Mark Rosen's Book of Minnesota Sports Lists: A Compilation of Bests, Worsts, and Head-Scratchers from the Worlds of Baseball, Football, Basketball, Hockey, and More

Mark Rosen's Book of Minnesota Sports Lists: A Compilation of Bests, Worsts, and Head-Scratchers from the Worlds of Baseball, Football, Basketball, Hockey, and More

by Mark Rosen, Jim Bruton


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Beloved sportscaster Mark Rosen presents a handpicked collection of fascinating sports memories from a range of athletes, journalists, and other prominent Minnesota voices. The Minnesota sports universe is filled with star players, memorable moments (good and bad), and controversial decisions that have long sparked debate and discussion among fans. In Mark Rosen's Book of Minnesota Sports Lists, local broadcasting legend Mark Rosen and co-author Jim Bruton present their own expert opinions and poll the biggest names from Minnesota and beyond to resolve those debates and provide the ultimate rankings of every sports question that the Minnesota fan has had to ask. No aspect of sport in Minnesota is left unturned, and Rosen includes the good, the bad, and the ugly from all levels of play: professional, college, high school, amateur, and recreational. Spanning the gamut of statewide sports - mascots, uniforms, sportswriters, movies and TV, sporting sites, and more - Rosen and Bruton explore the greatest on-field accomplishments, the biggest front-office gaffes, the forgotten heroes, the blown calls, and the scandals. Drawing from timeless Minnesota sports figures that include coaching legends, top athletes, journalists, and prominent public figures, the more than 100 lists included in Mark Rosen's Book of Minnesota Sports Lists will fascinate, infuriate, and invigorate Minnesota sports fans of all ages and passions.

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ISBN-13: 9780760345801
Publisher: MVP Books
Publication date: 05/01/2014
Pages: 224
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Mark Rosen, sports director at WCCO Television in Minneapolis, MN, has been with the station for over four decades. Starting in broadcast journalism at the age of 17, he has long been a favorite of local and regional audiences, and he was named Best TV Sports Anchor of 2011 by the City Pages. The recipient of numerous journalism awards, he has hosted his own show, Rosen's Sports Sunday, for more than 30 years. Mark has a phenomenal gift for connecting with his listeners, and he continues to bring his charismatic and enthusiastic expertise to his audiences through his daily television news broadcasts and KFAN radio gigs, as well as through social media platforms. His role in the community and with charity organizations has been worthy of the highest esteem.Jim Bruton spent 35 years in the field of corrections and retired as the warden of Minnesota's maximum-security prison in Oak Park Heights. A member of the University of Minnesota Golden Gophers football team from 1965 to 1966, Bruton is the author of several books, including The Big House, A Tradition of Purple, Gopher Glory, and We Love Our Twins. He is also the co-author of Lou Nanne's A Passion to Win and Frank Tarkenton's Every Day Is Game Day. He lives in White Bear Lake, MN.

Table of Contents

Preface 6

My Favorite Things

Ten Greatest Minnesota Sports Moments 9

My Favorite Minnesota Sports Moments 12

My Most Exciting Minnesota Sports Stories to Cover 14

Ten Biggest Minnesota Sports Heartbreaks 16

Ten Wildest Game Finishes 19

Ten Greatest Minnesota Sports Legends 21

My Ten Favorite Minnesota Athletes 24

Ten Most Respected Minnesota Athletes 27

My Favorite Minnesota Sports Characters and Personalities 29

Ten Best Minnesota Sports Nicknames 32

Ten Toughest Minnesota Sports Names to Spell 34

My Favorite Names to Say on the Air 35

Ten Greatest Minnesota Pro Managers and Coaches 36

Five Great Assistant Coaches in Minnesota Professional Sports 39

Ten Greatest University of Minnesota Coaches 41

Ten Greatest Minnesota High School Athletes 45

Top Ten "Cups of Coffee" in Minnesota 47

Ten Athletes Most Hated by Minnesota Fans 50

Ten Greatest Minnesota Sports Rivals 53

Ten Biggest Minnesota Sports Busts 57

Five Worst Trades in Minnesota Sports 60

Ten Biggest Minnesota Sports Scandals and Controversies 61

Memorable But Defunct Minnesota Teams 64


Ten Greatest Minnesota Vikings Moments 67

Ten Worst Minnesota Vikings Moments 70

Minnesota Vikings All-Time Offensive Lineup 74

Minnesota Vikings All-Time Defensive Lineup 77

Ten Greatest Minnesota Vikings Quarterbacks 80

Ten Greatest Minnesota Vikings Running Backs 83

Five Greatest Minnesota Vikings Wide Receivers 86

Five Most Memorable Randy Moss Moments 88

Five Greatest Minnesota Vikings Kickers 89

Five Greatest Minnesota Vikings Punters 91

Five Great Vikings Who Also Played for the Green Bay Packers 92

Five Greatest Minnesota Vikings Head Coaches 93

My Most Memorable Bud Grant Moments 94

Five Most Memorable Dennis Green Moments 96

My Favorite Minnesota Gophers Football Memories 97

Ten Greatest Minnesota Gophers Football Players 99

Five Greatest Minnesota Gophers Football Coaches 101

Ten Best Things about TCF Bank Stadium 102


My Favorite Twins Moments 105

Minnesota Twins All-Time Lineup 108

Minnesota Twins All-Time Batting Order 111

Ten Greatest Minnesota Twins Hitters 112

Five Most Memorable Twins Home Runs 114

Ten Greatest Minnesota Twins Pitchers 116

Five Greatest Pitching Performances by a Minnesota Twin 119

My Favorite Twins, Numbers 1 to 10 121

Ten More Favorite Minnesota Twins Numbers 123

Top Ten Minnesota Twins Characters 125

Five Best Minnesota Twins Managers 127

Five Best Things about Ron Gardenhire 129

Ten Best Things about Target Field 130

Five Best Things about Metropolitan Stadium 133

Ten Best Things about the Metrodome 135

Ten Worst Things about the Metrodome 136

My Favorite Ballpark Food Items 138


Ten Greatest Minnesota Wild Players 141

Ten Greatest Minnesota North Stars Players 144

My Favorite Minnesota North Stars 147

Ten Toughest North Stars and Wild Players 150

Five Best Things about Xcel Energy Center 152

Ten Greatest Minnesota Gophers Hockey Players 153

My Top Five Reasons to Have Lunch with Lou Nanne 157


Ten Greatest Minnesota Timberwolves Moments 159

Ten Worst Minnesota Timberwolves Moments 162

Ten Greatest Minnesota Timberwolves Players 165

Five Greatest Minnesota Lynx Players 168

Ten Best Reasons to Go to a Lynx Game 170

Ten Greatest Minnesota Gophers Basketball Players 172

Ten Best Things about "The Barn" 176


My All-Time Favorite Wrestlers 179

More of My Favorite Things

Ten Greatest Minnesota Olympic Athletes 183

Five Greatest Minnesota Female Athletes 186

My Favorite Sports Cities Outside Minnesota 187

Ten Best Sports Reasons to Live in the Twin Cities 190

My Favorite Minnesota Sports Events to Cover 192

My Bucket List of Sporting Events to Cover 195

My Wish List of Minnesota Sporting Events 197

Five Things that Need to Go Away from Sports 198

My Ten Favorite Team Uniforms 199

My Five Least Favorite Team Uniforms 202

My Ten Favorite Interviews 203

My Five Worst Interviews 205

Top Five Minnesota Sportswriters 206

My Five Favorite Stadium/Arena Announcers 207

My Top Five Play-by-Play Announcers 208

My Ten Favorite Sports Movies 209

My Ten Favorite Non-Sports Movies 212

Ten Things I Would Have Done if I Had Been Elected Governor 214

My Top Ten WCCO Television Memories 217

Ten Reasons I Love My Job at WCCO Television 220

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