Lost in a Memory

Lost in a Memory

by Irene McCullum-Hines

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Lost in a Memory- This book is an expression about a journey through life, it tell a story of love and pain and it also take a journey through the ghetto through a black man eyes. It is a mirror into my soul it is reflation’s of my life through poetry.

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ISBN-13: 9781466974951
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Publication date: 06/13/2013
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 60
File size: 19 MB
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Lost in a Memory

By Irene McCullum-Hines

Trafford Publishing

Copyright © 2013 McCullum-Hines
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4669-7496-8


    A Walk With God

    Blessed is the day when
    I would walk with him.
    My eyes will see the beauty
    That he carries.
    I pray that he will hold
    my hand and shown me the way.
    That he will meet me at the close of day.

By Irene McCullum-Hines


I chose abstinence to offer my body as a pawn.
Life is too precious for a sick and foolish game.
To paid for a trip to the clinic with an STD.
The disease is real and when death is at your
Door step for play a dangerous game of love and sex.
Your health is at stake from lies and cheaters,
To die so young at an early age,
For play a foolish game of love and sex.
I chose abstinence why not you.

Irene McCullum-Hines

African Burial Ground

Listen to the sound of the old slave's church bell ringing out for freedom.
The church that the slaves built with the art and skill with their hands,
As their bid farewell to our forefathers the African slaves our ancestors.
The Slave master beat them! As they work in
The field of the African burial ground they cried out for freedom.
You can hear the slaves as they drag their chains move through the African slave's burial
ground and the spirits of the die slave's moves through the burial ground.
African slaves dance as they lift their voices in a mighty chorus to the thunderous sound of
pounding of the drumbeats. They dug they graves and made their coffins carved by hands.
It's was their blood sweat and tears that built this country as we
burial the African slaves their souls are finally free.
To see the first descendant of the African slaves become the president of the country they build.
The drums are beats as they call out the name Barack Obama! Barack Obama!
We can sleep now we are truly free.

Irene McCullum-Hines

Autumn Leaves

The fall season is a beautiful time of the year.
It is When God blew with his breathe and the
Leaves on the trees began to fall to the ground.
God's hand touched the leaves on the trees and they began
To change their color from green to red and
Orange and yellow, the wind began
To blow the leaves from one side of the street
To the other side of the street,
The echo from the leaves
Blowing sounds like the wind
Is rattling the leaves and
Slam into the doors
As the screaming
Winds fade away,
The leaves fade
Away, it's god saying
this is me the created
Of the heavens and
The earth

Irene McCullum-Hines

Beauty of God

I'm dark and beautiful and the sun don't burned my skin, GOD made my skin color
so beauty like an African violet. Beauty is a gift from GOD. Beauty is the
Sun setting in the evening on the ocean. Beauty is a rose blooming in the morning
When it meets the light of GOD glory, Beauty is GOD created the heavens
and the earth. Beauty is a babied being form in it mother womb. Beauty is GOD
paint each sunrise with his only hand. Awesome beauty is GOD gives his only son
to die for us, there is Beauty in the sky and the stars in heaven of above. Beauty is A heart that
touch someone. There is Beauty in worship GOD. There is beauty in true Christian love.
Beauty lays in the beholder eyes but GOD's is true beauty.

Irene McCullum-Hines


Stand up for what you believe in faith or promise be brave
Define yourself
Stronger through trials and tribulation, you may fall doing trails, but
you can always get back up. Let no one hold you down.
Rise up! Rise up!
Believe in yourself.
Success is accept who you are in believe what is right,
Acknowledged your belief in God
Stand up for religion and work against what you believe is wrong.
Rise up! Rise up!

Irene McCullum-Hines


Black is my color, my skin is black. I Cry out in the ghetto! I Cry out for freedom!
Black is my race and hate is everywhere in the street of the ghetto. Now I'm here to
tell it all unless we change we all would fall ! In the street of hell! In the street
of the ghetto! Those eye that saw the cry of the ghetto, the hell that it brought is here no
More to tell the story, they Fade in the memories of the ghetto.
They cry to be free from the ghetto.

Irene McCullum-Hines

Black America

A Young black child in Black America has no chance
in hell to stay away from the drug scene.

Wake-up Black America! Wake-up Black America!

Drugs are destroying the minds of our young black children.

Wake-up Black America! Wake-up Black America!

Take a look at the drug King Pens, who are dying in the streets and the
Young black children are stills reach for PCP, Pills,
Cracks, Cocaine, Heroin, that have destroyed their minds and take away them

Wake-up Black America! Wake-up Black America!

Say no to drug done die in shame. Wake-up Black America!
For you have yourself to blame.

Irene McCullum-Hines

Black Man March

I Here a Million Black Man March strong through the street
of Washington D.C they march up to the capital.
No one could count the number or call out the names because lines were so long.
The echo from the March sound like a million drums playing.
I shout out March on my black brother! March on!
There are millions of black man marches strong throughout
history they wear the chains of their ancestor,
Can you here the slavery as there dragged their chains who
have to pay for our freedom over and over again.
On each side of use were black men, who die, for our freedom man like Martin Luther King,
Crispus Attucks, Malcolm X, Medgar Evers, their spirits is standing by the Lincoln memorial.
Sing the song of freedom; we are a million black men strong
our pain cuts deep throughout history the hell,
We have to live throughout history and we are still stand-up!

Irene McCullum-Hines


I touch someone to day and I hold their hand and shown them the way.
I touch someone to day and I led them on their way as they pass
World of gloried, there were champion and no One look at the
Way they were. There were champion in the "EYE SIGHT OF GOD" and no!
One look on them as special I touch someone today.

Irene McCullum-Hines


Life Is Full Of Choices
You Can Choose Life or Death,
Choose Light or Darkness.
Choose to love and not to hate
Choose God and live
In heaven gate for eternal,
Choose hell and die
And lost your soul
What do you choose?

Irene McCullum-Hines

Come Lay With Me

Rise my darling and come lay beside me in the
Lily of the field and I will
Kiss you again and again.
Touch my body with
The heat of your
Love and let
Me hear you
Whisper love
In the Morning when we
Rise. I will
Washing you
With my
Love, come
Lay here beside me
As we glaze
At the night
Our Love will
Shining so
Bright that we will
Up the night Sky, with our love.

Irene McCullum-Hines

Deep Love

Love is like and great oak tree it grows tall and branch out.
Love is like a seed it start small grow largest.
Love is like a fresh flower in blossom.
Love is like a journey traveling
From one place to another, Love is a stream of passion.
Love is touching someone. Love never stop grow.
Love is between two who shares a life together.
Love is strong not fearsome. Love will
never die it last to the end of time.

Irene McCullum-Hines

Dreams Come True

Take one step at a time and follow your dreams and remember god
Hold the key to life so if you stumble and fall get back-up do not
Lose sight of your goal follow your dreams makes it to the top just
Keep on climb god will see you through follow your dreams. Trust
In god wisdom and his will and you will reach the top
Follow your dreams.

Irene McCullum-Hines

Dreams of a Rainbow

I'm flying free and dreaming dreams of hope,
in a land with storms, and without
Pouring rains, where all Hate Is Replaced
and all questions are erased.

In a rainbow with people of all colors, and
Hate Is Replaced with Happiness,
Hope, Love and all joy, to embrace where
dreams and memories are shaped.
Where people are free of their color burier Free from color!

In no more battles of hopelessness in a land
without fear of the rainbow colors.
Wake-up "AMERICAN" and touch the rainbow colors.
Where love is not lost in a land of rainbow colors

Irene McCullum-Hines

Fallen Soldiers

Black women of color our fallen soldiers our heroes
A symbol Of the American story,
They will never be forgotten a special group of
Brave soldier who are die for their country on the battlefield,
Who have lost their live for the star and stripes "old glory"?
They fly home on angle wings,
Sleep my soldiers we will remember you!

Irene McCullum-Hines

Forever In Love

The kiss that embodied my soul left me weak in my knee.
He kisses my soul
made love to my mind for a moment
I was loss in his passion.
His lips released my soul.
His lips were like play music to my soul.
He whisper I Love You
Like and ocean flow so do my love forever reach for him
He like a fragrance on a flower,
He is like flame to a fire never going out.
He is my twinkling star forever shining.
I shall Love him forever.

Irene McCullum-Hines


Take me as I'm a Beauty young black woman strong and intelligence.
My roots are from the mother land "African" not the curse of the black women.
If you could see inside of my soul, you would see a generation of beauty strong black women.
The black women curse that still possesses my soul; I'm going to unlock this curse that possesses
The soul of the black woman. I will travel back in time to the mother land "African" in my
mind cross the sea, I hear the cried of the black women on the slave ship, I'm going to free
her, and in her mind she will travel on the slave ship cross the sea. She is free in her mind, she
will travel back to the mother land "African" in her mind and soul that strong black beauty
women she is free from the curse of the black women travel on my sister you are Free.

Irene McCullum-Hines


A friend is a person who loves you and you love them.
One who understand you and stand by your side one
who care? A friend is one who listens and tries to help.
A friend never let you down and when you cried they
are there to hold your hand a friend grows with you and remembers
the happy time and the sad time. A friend plays with you
and when you fall down they are there to pick you up.
A friend is your sister or your brother and always your
mother. But remember to be a friend you have to be one.......

Irene McCullum-Hines

God Called Me

God called me to be a deaconess, he gave me the invitation
To be god's master piece of art,
To be a servant of god's people to caring for the sick and poor,
to changing attitude and learning.
But I promised to do my best and I place my trust in the lord
And I pray he do the rest.
When god calls us for a mission he provides the way
To help us succeed in our spiritual journey
With grace,
If we ask our lord for help he helps us to carry our cross.
I don't deserve any credit for this is the work of
God grace,
With a grateful and humble heart
I will service him with praise.

Irene McCullum-Hines

God Is Love

God love is like the beautiful sun that shines on us at all time.
God love is like a fortress protect us at all time,
God love endures forever; it is his love and wisdom that guide our footsteps.
Trust in him because it was his love that frees us from sin.
He loved us since the world began and he will always love us until the end.

Irene McCullum-Hines

"God is love. Whoever lives in love live in God and God in him."

1 John 4:16

I See Nothing

I touch my eye and I feel pain. I Lookout and I see nothing.
I see no beauty! I see no Love! Am I dreaming or is it real
or did I real lose it or was it a dream. I look out and see
nothing is it real. Sometime I forget that it nothing there and
I will never see the sunrise or the blue sky and them I cry.
But I keep thinking it is a dream I will wake up one day and the
dream will be over.

Irene McCullum-Hines

If You Miss Me

If suddenly you miss me do not look for me because i flyaway,
with and angel
Who came for me in the night?
My name was call from heaven above it is time for
Your rest, I was think a about all the people I will miss but my body
Was, so weak and GOD call me
Home to rest, I Love all of you but GOD knew what was best,
So he calls me home to rest. I will see you in the morning when Gabriel blows his horn.
DO not cry for me
Because I'm in God hands, do not mourn my death, and do not
Grieve for me.
Death is nothing but a moment's of rest I will see you in the morning.

Irene McCullum-Hines

Inner City Crisis in the Ghetto

Ghetto is surviving and fighting a whole class of people destroying themselves.
A black man who unskilled stand in the unemployment line,
A Black woman cried out as she stands in the welfare line.

The Ghetto! The Ghetto!
A Mother who hold on to her child as he go to the big house (Prison) in the Ghetto!
The push that stands on the corner selling drug what they call heaven or cloud nine.

The Ghetto! The Ghetto!
A black man shot in a gang shoot out, as blood pours from his head in the street of the ghetto!
A ten year old child dies from an "Overdose"!
A black woman cried in an ally for a fix, the cried in the ghetto it real
The Ghetto! The Ghetto!

Irene McCullum-Hines


My sweet and taste lover my African violet. My beauty dark black jewel
Wake me up with a kiss and make sweet passion love to me. In the morning
Walk me in the garden of love so I can smell the flowers in blossom. You are
My lily of the field my night and shining armor,
Come lay down here under the
Oak tree and we will use the field of rose petal for the bed. Your love is better
Than perfume your love sound like music play in the spring when flowers
Are in bloom, your soul touch my soul and I was lost in your love.
A kiss of passion and the heat from my body will warm
you in the night and I will flourish in your love for

Irene McCullum-Hines


Excerpted from Lost in a Memory by Irene McCullum-Hines. Copyright © 2013 McCullum-Hines. Excerpted by permission of Trafford Publishing.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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