Lincoln As He Really Was

Lincoln As He Really Was




LINCOLN AS HE REALLY WAS by Charles T. Pace is a refreshingly truthful antidote to the standard Lincoln mythology. It is refreshing because it is so fact-based and well documented and devoted to historical truth. Lincoln As He Really Was is not your typical boring, voluminous biography filled with thousands of disconnected (and often irrelevant) facts dug up by a dozen graduate research assistants and published by a card-carrying member of the Ivy League Lincoln cult. It is the first book since Edgar Lee Masters' 1931 classic, Lincoln the Man, to attempt to reveal the truth about what kind of man Abraham Lincoln really was.

- Dr. Thomas J. DiLorenzo, author of The Real Lincoln; Lincoln Unmasked; Hamilton's Curse; and The Problem With Socialism.

Reader Comments on Dr. Pace's SOUTHERN INDEPENDENCE - WHY WAR?

"This is the best work I have ever read on the War of 1861-present. I punctures the Great American Myth and topples Father Abraham from his throne in his Olympian Temple on the Mall. . . ."

"Having read countless books on Lincoln and the Civil War, I have to rate this one at the very top. . . . "

"The best book I've read regarding the War to Prevent Southern Independence."

"Best book I've read on the causes of the war."

". . . I'm convinced the vast majority of political science classes that saturate our so-called institutions of higher education will go into convulsions over this one!"

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