Medieval Chronicles

Medieval Chronicles




Travel back in time to the High Middle Ages—the period in European history from the end of the 10th century to the end of the 15th. This was a time of excitement and adventure, when explorers pushed back the boundaries of the known world, when knights in armor battled for supremacy, and mighty castles were built, many of which can still be seen today.


Set sail for adventure!

Our tale begins in the late 10th century, when Vikings in their longships plundered and traded. Follow the story of quarrelsome Erik the Red and his son Leif Eriksson, the first European to set foot in the New World.

Are you ready for battle?

To become a knight, you needed wealth and family connections, and the long period of training required great dedication. Explore the daily life of a knight in the Middle Ages. What was it that made a knight so much more than a common soldier?

Could you survive a siege?

The mighty castles of medieval Europe were strong, but they were not indestructible—as we learn from the true story of the siege of Château-Gaillard in 1203.

This beautifully illustrated book lets you experience firsthand what life was like in the Middle Ages. Unfold the flaps to find extra information, and look out for the miniature booklets that take you behind the scenes of this most fascinating period!

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ISBN-13: 9781435150676
Publisher: Sandy Creek
Publication date: 08/29/2013
Pages: 96
Product dimensions: 14.25(w) x 10.50(h) x 0.70(d)
Age Range: 7 Years

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