Loving Yourself to Great Health: Thoughts and Food--The Ultimate Diet

Loving Yourself to Great Health: Thoughts and Food--The Ultimate Diet


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       For decades, best-selling author Louise Hay has transformed people’s lives by teaching them to let go of limiting beliefs. Now in this tour de force, Louise teams up with her go-to natural health and nutrition experts, Ahlea Khadro and Heather Dane, to reveal the other side of her secret to health, happiness, and longevity: living a nutrient-rich life.
      Unlike any health book you’ve ever read, this work transcends fads, trends, and dogma to bring you a simple yet profound system to heal your body, mind, and spirit that is as gentle as changing the way you think. Louise, Ahlea, and Heather show you how to take your health, your moods, and your energy to the next level.
      In Loving Yourself to Great Health, you will; tap into the secrets Louise has used for decades to supercharge the effectiveness of affirmations and bring your body back into alignment with your mind;  discover what nutrition really means and how to cut through the confusion about which diets really work; learn to hear the stories your body is eager to reveal; and uncover techniques for longevity, vitality, good moods, deep intuition, and for meeting your body’s unique healing needs at all stages of life.
            At 88 years of age, Louise has much wisdom to share about what it takes to live a long, happy, healthy life. We invite you to join us on an amazing journey that will turn your life into your greatest love story.

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ISBN-13: 9781401942861
Publisher: Hay House Inc.
Publication date: 10/06/2015
Edition description: Reprint
Pages: 384
Sales rank: 252,974
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 1.30(d)

About the Author

Louise Hay, the author of the international bestseller You Can Heal Your Life, is a metaphysical lecturer and teacher with more than 50 million books sold worldwide. For more than 30 years, Louise has helped people throughout the world discover and implement the full potential of their own creative powers for personal growth and self-healing. Visit www.LouiseHay.com

Ahlea Khadro is the founder of Soulstice, a Center for Optimal Living & Rehabilitation through yoga, Pilates, meditative practices, and nutrition. At an early age Ahlea could see the stories that lie beneath the surface of people’s lives and under the layers of their body, and her quest to translate these stories into healing protocols took her on a dynamic and unconventional adventure. From mainstream hospitals to the feet of yogic masters, Ahlea’s unique path has allowed her to see new ways to heal your body and life. Visit www.AhleaKhadro.com

Heather Dane is a certified health coach and 21st-century medicine woman specializing in resolving chronic health conditions, addictions, and out-of-balance lifestyles. After recovering naturally from several so-called incurable illnesses, Heather discovered that symptoms are signposts for the road back to health. She has worked with many of the great minds in medicine, natural health, nutrition, and energy healing, and designs delicious recipes to nourish body and soul. Visit www.HeatherDane.com

Table of Contents

Preface: Start Your Own Love Story Louise Hay vii

Introduction: How We Came Together to Write This Book Ahlea Khadro Heather Dane xi

Part I 7 Steps to Eat, Think, and Love Your Way to Great Health

Chapter 1 Step #1: Create a New Perspective on Health 3

Discover why symptoms, illness, and dis-ease occur and how to create a whole new perspective on your ability to create health, happiness, and longevity.

Chapter 2 Step #2: Love Yourself and Your Body-Food, Weight Loss, Dis-ease, and More 27

The truth about food, weight loss, and dis-ease, and the loving steps you can take to heal your body and mind.

Chapter 3 Step #3: Know How Your Body Really Works-the Foundation for Health 57

Learn how your digestive system works and how your body was perfectly designed to support your wellness.

Chapter 4 Step #4: Listen to Your Body-a Powerful, Yet Little-Known Health Secret 101

Find out how to listen to your body, so you can allow inner guidance to take the lead if decisions about your health, wellness, and nutrition become confusing.

Chapter 5 Step #5: Emphasize Food and Thoughts That Heal Your Body and Mind 121

Learn the foods to eat and avoid for your best health.

Chapter 6 Step #6: Empower Your Health-Home Remedies for What Ails You 165

Discover fun, natural remedies to dissolve symptoms and promote good health.

Chapter 7 Step #7: The Road Map for Your Best Health 195

A plan for taking action at your own pace.

Part II I Love My Kitchen-How to Create Delicious, Healthy Meals

Chapter 8 Getting Started in the Kitchen 205

Kitchen basics, including tools, equipment, and food storage for meals on the go.

Chapter 9 Sample Menus and Meal Options 211

Not sure what to eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, or snacks? Find out here, and get a shopping list for the foods to emphasize and avoid.

Chapter 10 Recipes 237

Vegetables 239

Smoothies 251

Soups 257

Meat, Poultry, and Fish 267

Cereals, Pilafs, Breads, Waffles, and Pancakes (Gluten-Free) 277

Snacks 297

Desserts 309

Conversion Chart 326

Endnotes 329

General Index 343

Index of Recipes and Menus 357

About the Authors 361

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Loving Yourself to Great Health: Thoughts and Food--The Ultimate Diet 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
essvagon More than 1 year ago
Book Review: Loving Yourself to Great Health: Thoughts & Food--The Ultimate Diet By Louise L. Hay, Ahlea Khadro, Heather Dane Louise Hay has teamed up with her nutrition and natural health advisors to give the world this complete guide to attain great health. This book is more than just a diet book and more than just a recipe book. This isn’t the latest fad diet to earn the authors millions of dollars on a scam that only works for a few people. This is a way of life that could change the American obesity epidemic and diseases of ill health. Loving yourself is not a platitude; it is the basis of all great health. By combining the essentials of the mind, the body and the spirit along with healthy foods, meditations and exercise a person can attain great health that seems elusive in our society. The book is divided into two parts. The first part comprises seven steps; Step 1: Create a New Perspective on Health. The authors detail why and how the body had disease, illness and symptoms that are crying for your attention. They offer a new perspective to allow the body to heal itself. Step 2: Love Yourself and Your Body- Food, Weight Loss, Disease and More. They offer suggestions and a program of healing your body as they discuss ways to achieve the health you want. They include affirmations which Louise Hay is famously, and right so, known for. Step 3: Know How Your Body Really Works- the Foundation for Health. This chapter discusses how the body works, how it processes food and how thoughts affect the body just as much as food does. It discusses how the body was designed to perform perfectly and to heal itself if given the proper foods and rest. Step 4: Listen to Your Body-A Powerful, Yet Little-Known Secret. The authors detail how people are not taught to listen to their bodies, either through recurring patterns, dreams, intuition etc. However, the body is screaming at us to pay attention. The body knows how to heal itself if listened to and given the proper nutrients and positivity to do so. Step 5: Emphasize Food and Thoughts That Heal Your Body and Mind. This chapter discusses which foods to eat and which to avoid for the best health. It details which foods could cause sensitivities or allergies, which are downright unhealthy and even caustic. It also details which foods will heal and nourish the body for the best results. Step 6: Empower Your Health-Home Remedies for What Ails You. By looking in your garden and kitchen cupboard you can find many remedies that support health and healing. This chapter marries holistic health remedies with an open dialogue with your doctor for your health needs. Step 7: The Road Map for Your Best Health. This chapter sets out a plan of action for you to start at your own pace. Part 2: I Love My Kitchen-How to Create Delicious, Healthy Meals. The authors break down kitchen basics so even the most daunted can feel comfortable in the kitchen. They explain what tools to use, food storage and ease of making meals on the go. In chapter 9, they list sample menus and meal options including shopping lists to find everything at hand. Chapter 10 is the recipe section, complete with vegetables dishes, smoothies, soups, meats, cereals, pilafs, breads, snack and desserts. This book includes so much information to get you started toward a healthier life. It brings the best of Louise Hay with her teachings of affirmations and positive thoughts to heal your body and life and adds in holistic nutrition, digestive health, meditation and so much more to comprise this whole health system. They include meditations in the book that you can record yourself and listen to, or buy the accompanying CD. You will find in the chapters in the first half of the book affirmations, meditations and exercise examples to change not only the way you think, but how to distress and how to envision the health you want. The authors state that they are passionate about health and they all know as Louise says, “Thoughts and food-if you get both right, good health follows.” Their passion comes through the words on the pages as they genuinely want to help you achieve great health. Meditations for Loving Yourself to Great Health A CD: a guided meditation audio program to support you in changing your way of life to one that focuses on nourishing your body and treating it with love. This CD includes: 1: Introduction to the Meditations 2: Meditation #1 Reconnecting to the Earth and All Things 3: Meditation #2 Accepting My Physical Perfection 4: Meditation #3 Listening Meditation 5: Meditation #4 Healthy Body, Health Mind, Healthy Digestion Meditation. FTC Disclaimer: I was given an ARC of this title and CD from Hay House Publishing for review purposes only. No other compensation was awarded.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
From "we learn to paint the picture we want other people to see" to putting "healthy-food time" on your daily calendar to the metaphysical meaning of poop, Louise Hay is moving the issues of obesity and self-destructive behavior into the spiritual realm. At that level there are only two choices: love and fear. With this groundbreaking book, she is telling readers how to embrace love first and let healthy lifestyle choices fall into place afterwards. I'd also recommend that you buy The Hungry Chick Dieting Solution. The Hungry Chick too is a refreshing look at how we look at the foods that we eat. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
OlguitaB More than 1 year ago
Love it! I want to by this book