Luck on the Wing: Recollections of an American Aerial Observer During the First World War

Luck on the Wing: Recollections of an American Aerial Observer During the First World War

by Elmer Haslett


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A first hand account of combat in the air by an American Observer

The Great War, as every student of the period knows, was the first conflict where combat took to the skies in machines that provided powered and manoeuvrable flight. There are few memoirs written by those engaged in the air war, so all are essential from an historical perspective and most are riveting. This was a risky profession where brave young men-sans parachutes-fought 'dog-fights' in primitive machines made only of fabric and wood; never was the phrase 'by a wing and a prayer' more apt. However, those on whom the greatest attention and fame has fallen are those who wore TWO wings on their chests-the pilots and potential 'aces.' The young men who wore the single wing insignia, the observers, who took the same risks as their pilot comrades, have always been neglected in the history of the Great War in the air. This book, with the incredible, first hand air combat experiences of its author, rectifies that. For those interested in the subject this is a brilliant and exciting account of action over the lines, armed with machine gun and camera. The author was regarded as one of the finest practitioners of his craft and included here is his account of a marathon intelligence gathering patrol which not only facilitated a significant allied victory on the battlefield, but may well have influenced the shortening of the war itself. Highly recommended in every way.

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ISBN-13: 9781782821311
Publisher: Oakpast
Publication date: 07/16/2013
Pages: 216
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