The Litigators

The Litigators

by Lindsay G. Arthur Jr.

Paperback(New Edition)

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A waste site near Ruthie Bergstrom's house was recently treated with a new process using genetically engineered microbes, and suddenly Ruthie develops a mysterious neurological illness. By chance, she meets a passionate young lawyer at a neighborhood church supper. He feels obligated to find justice for his new struggling client and in the process takes on the largest law firm in Minnesota. How far will Dillon Love go for his client if the end result of his lawsuit is to destroy the brilliant university professor who has dedicated his entire life to improving the environment? How far will Henry Holten go to defeat the graceful woman whose family and financial future is dependent upon the success of her court case?

The Litigators is a riveting page-turner, which asks if there can be any justice for either party without infliction of a great injustice on the other. This winner-takes-all legal battle brings together three tenacious lawyers and their highly worthy clients in a way that forever changes all of their lives.

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ISBN-13: 9780976520108
Publisher: Mighty Media, Inc.
Publication date: 06/01/2005
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 296
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x (d)

About the Author

Lindsay G. Arthur, Jr., is a well-known lawyer who has tried over 150 cases during his 35-year career. His clients have sent him throughout the United States to represent them in a wide variety of matters, particularly products liability lawsuits. He is also an entrepreneur. In 1974 he founded his current law firm, Arthur, Chapman, Kettering, Smetak, & Pikala, a highly regarded litigation firm in Minneapolis. In 1985 he founded a biotech company that used genetic engineering to develop microorganisms the company used to degrade toxic waste.

Arthur has lectured and published extensively on a variety of legal topics. While The Litigators is his first novel, he has fully lived the plot it unravels, a challenging products liability case involving genetically engineered organisms. The Litigators is prompted by his love for the law, whose greatest virtue is, paradoxically, its willingness to tolerate strident criticism. In that spirit, Arthur speaks here as an entrenched insider with a bold critique of a judicial system that displays a myopic lack of human understandings by lawyers who are naively focused on victory at all costs rather than addressing the real human problems of their clients.

Arthur is also a keen sportsman and lover of the outdoors. He plays a mean game of tennis and likes to spend as much time as possible paddling through Minnesota's beautiful Boundary Waters Canoe Area.

He is married with two sons and resides in the Minneapolis area. His father, to whom this book is dedicated, and with whom the author proudly shares a common name, is a retired judge and an inspired writer.

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From the Publisher

The Litigators is the winner of a Merit Award from the Midwest Independent Publishers Association

"The advancement of science always has some unfortunate drawbacks. ...the pursuit of justice has consequences, and those responsible may be holding the keys to something for the greater good. Is victory for one worth the loss for all? The Litigators is a strong pick for general fiction collections." — Midwest Book Review, Small Press Bookwatch December 2012

"Part medical mystery, part legal thriller, this suspenseful storyline will captivate readers of all genres. The author has poured his heart and soul in to this work, and his love and frustration of the legal system shines through." — Tonya Brown, Book Reviewer

"Author, Lindsay G. Arthur, Jr. uses his vast experience in the legal system to create an enthralling story of ego, deceit, and legal maneuvering in his work, The Litigators. Well-researched, well written, and totally engulfing, follow young lawyer Dillon Love on his journey to fight the injustices of environmental experiments and pollution." — Sandra James, Librarian

"The Litigators, by author and lawyer, Lindsay G. Arthur, Jr. is a wonderfully thrilling account of the injustices of our legal system and the corruption that strives throughout corporate business...Suspense, mystery, and deceit combine in this Grishamesque tale of power, judicial wrangling, and justice." — Ralph Winters, Legal Historian

"The Litigators is a reviewer's delight, that rare local novel that's actually fun to read. Set in Minneapolis with a sure hand for detail and a fine ear for dialogue, it holds you with interesting characters and a compelling story. Further, the author has something to say, making a point without preaching. You hate to put the book down, even after you've finished it." — Minnesota Law & Politics

"The author deftly lays out scientific stuff without getting bogged down in detail. He weaves courtroom testimony into the characters' personal lives so smoothly, the narrative is seamless. And his ambiguous ending will keep book clubs talking for hours." — St. Paul Pioneer Press

"What Upton Sinclair did to the meatpacking industry in his muckraking classic, The Jungle, Arthur aims to do to the civil trial bar in The Litigators, his first novel—expose its vaunted pursuit of truth and justice through the adversarial system as nothing more than a selfish, win-at-all-costs contest that hurts nearly everyone involved." — Hennepin Lawyer

"The novel stretches far more than what appears on the surface as it engages its readers in the lives and hearts of its characters...It is a reminder that unfortunately there are far too many lawyers that don't consider the frightful consequences that can result from long and drawn out legal procedures and maneuverings." — Norm Goldman,

"Lindsay G. Arthur, Jr., gives an insider's look at the power of law and its impact on the lives of ordinary people. In The Litigators, two powerful forces—a poisoned environment and a toxic legal system—intersect convincingly to create real-world problems for characters who live right next door. Arthur has done an excellent job convincing us that this can happen to anybody." - Sheila O'Connor, author of Tokens of Grace, and Where No Gods Came, winner of the 2004 Minnesota Book Award for Literature

"Lindsay G. Arthur, Jr., is a forensic surgeon of our legal system who opens up its hidden recesses for all to cry over. Though fictional in form, this book is truth in spirit and soul. This story of power and ego run amuck makes it so clear and convincing that we need to blow up our system of justice and start over." - Stephen B. Young, member of the American Law Institute and former Dean and Professor of Law, Hamline Law School, and Former Assistant Dean, Harvard Law School

"A gripping tale...that shows the human costs of our current pursuit of abstract justice." - Harold Edgar, Professor of Law, Columbia University

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The Litigators 3.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The Litigators is a wonderfully intriguing story that skillfully presents the darkest side of the prevailing scorched-earth philosophy that drives much of the litigation in the U.S. Unfortunately, one's enjoyment of Mr. Arthur's insightful and realistic exposition is ruined by dialogue that is needlessly peppered with gratuitous and senseless vulgarity. One can only guess that such dialogue either betrays Mr. Arthur's own personal penchant for obscene language or his having fallen victim to the false belief that an author must use morally crude language to make a novel 'believable' or 'sellable.' Either case is very unfortunate. If you are looking for an engaging novel written by an attorney, sans repulsive dialogue, I highly recommend any one of the following wonderful novels by Robert Whitlow: The List, The Trial, The Sacrifice, or Life Support. Should Mr. Arthur pen future novels, he would do well to take a page (or several for that matter) from his fellow member of the bar and forgo dialogue that panders to the vulgar.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
Outstanding. A real page-turner. The story keeps the reader asking for more...even past the very end. It sheds new perspective on today's litigenous society with a surprising twist at the end.