Love Is Everywhere

Love Is Everywhere

by Fu Xiuying


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The prize-winning short story Love Is Everywhere tells how a family is torn apart following an extra-marital affair between the narrator's father and aunt.

This star-crossed love story takes place in a country village in China, reminiscing about the relationships within the family as the illicit love affair takes place.

The story Perfect Conjugality takes place in the city. When a couple falls out of love, the husband lusts after the young housemaid, who is caught in the middle of the marital relationship. The wife's jealousy grows when she realizes that the maid is very attractive.

Author Fu Xiuying's artistic writing breathes life into her fictional stories, making readers empathize with the characters and the situations. Although she describes the scenes with simplicity and measured progression, the realistic storylines lead to surprise endings. This collection of short stories will take your breath away.

Fu Xiuying is the author of several novels. Her works are incorporated into selective periodicals, anthologies, annuals and annual ranking lists. Love Is Everywhere was one of the selected novels of 2009 in the Chinese Novel Ranking List, won the first China Writers Publishing Award and the first "Moutai Cup" Selected Novels Award. Perfect Conjugal was selected for the 2010 Chinese Novel Ranking List. The author lives in Beijing. She says, "Love is the eternal theme of human society. Whether in the East or in the West, love is a fantastic feeling. China has the Butterfly Lovers, the West has Romeo and Juliet."

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Publication date: 09/14/2012
Pages: 256
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