Living Design: The Daoist Way of Building

Living Design: The Daoist Way of Building

by C. Thomas Mitchell, Jiangmei Wu


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"Through careful consideration of the qualities of traditional Chinese architecture. . . we can rediscover much that has been lost in recent years in the West. "—C. Thomas Mitchell. Scores of books have now been written on the art of feng shui,the mysteries of ch'i,and the elements of "green design. " Simply appropriating Daoist design elements,however,or imitating Chinese customs is not an effective respone to the lack of meaning in Western architecture and design,say the authors of Living Design. In Living Design,Mitchell and Wu set out a radical and inspirational alternative. For the first time,a leading architectural theorist and a Chinese architect have joined forces to show how the Chinese way of looking at the world and designing for spiritual as well as esthetic needs can inspire a similar re-imaging of architecture in the West. Mitchell and Wu's profound and cogent analysis of the underpinnings of Daoist philosophy in architecture,coupled with illustrations of the stunning and beautiful "Village of Long Happiness," clearly demonstrate the interrelationship of Chinese philosophy and architectural form. The authors further explore how architects and designers can apply such a philosophy in a truly Western context. Drawing on the deep insights into the spiritual aspects of space that characterize traditional Asian building. . . the essential harmony of buildings,landscape,and nature. . . ecological impacts. . . and cultural meaning and symbolism,Western architects can discover their own spiritual and esthetic roots—to create new building designs that are both meaningful and livable

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ISBN-13: 9780070429758
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies, The
Publication date: 06/28/1998
Pages: 256
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Table of Contents

Part I: The Taoist Way of Design: Taoist Philosophy.
The Influence of Tao on Chinese Architecture.
Part II: Shaping Living Space: A Pattern Language for Taoist Architecture.
Design Evolution.

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