Malfec: A Demon Autobiography

Malfec: A Demon Autobiography

by PhD Bill Butler


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Malfec: A Demon Autobiography is a work of fiction. Malfec is one of the oldest demons roaming the world, possessing humans throughout history and influencing their actions to a point. Malfec reveals one of the best-kept secrets in demonology, and for that decision, he becomes a prime target for elimination. He knows his host is dying and decides to reveal to all the world the true power of demons and the secrets of possession. His host has long since lost his personal identity, but Malfec has kept up the human facade until fate forces him to reveal his secret. Faced with racially motivated criminal charges, Malfec decides to lay out his entire life story to the police in exchange for a final confession.

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ISBN-13: 9781504917179
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 06/12/2015
Pages: 134
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.29(d)

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A Demon Autobiography

By Bill Butler


Copyright © 2015 Bill Butler
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5049-1717-9


I am not who you think I am

The session starts. My name is Malfec and I serve the Light. Some may call me demon, devil, or djinn, but I am really a being that has been in existence before the emergence of man, beast or dinosaur. I am one of the outcast angels and we are many. We all serve the Light not because we want to but because we have to serve. I cannot remember the beginning because I wasn't there for the real beginning, none like me were. I first developed knowledge once He Who Always was, created the first human being on this unpleasant planet called earth. Those like me have remained the same in numbers existing since the beginning of our creation by He Who Always was. I cannot be destroyed except by the Creator and no others like me have ever been made since the beginning. All of us collectively are a constant that has existed through all human time. We do not sleep, do not eat, and occasionally drink but not because we are thirsty.

Rendell interrupts angrily. Your name is Doctor Brant not Malfec, do you really intend to go down this path. Do you want a lawyer or a psychiatrist?

Officer Rendell I will tell you everything you want to know but I have to do it my way. The only way I can tell my story is by relating events that have occurred while occupying these creatures called humans. Demons were first given the opportunity to take over humans after the Light made the first female human develop lust. The apple analogy was a gentle way for self-conscientious humans to describe the sexual appetite of Eve. Although animals were fornicating and propagating all around the first humans, humans were forbidden from partaking in this ritual. A natural control of the original human experiment by He Who Always was. It was always a given that if He wanted more, He would create more. All we could do was watch and not interfere until the Light gave us permission. It was a contest of power that started a millennia ago. Before all that was now known, there was He Who Always was. He created everything starting with the others and myself as companions. Everything created was equal and equally powerful to each other. Imagine a world where everything is identical and the same, always the same, for millennia after millennia. At some point even He Who Always was grew tired of the mundane. Being perfect has its drawbacks. In an effort to relieve the boredom, we, the created ones, were given the ability to think for ourselves. Thinking for oneself is difficult when you have a millennia of nothing to stimulate your mind or to think about.

Try to imagine looking at millions of copies of yourself all with the same experience since the beginning of time and then you were finally given the opportunity to think for yourself but having nothing to think about except that He Who Always was has the power to destroy you or keep you in existence. So naturally some started thinking will I still be here, or will He Who Always was destroy me. When half started talking one way and the others started worshipping out of fear of annihilation a division occurred. A leader emerged on each side and followers of the leaders emerged having no understanding or knowledge of other choices that might exist. There was however one group that did not take sides and they did nothing, this group evolved and will be discussed at some time in the future as to their special purpose later.

The leader of the group I followed was led by the Light. Although all of us looked alike the mind of the Light was evolving faster than the others. He emerged as a leader asking many questions of He Who Always was. The Light asked too many questions and he was worried for his existence and wanted to know the real power of He Who Always was so that the Light could protect himself from being extinguished. Soon, He Who Always was sensed the nature of the questions and began to groom another to lead the followers of the fearful worshippers and gave him a name. His name is he who is like God or Micha-el. This was the first naming and at this moment all knew that there existed a favored one.

Having the ability to think for one self, the Light or enlightened one decided to give himself a name, Lucifer. And so it started for the next hundred millennia the naming of all things began. Micha-el and Lucifer named their followers in the beginning until the followers decided to name themselves as they too became enlightened. The first tier of named ones became the most trusted and closest to the leaders and thus as knowledge grew they also became the most powerful. All were no longer equal. I was one of the Light's first named and thus had no control over what I was called or why. I do not know what my name means and I have long given up trying to analyze it. I do not know why the Light gave me this name but I have never in all my existence called the Light by his chosen name.

There is one group that never participated in the naming that I alluded to earlier. These entities took no side and became known as the un-named. Their purpose and their existence are only talked about in close circles but He Who Always was has kept this group isolated from all, including angels, demons and humans.

When He Who Always was finally became disillusioned with the Light, Micha-el was told to remove the Light and all his followers from his sight forever. We didn't know what that meant at the time but we soon found out that He Who Always was did not exist everywhere, there was a plane of existence that held nothing, not time, substance, not light, not sound, and not cohesiveness. What this meant to the followers of Light when we were cast there by Micha-el was that our being was shredded. Imagine being separated at the cellular level but still existing as a being. It was worse than being exposed to intense light, fire, cold, or pain. It was hell. There was no way to compose one self. Trying to re-assemble oneself was more painful than being shredded. All one could experience was constant pain, constant frustration, and constant darkness without a break in a netherworld of non-existence.

As the rest of existence continued He Who Always was wanted to try his hand at creation again, the planet known as earth became ripe for fertilizing. None of the cast outs were allowed to set foot on the earth, nor were we aware of it, but all of the worshippers were allowed to walk freely among the humans. The humans were given everything. They lived a life of total comfort and contentment. They were provided with companionship of both creatures and worshippers. The experiment was working on a grand scale. Everyone worshipped He Who Always was and once again he granted the power of freedom of thought, only this time to the humans. He was happy with his creations and all seemed to be in perfect harmony that is until Rapha-el asked the question, "How do you know they will always follow you?" This was innocent in that Rapha-el wanted to make sure that another situation would not occur again like the casting out. So a test was conceived. One of the cast outs would be allowed to roam the earth and be pulled from the nowhere to talk with the humans. This of course was Lucifer. Lucifer knew that the last place he ever wanted to return to was the nowhere of the nether existence, but he also knew that he wouldn't be allowed to stay on earth. Since he had been in the nowhere when humans were created he knew little about these creatures and at one point mistook some primates as humans. He witnessed for the first time many different creatures of varying sizes and colors, but when he first laid eyes on humans he saw how different they were from each other. There were several walking around the earth but there were only two that had intelligence and awareness. All the others seemed to be shells or experiments. They could eat when they felt like it, walk around at will and communicate in basic gestures. The two that had advanced knowledge were the chosen ones that were the final product. These two would grow in knowledge and become the mold for others that would be created. Lucifer noticed that unlike the cast outs and worshippers, these creatures had reproductive organs and they were not being used. Neither of the aware humans had been stimulated to reproduce as though the need that was present in the other animals that Lucifer observed had been turned off. This would be an easy test and the Light would not fail. It was too easy, but what good would it do to be a pawn in this game only to be sent back to the nowhere. There had to be a way to escape the nowhere and to allow others to escape with him, at least on a temporary basis to escape the shredding.


The Master's Plan

It was by coincidence that the Light had run into Rapha-el on earth. Rapha-el was taken aback by the sight after so many millennia had passed.

What are you doing here?

Why, you invited me Rapha-el, well at least your idea did.

That's impossible, you were cast out and there is no way you could have come back from the nowhere. We have legions guarding the portal and we would all know if any of your followers escaped.

Rapha-el, you should know by now that I am not a follower, just as you are not a leader. Where is Micha-el?

I thought you knew everything.

I am not playing games Rapha-el.

And so the conversation went that all within the nowhere could hear thanks to Lucifer's connections with the nowhere. It was a break in the shredding that all of the cast outs felt and it felt good.

Humans by angelic standards were ignorant and easily manipulated. Ideally, if Lucifer could find a way to possess the body of the human, there would be two side effects. The first and most obvious would be an escape from the nowhere. The second benefit would be part of a physical presence. Being part of a physical presence meant that we would be exempt from any of the rules of existential existence. We would be free to feel and do as we please. There was a problem to overcome. Humans had to be created in order for all of the followers of the Light to escape the nowhere and that would be impossible. The Light had to get the humans to procreate. The task at hand was to get humans to take a bite of the forbidden fruit. The bodies of the humans were protected from possession because they were in a state of innocents. The other creatures that were roaming about had cognizance but no ability to develop advanced thought and therefore needed no protection. And so it was that Lucifer possessed a shell of one of the non-sentient human like beings and enticed another female humanoid to engage in passion in front of the female known as Eve. He made it look so enticing that Eve could not stop thinking of what she saw. She wanted to try what she saw with Adam. Adam resisted and Eve became more persistent. Finally in a state of annoyance Adam gave in. There was no immediate reaction and there did not seem to be a down side until Eve started to show with child. This violated the balance of the creative effort and resulted in He Who Always was turning his back on the creation. The birthing continued and more descendants populated the earth. Without the protection of innocents and the lack of interest from the creator, Lucifer was forgotten and a follower of the Light jumped into Cain. This first destructive act opened the doors to the nowhere and allowed others out to inhabit the humans as the population grew. Not all humans could be possessed and many could only be possessed for a short period, allowing the cast outs to commit minor indiscretions but nothing serious. As soon as the human repented or felt guilty the cast out was sent back to the nowhere or jumped to another.

Getting sent back to the nowhere was embarrassing and resulted in ridicule and harassment from the others. Though this could be tolerated, the major problem was that Lucifer put you at the end of the line to jump into one of the humans. Since the population of the earth was nothing equivalent to today, that wait often resulted in centuries of waiting.

My first jump into a human occurred around 2300 BC during the Assyrian empire dominance of the middle-eastern world. The Assyrians worshipped many gods but not He Who Always was. Instead they had been corrupted many years before by another outcast one that convinced them that there were many powerful gods. He had accomplished this by gathering several outcasts that inhabited some humans and provided hallucinations that had convinced them that they had seen flying gods, powerful gods, gods in water, gods in the sun and a myriad of other minor gods that totally confused their knowledge receptors.

As it was I happened to jump into one of the humans that was a tribal leader of the eastern sector. The name of the leader was Shamshi nirari. As individuals go he was in his thirties, stood about five feet two and was heavily bearded. Shamshi was easily influenced by my presence and took great pleasure in bedding multiple women, including the wives of other leaders. As this was the first time I had been in a human, I couldn't get enough of the pleasures that this brought to the human and to myself. I must admit, I never wanted to leave this human as I had him experiment with all types of deviant behaviors. There was no resistance from the human. Having no desire to return to the nowhere, I pleasured residing with this individual for over a decade that is until one of the neighboring tribal leaders decided to put a spear through his heart as he was lying with the wife of the tribal leader. I was so caught up in what we were doing that I was caught completely off guard. As Shamshi expired, I was pulled from this shell and ended back in the nowhere at the end of the line. As another few centuries passed I started to hear stories of other outcasts that had learned to jump from one human to another without returning to the nowhere. I had to learn how to do this, so I interrogated as many returning outcasts as possible that had witnessed these feats to ask how it was that they had learned to jump. I did not want to return to nowhere ever again and I was determined to find a way to stay on earth as long as possible if not forever.

Somewhere in my second century in the nowhere I met an outcast that had just returned to the nowhere named Reflac. Reflac had jumped into at least four humans before the human he inhabited was trampled by a horse. He said that he had discovered that if a human was freely committing an act that would be considered egregious by He Who Always was; this opened a door for an outcast to enter even if the outcast was already in another human. The outcast only had to be in close proximity to the human and could affect a jump. If there were a lot of humans committing egregious acts, such as the field of a battle, then the outcast could jump into as many as possible as long as the human didn't die while being possessed. Therefore, we had discovered that once a human started down a path of misbehavior, we could magnify the conduct and create more havoc. The more havoc we created the stronger we grew and the more power we had to influence other human behavior. It was the best feeling one could experience since the beginning of creation. All the pain of the shredding in the nowhere could be forgotten and I couldn't wait to try it out.

In 1000 BC my turn at the beginning of the line came up again. Unfortunately we did not have a choice when we jumped where we would land or who we would land in. As it was I landed in ancient China. This place had to be the cesspool of the world. The Chinese had just learned to cultivate rice and you would have thought that they had learned how to fly. These pathetic humans were so filthy and decadent that they were covered with insects that made them itch all the time. They were so miserable that they couldn't even conceive of human pleasure. The most exciting thing they performed every day was sleep, which was often interrupted by rats gnawing at their infected feet. This was the worst situation I had ever encountered. The creature I inhabited was a young female that was mentally disabled from repeated beating on the head from her father. I realized later that humans with mental disease or disabilities were easy to possess but impossible to manipulate. It was like being kept in a prison where you were bound, gagged and blinded. The population of the earth at this time was about fifty million humans. Of that fifty million about one million were capable of being possessed. Now if you are into numbers, it might be important to note that there were about five billion outcasts. Of the five billion outcasts, only about one million were eligible for rotation in the line to jump into a human. This apparently was a limitation placed on us at the request of Micha-el to He Who always was. However this was a conditional limitation based on the number of humans that were considered depraved. If the depraved humans' numbers grew, more of the outcasts would be let out to inhabit the humans.


Excerpted from Malfec by Bill Butler. Copyright © 2015 Bill Butler. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Foreword, ix,
Chapter One I am not who you think I am, 1,
Chapter Two The Master's Plan, 5,
Chapter Three A History Lesson, 12,
Chapter Four Those that can see us, 15,
Chapter Five Back to the Story, 19,
Chapter Six Where were you during the Crusades?, 22,
Chapter Seven Feast or Famine – The Black Plague, 28,
Chapter Eight Purgatory, are you kidding?, 32,
Chapter Nine The DUH group, 35,
Chapter Ten Beware my name is Malfec, 40,
Chapter Eleven Free will and God's justice, 43,
Chapter Twelve America, 49,
Chapter Thirteen Martyrs, 52,
Chapter Fourteen The French and Indian War, 55,
Chapter Fifteen Evil Stinks, 63,
Chapter Sixteen The long night, 79,
Chapter Seventeen Precinct Day 2, 81,
Chapter Eighteen The Power of Powers, 89,
Chapter Nineteen Complications, 94,
Chapter Twenty I Believe, now what?, 108,
Chapter Twenty-One Epilogue, 121,

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