back of her shirt, and seconds later she'd unhooked a lacy white bra and was stuffing it into her purse alongside the phone.

The knowledge that her breasts were riding bareback against the tight tank made him instantly hard. The shadows were his friends, though, and the dark corner he'd set up camp in was far enough away from the nearby streetlamps, or she might have seen his jaw drop. She was an even greater sight to behold now, and he could barely take his eyes off the way the fabric hugged her breasts. A triple threat from the legs, to the breasts, to the face. He hoped to God she had all the other assets he liked, too, namely the ones upstairs.

He cycled through opening lines that wouldn't earn a roll of the eyes. But he didn't need lines, because she was making a beeline for the table, eyeing the chair across from him.

Maybe fate was in his favor tonight. Maybe she was what he needed to take his mind away from the noise and the chatter — both from inside his bar and from those damn memories that taunted him of all that had gone wrong in Chicago and sent him far away from the Windy City to set up a new home here in Hidden Oaks, California, deep in the heart of wine country. New life, new department, new friends. A new chance.

She wobbled.

She was a few feet away from the table, and she must have caught a rock or a pebble, because she lunged unevenly, starting to reach for the back of a chair. Reflexes kicking in, he rose quickly and steadied her with a sure hand on her elbow. She looked straight at him. There was the slightest touch of embarrassment in her face, but then it was quickly replaced by an amused determination.

She gave a quick wave, then smoothed over her skirt. "Nice to meet you. I'm Megan. I'm kind of a klutz sometimes," she said, owning it. She was both utterly adorable and unbelievably hot with the way she turned her stumble into a confident introduction.

"I'm Becker. I happen to be a big fan of klutzes."

She gave him an appreciative nod, as if to say, Well played. He pulled out the chair for her, and she sat down, crossing the bare legs that he longed to touch. If she went commando on top, did she downstairs as well?

A man could dream. A man could hope. A man could thank the lucky stars a claustrophobic evening had just turned into a night of possibility. He sat down quickly, because it was already getting tighter inside his jeans.

* * *

Hidden Oaks was just as Megan remembered when she left more than a year ago. All the shops were the same, that statue of the guy on a horse in the town square was the same, even the window displays at the olive oil specialty shop were the same. The only thing different was the bar where she'd planned to meet her friend Jamie before she'd taken the detour to the alley. The Panting Dog wasn't here a year ago, nor was this man.

She'd have noticed him. She'd have remembered him.

He wasn't exactly forgettable, even with the shadows across his face.

"I'm actually forbidden by the Klutz Association from wearing these boots," she said, picking up the thread of their banter and holding her leg out to show him the heel on her short red boots. "But I defied their orders."

"I won't tell them you're a scofflaw then," he said, in that warm and gravelly voice, the kind that could sell you whiskey or bourbon, or maybe even himself. Smooth but with a touch of something else — danger, perhaps. One faint streetlight shone across half his face, and the half she could see was hauntingly beautiful. Strong cheekbones, a touch of stubble, and dark eyes that looked as if they'd seen many things. Her eyes roamed to his arms, which seemed to be in a permanent state of flex. She bet he could lift a dresser and carry it easily, lay it in the bed of a truck with barely an effort. Because, yes, of course this man drove a truck. Probably red and scratched-up, the kind he'd drive to the end of a long dirt road with her, toss a blanket in the back, and then they'd get it on under the stars.

Hold on. They'd barely even exchanged words and she was already picturing tangoing with him in the back of a truck? That's what a good pair of arms did to her. Made her mind tumble ten steps ahead. She'd always loved a well-built man. So sue her for staring.

But she needed to focus on why she'd taken this detour for the alley in the first place — to be alone. There was a reason she hadn't stepped foot in the Panting Dog to hang out with Jamie, who managed the bar. When she'd peered through the window a few minutes ago, she had been met with the sight of a packed bar, patrons standing shoulder to shoulder, wedged inside. And after she'd spent most of her time in Los Angeles the last year trying to keep her ex away from that kind of scene, which had offered too many temptations to him, it was one of her least favorite sights. So she'd headed for the quiet of the back porch, hoping to read a book as she waited for Jamie to finish her shift.

But screw reading. As long as Becker wasn't a fireman or a drunk, she'd be keen on chatting for a few minutes. Not that she lumped drunks with firemen. Not at all. But either type was a deal-breaker, though for different reasons. The bottom line was the same — they both could pulverize a heart.

"Anything else the Klutzes forbid you from wearing?" he asked in a teasing tone, continuing the thread of their shared joke.

Oh. Had he seen her starting to strip? Seemed a strong possibility. And so why the hell not run with it?

"Why would you ask?" she said, running a finger along the strap of her tank top, as if she simply had to adjust it right this second.

"No reason at all," he said, trying to rein in a grin that threatened to curve up his lips. He tipped his forehead to Megan's shoulder. "I completely didn't notice that you were removing an article of clothing because I was trying to admire the ink on your skin. What's your tattoo there?"

She laughed loudly. "Nicely done," she said, her way of acknowledging that he hadn't quite taken the easy road by asking directly about the lingerie she'd already ditched. That damn strapless bra had been bugging her. And he'd clearly seen her take it off. But then, he'd already seen her stumble, so on the scope of things in life she should care about, the prospect of a stranger having seen her go through the first level of solo strip poker didn't bother her. Nor did it bug her that he was checking out the way her nipples were outlined against the cotton of her tank. Especially because she didn't really want him to be a stranger right then.

"The thing you didn't notice? I'm going to tell you a secret," she said playfully, owning her moment of nearly eating the sidewalk, and owning her lack of a seat belt for her breasts. "Strapless bras suck."

"I'm going to tell you a secret. You not wearing a bra right now? That doesn't suck."

She laughed, then patted her shoulder. "And to answer your question: that's my owl."

He leaned forward, the glow of the streetlamp illuminating him fully now, and holy smokes. He wasn't just gorgeous. He was the very definition of smoldering. His eyes were the deepest of browns, his cheekbones were chiseled, and his hair was dark with the slightest wave. But those eyes — somehow they said he was more than just a fine specimen of muscle, and height, and beauty. There was something hidden, something dark in the past, and that lured her in like a magnet. Because it was familiar.

"An owl? Let me guess. Does it have to do with being wise?" But before she could answer, he shook his head and spoke again. "No. I don't think it does. I bet there's some deeper meaning."

She tapped her finger to her nose. "Bingo."

"I could ask what it is, but I have a feeling you don't ink and tell."

"You're right. I don't always," she said. She hadn't even told her brother Travis, and they'd nearly raised each other at times. He didn't like that she'd gotten a tattoo. He was overprotective in every way, down to warning her not to ink her own body because he didn't trust tattoo shops. That was par for the course with Travis; he was skeptical and suspicious by nature, but then, those traits had served them both well when they were growing up.

But she could toss Becker a bone. He'd earned that much with his directness, not to mention his fast reflexes. "I'll tell you something else about my tattoo, though. I designed it myself," Megan added.

"So are you a tattoo artist?"

She shook her head wistfully. "Not yet, but I will be soon. I've been learning the trade, working with some artists, and I have a gig lined up that I'm super excited about. I've always loved to draw, though, and have been lucky enough to work as a freelance artist," she said. She'd been a freelance makeup artist in Los Angeles, and a freelance photographer, and a freelance illustrator. She was back in town on a freelance basis, too, since her brother had convinced her to hang out for a few weeks in Hidden Oaks to shoot the firemen's calendar. The regular photographer had left town to tend to some family matters, and the firehouse was in a pinch to produce the calendar quickly. It was a best seller, and all the proceeds benefited the local hospital's burn center, so Megan had agreed to donate her time and work for the cause.

The timing proved fortuitous. She wasn't going to stay long — she had Portland on her travel itinerary next, since she'd found out earlier that week that she'd landed an apprenticeship at one of the city's premier tattoo shops, where she'd be turning her designs into body art starting in June.

Hidden Oaks was a way station, then she'd head north. But she didn't want to go into all the details of her job history or job future with Becker. The night she met her ex, she'd been patently open with him, sharing details of her life, and look where that had gotten her — straight into a damaging relationship she'd only recently been able to untangle herself from. She would try a different tactic with this man. She would hold herself back. Protect her secrets and herself. She was no longer an open book.

"Well, Ms. Soon-to-Be Tattoo Artist, I don't believe we've had a proper handshake," he said, giving her a small smile. His large hand wrapped around Megan's, and she liked the way his skin felt against hers. She started wondering whether she'd like more skin-on-skin contact, and as she grew warmer between her thighs, she had her answer. Yes. She wanted to be closer to him. She leaned in, enjoying the heat that radiated from his body, too.

Maybe it was all physical. Or maybe it was more. Maybe it was because she didn't know him, and he didn't know her, and they could be anybody. They could be people without pasts, without stories, without baggage. A man, a woman, meeting by chance. A quick stumble, a brief catch, as if someone or something had wanted them to meet. The night was a blank slate full of possibility. She started picturing those warm, strong hands on her, on her hips, on her waist, touching her shoulders, and she shivered at the images flashing by.

"You're new to town, aren't you?" she asked.

"Moved here a year ago from Chicago. And you? You new, too?"

"I'm just passing through. Making my way up the coast," she said, and she liked the feel of that answer, how it suited the mood she'd been in lately — a mood for change, for new beginnings.

"Ah, you've got wanderlust."

"A traveling heart," she said.

"I'm glad you traveled into this alley tonight."

"Why are you hanging out in the dark by yourself?"

"I could ask you the same."


"Sure. Might as well start there."

"I don't like parties," she admitted.

"I don't like crowds."

"Ah, so we have that in common."

"And that's why we find ourselves here in an alley."

"Besides hanging out solo in alleys on a Friday night, what is it that you do, Mr. Becker?" She was surprised at how incredibly flirtatious she sounded when she said his name, almost like Marilyn breathily whispering, "Mr. President." But then Becker was the opposite of what she'd been used to for the last year. He seemed both straightforward and completely lacking in pretenses, and there was little more appealing to Megan than that. Well, except perhaps for his body, all carved and broad, and his eyes, so dark and penetrating. She imagined being underneath him, looking into their depths, feeling the intensity of his stare as he moved in her, the kind of gaze that could blot out all the bad memories.

He tipped his head to the back entrance of the Panting Dog. "I own this place," he said, and that tripped a switch in her memory. Jamie had once said that she wanted to hook up Megan with her boss, who was super hot. Jamie was right — Becker was smoking. "Speaking of, can I interest you in a beer? All locally brewed and all named after dog breeds. In addition to klutzes, I happen to be a big fan of dogs."

She laughed. "Dogs are cool. So's beer."

"We have wine, too, if that's your thing."

"And why on earth would I drink wine when you have microbrews named for dogs? How about a Chihuahua?" she said with a smile. "I'll take my chances even though I have no idea what kind of beer the Chihuahua gave its name to, but those are some seriously fine-looking little dogs."

"One raspberry ale coming up for the woman who doesn't like crowds, who thinks bras suck, and who believes owls have deeper meanings."

Whoa. In five minutes he already knew more about her than most people did. And she'd been trying so hard to keep everyone out.


Perhaps retreat had its rewards after all. Look what it had brought tonight in the form of Megan. She was devastatingly beautiful and had a lush little body he could wrap his hands around, but looks alone had never done him in. The fact was, she had a dry sort of charm and a bit of an edge, like she was the kind of woman who didn't take shit from anyone. And there was something else, too. Almost a distance, as if she had walls up.

He understood walls. They made sense to him. They protected him from getting too close.


Excerpted from Melt For Him by Lauren Blakely, Stacy Abrams, Alycia Tornetta. Copyright © 2014 Lauren Blakely. Excerpted by permission of Entangled Publishing, LLC.
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Melt For Him (a Fighting Fire novel) 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 58 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
## BREATHTAKING. That's the first word that comes to mind when trying to decribe this book. This was so much fun to read. I won't go into the plot since most of the other reviews already cover that, but boy this story was good. The hero and heroine were BOTH amazing. Thank you to Ms. Blakely for creating these fabulous characters. The heroine was strong, capable, sassy, kind, and so playful. And beautiful to boot (man, I'm so tired of the heroines with constant weight and self-image issues supposedly making things more realistic). Who the heck wants realistic? It's fiction baby. Wow, and the hero? Let me pick my tongue up off the floor so I can tell you how hot he is. Sizzling! The conflict was minor which sometimes irks me a bit, but the rest was so fantastic that I barely noticed. I highly recommend this and will be reading it again and again.
JillD82 More than 1 year ago
Loved this book, loved this whole series. Chemistry was great! love Laurens books
jfeaster31 More than 1 year ago
loved both of the books in this series. pick em up!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Yet another awesome book by this author! The chemistry was amazing and I cannot wait see what the other firefrighters have in store for us!
Pinky47 More than 1 year ago
This was a smoking hot book!  I loved the character development of Becker and Megan.  I highly recommend it.  Lauren is one of my favorite authors.  
Marcy99 More than 1 year ago
I really loved this story! Sparks flew between these two. Becker Thomas, a fire fighter and bar owner, moved from Chicago after losing two friends in a fire. Megan Jansen, an artist/photographer, returns to her hometown after getting out of a bad relationship, and to shoot the photos for her brother's fire station calendar. Both had emotional wounds, but when they met behind his bar as strangers...there were sparks and a strong connection. One they tried to resist but were powerless against.
smutbookjunkie More than 1 year ago
Lauren once again delivers sizzle, spice, and everything naughty and nice.  Megan and Becker light fire to the pages of this hot and sexy read.  A strong leading lady and a sexy alpha male.  What more could you ask for?   Megan has been asked to return to Hidden Oaks to shoot their annual firefighter calendar.  Megan is perfectly content to take pictures of half-naked, sexy firemen because she has no intention of ever dating one.  She lost her father years ago when he was fighting a fire and refuses to ever get involved with a fireman.  Her mother was destroyed when her father died.   Becker moved to Hidden Oaks to escape his past and start anew.  He is not looking for a relationship because his last one ended so badly.  As Fire Captain he finds that women want him based on that alone.  He could have his choice of lady of the week so why settle.  When he catches Megan undressing in the alley behind his bar he can't keep himself from staring at her.  He is hidden in the shadows and he quickly begins to appreciate her sexy body.    What happens when Megan stumbles and falls into Becker's arms?  An insane night of passion with a plan to explore more passionate nights for the next two weeks before she heads out of town.  Is it safe to have one night of passion with a man you hardly know? “Why didn’t you tell me you were from here?” he asked, holding his hands out in question. She furrowed her brow. “What?" “I had no idea you were Travis’s sister,” he said, and he sounded pissed. “And I had no idea you were a fireman,” she said, parking her hands on her hips. He shoved a hand roughly through his hair, shook his head. “And I had no idea you were the photographer. You said you were an artist." Lauren delivers a delicious rollercoaster ride full of angst and passion as Megan and Becker try to extinguish the chemistry between them.  She creates complex characters that you just can’t help but love as they battle their inner demons in order to find their happily ever after.   "Kissing her was like coming home.  The feel of her lips was passion and certainty all at once.  It was everything he'd know he'd wanted, and everything he could never give up." I absolutely adored this read.  If you like your romance with a lot of angst and smoldering chemistry, you will love Melt for Him.   *WARNING:  This read has the Smut Book Junkies Panty Melting Seal so make sure to have a spare pair ready because you will need them.
CarmenSwoonsCP More than 1 year ago
Maybe it was all physical. Or maybe it was more. Maybe it was because she didn't know him, and he didn't know her, and they could be anybody. They could be people without pasts, without stories, without baggage. A man, a woman, meeting by chance. A quick stumble, a brief catch, as if someone or something had wanted them to meet. The night was a blank slate full of possibility. However familiar or common as that theme might be, Lauren Blakely tells it better, tells it hotter! Becker and Megan...more like Becker and Carmen!!! This man pervades my thoughts...and I finished this book daaaays ago. But back to my review. One night stands are departures of limits and logic. Melt for Him lets you revel in the bliss of marvelous beginnings. She was someone who didn't know who he was. Someone who didn't have the time for more than the here and now. With her, there was no past. There was only the present. That was all he wanted, and all he was good for. Sure, you say that now, but when the chemistry, the attraction, the pull, is this potent, you'll do everything in your power to keep Megan (CARMEN. That's how it reads on my Kindle, I swear!) Becker is the new fire captain of Hidden Oaks who's immersed himself in the community after a year and has made it his new home. Well, as much a home as Becker's willing to commit to. Megan is native to the town, but left for L.A. a few years back to pursue hopeless endeavors. She's returned to visit briefly with her beloved brother, but runs into Becker instead. I'd stay right there, sister! Aside from the steam emanating from my Kindle, there was a serious undertone of post-trauma. Becker's correlating grief and regret from the past make for a tenuous hold on the everlasting, as you can imagine. The revelation, discussion of Becker's past is addressed with respect and grace. In fact, Lauren Blakely is donating half of her author proceeds from the pre-order and release week sales for Melt for Him to the NVFC Firefighter support Fund which supports the nation's volunteer fire and EMS departments. Lauren Blakely is an author I'm proud to support! Not only do Becker and Megan face those "I'd like to do that a million more times, but only if you do" impulses, they have to overcome a delicate hurdle; a taboo of the "bro code". The matter is near and dear to my heart, so if any of you are faithful followers of my reviews (ahahahaha), I hope you'll associate me with the reveal! I'll leave the discovery to you because it's simultaneously funny and nerve-wracking. It's when you underestimate your impact on a person who suddenly means the world to you; when your involvement literally affects your partner's ability to function. Those are the moments of swoon that Lauren Blakely delivers so expertly. She moves me every time. A fateful coincidence of perfect timing, daring dialogue, breathtaking passion...a special dynamic too precious to waste. But Ms. Blakely delves even further by illustrating the demands of a dangerous job...and the fears of the partner praying for their safe return. The unceasing worry despite assurances of professional caution. Ugh...just gorgeous. Another freaking gem by Lauren Blakely! Love, love, looooooved this book!
DarceySmith More than 1 year ago
5-Flaming Stars! Yes, another 5-star Lauren Blakely book! Becker, Becker, Becker. Where do you start? Hot? Yep. Alpha? Double Yep. Fireman? Panties ignite everywhere. He makes you want to reach into your e-reader just for a little touch of his chiseled chest. Megan is the forbidden fruit. His friend's sister. But attraction and desire outweigh Becker's common sense and sense of friendship. If you're looking for an amazing page turner with smokin' hot characters and sizzling sex, then you've found it! Lauren Blakely doesn't disappoint!
AboutThatStory More than 1 year ago
I love a story filled with great characters, excellent banter, emotional moments, and major passion. This was it!!!! I was teary eyed and smiling by the time it ended, loved it all!  Megan and Becker where excellent characters with this instant, incredible chemistry. They connected on so many different levels and even when they fight to stay away from one another there is still this magnetic pull. It was awesome! There were all these innuendos and banter between the two of them and it was so flirty and fun, I loved it. There were some really sweet moments but there was a lot of sexual tension and build up as well. I really liked Megan, she was strong and independent with a good head on her shoulders. Becker is definitely a new book boyfriend, so sweet and sexy. Together they were the perfect match and I enjoyed their story and how everything developed. This story is told from both of their POV’s (which I love!) and it was great getting inside their heads. There were emotional times as well since they both had past issues they were dealing with and I really enjoyed those more in depth moments. About the hotness… this book was so incredibly off-the-charts-hot that at one point I had to put it down and walk away. Just wow! Steamy, passionate, and combustible. Seriously sizzling!!!  I really liked Megan's brother Travis and the connection that the two of them shared. He was sweet and cocky all rolled into one and was a guy I wanted to know more about. I would love to see him get his own story.   I thought this was a solid read, it had great development, and an excellent pace. Lauren Blakely does an amazing job balancing out all the different elements within the story. The sweet and the fun, the emotional moments and the passion, they all came together perfectly. Definitely a 5 star read for me! Complimentary copy received for honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
5-Alarm Hotness Stars... I was already a Lauren Blakely fan, but when I learned that she wrote a new book featuring firemen, I was wagging my tail like a spotted firehouse dog. Being married to a fireman myself, I am a sucker for a sexy, muscled, sweaty hero with a hose. I can relate to Megan's fears regarding the dangerous occupation and can understand why it would be hard to risk loving someone that you could lose. Especially if you had already suffered a loss. But what if you saw him before you knew who he was, and what he did for a living? What if he was "the type of man who made a woman nearly catcall like a construction worker" and was featured shirtless in the FIREMAN CALENDAR? What if you had already experienced the heat of his passion, and melted under his touch...BEFORE you discovered that he was your brother's best friend...BEFORE you discovered that he was someone you promised you would never have anything to do with, a fireman? You are in for a treat ladies! The chemistry between Becker & Megan is off the charts. After their 5-Alarm night together they try to stay away from each other, but it's like blowing on a house fire, a waste of time.
romanticatheart1 More than 1 year ago
Someone turn on the hose, there's a fire burning in these pages! Panties are melting!!! Seriously, this is one Great Book! Becker is every woman's fantasy firefighter! Broken, yet caring with a crazy huge heart! Megan is an amazing artist with fears of losing herself, her heart, and her soul to a she stays away. That is, until Becker happens! They both have been just going through the motions until they literally Crash together! Hold on to your seat, and your panties - cause this book is scorching HOT! I love all of Lauren's books that I've had the pleasure of reading and this is NO Exception! Her writing style is wonderfully descriptive and the character development leaves just enough to the imagination to fill in the blanks! I can't wait to the Travis & Cara's story in Consumed by You next! Oh, and don't miss out on her books! She writes amazing Rom-Com's, like Mister O, Well Hung, etc...Do yourself a favor and add her books to your TBR list!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Must read. Loved this story.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great read
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I thoroughly enjoyed this book as Megan and Becker explored their growing attraction to each other and faced their individual fears about falling in love.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
SO HOT!! Megan and Becker are smoking and their love story is touching, passionate and heartfelt!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Very good!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Good and hot love vstory with conflicts that are worked out for a happy endkng
LovinLosLibros More than 1 year ago
I have to start by saying a big thank you to Lauren Blakely for the bringing the steam AND the swoon once again in Melt for Him! I am such a big fan of her books, so I jumped at the chance to read and review her latest Brazen. Blakely has not only created an engaging storyline, but she has developed and created a set of enjoyable characters that I couldn't get enough of. I really liked both Megan and Becker. Their attraction to one another is instant and their banter is both flirty and fun. Megan does not plan to stay in the town of Hidden Oaks for long. She is temporarily passing through her hometown before she embarks on a new adventure in Portland. After a scorchingly hot night together, both of them realize that one night wasn't enough and find themselves craving more. Megan doesn't do firefighters though. After tragically losing her father as a child, she resolves never to get involved with someone whose life is constantly put at risk, as she saw her mother withdraw into herself after losing her father. Becker knows he should stay away from Megan as well, as he discovers she is his good friend, Travis's sister. Travis warns him away from Megan, as he doesn't want to see his sister hurt, as he knows Becker has his own demons from the past that still haunt him to this day. Staying away from one another is easier said than done. The two already know how good it is together, so the temptation and the desire are already there and it's like trying to keep two magnets apart. I love their scenes together. They want to give in to one another so badly and just when they start to, they come to their senses and pull back. Those scenes were the hottest of them all, because you could feel the tension just come right off the pages! As protective as Megan's brother Travis is, I really liked him. The two are very close and were each other's strength when they were younger when their mom had checked out after their father's death. I hope we get his book next! I also liked reading about Smith and Jamie. I am excited to go back and read their novella, Burn for Me! Blakely is just one of those incredibly engaging authors and I love being pulled into her books. They always read very quickly for me and always bring plenty of sweet, sexy, and swoon-worthy times!
Cheryl-S More than 1 year ago
Megan was escaping a bad relationship and only in town for a couple weeks. Becker moved to Hidden Oaks a year ago after a tragic accident involving two of his firefighter friend's deaths. One night, without knowing who each other were, was all it took to start them wanting more. The problem with more was he didn't want a relationship and didn't know he was a fireman. What happens when she finds out he is the one thing she vows to never get involved with? SUPER HOT! Becker is up for sizzling hottie of the year award. He and Megan are steaming up the glass on my Kindle Fire. Fantastic romance! It kept me enthralled from beginning to end. I felt sad for Megan. To have lost her firefighter father to a fire before she was old enough to know him, then to fall in love with a fireman. She really has some deep soul searching to do. All the characters in this book are fantastic! The story read so smooth.  This is a beautiful romance that makes you feel good when the last page is turned. Lauren Blakely is a one-click author for me. No matter what she writes, I know it's going to be amazing! *free copy gifted for honest review **originally reviewed for welovekink(dot)com
mysticrosetiger More than 1 year ago
This book is a great read. Megan and Becker story is never give up and keep reaching for the stars.
Mennina1 More than 1 year ago
Becker is a fire fighter who owns a bar. Each of the drinks are named after a dog. He meets Megan behind the bar and they have a steamy night together.. Then Becker finds out that she is his best friends sister and he just broke the bro code. Megan finds out that Becker is a fire fighter and she has sworn to never date a fire fighter because of her dad dying. As Megan had just gotten out of a two year draining relationship she wasn't looking for anything more. Then they find that they just can't keep their hands off each other. Great light read. The author does a great job with the characters. I loved getting to know Megan and Becker through their story!
Anlenhart1 More than 1 year ago
Hot hook up leads to healing romance. Becker, a bar owner and firefighter meets Megan in his bar, and they instantly fall in lust with each other. They hook up, but later learn that he is her brothers best friend. Each has ghosts from the past that they must overcome to be together.  Melt for him is the perfect combination of story, angst, heat, and romance.  Becker and Megan's story is realistic, interesting and well paced. I really enjoyed the artistic flair that Megan brought to the novel. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants a sexy, well written book! I was given a free copy for an honest review. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago