Life in the Combat Zone

Life in the Combat Zone

by Rick Renner


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In Life in the Combat Zone, Rick Renner teaches you what it takes to fight effectively and come out with the victory, no matter what type of spiritual conflict you face.
Throughout the book, Rick reveals the traits needed to emerge as a conqueror from every spiritual conflict. As he explains in great detail, you must cultivate discipline, preparation, and patience in your life before you ever enter the combat zone. You have to take time to learn to fight like a Roman solider, train like a Greek athlete, and produce like a farmer so you can please the Lord, fulfill your destiny, and receive an eternal crown of victory.
Spiritual battles are unavoidable, and they can be fierce. In this book, Rick Renner will show you how to engage in your battle effectively. One thing is sure, the fight is personal, so it's imperative that you do all you can to come out victoriously!

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ISBN-13: 9781680312133
Publisher: Harrison House Publishers
Publication date: 09/11/2018
Pages: 272
Sales rank: 453,974
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Rick Renner is a prolific author and a highly respected Bible teacher and leader in the international Christian community. Rick is the author of more than 30 books, including the bestsellers Dressed To Kill, and Sparkling Gems From the Greek, which have sold more than 3 million copies combined. In 1991, Rick and his family moved to what is now the former Soviet Union. Today he is the senior pastor of the Moscow Good News Church and the founder of Media Mir, the first Christian television network in the former USSR that today broadcasts the Gospel to countless Russian-speaking viewers around the world via multiple satellites. Rick's wife and lifelong ministry partner, Denise, and their three sons; Paul, Philip, and Joel; lead this amazing work with the help of their committed leadership team. Rick and Denise, along with their sons and families, all reside in Moscow.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 The Front Lines of Battle 17

You Have Entered, the Combat Zone! 19

The Cause of Timothy's Troubles 21

The Great Fire of Rome 22

Why Blame Christians? 24

A Dark Hour for the Early Church 26

We Are Called To Stand! 28

Advice for Those Living in Their Own Personal Combat Zone 30

Chapter 2 Overcoming the Spirit of Fear 33

A Saved Brain and Delivered Head! 34

A Special Working of God's Power 34

Paul's Testimony 36

'Fought It, Finished It, Kept It' - Strong Warriors Stand Strong! 37

Paul's Own Combat-Zone Story 39

The Sustained Fortitude of Luke 41

The Intense Persecutions Paul Suffered 42

Did Paul Walk in Faith? 43

When the Lord Stands by You 46

Divine Aid to Sustain Intense Pressure 48

Chapter 3 Supernatural Power to Fight and Forgive 53

Moving Beyond Fear 54

If 'Plan A' Fails, What About 'Plan B'? 56

Getting Close to Other Combat-Zone Fighters 58

Commit Yourself to Someone! 59

The Best Fighters: 'Faithful Men' 61

A Proper Heart Attitude 65

What Does This Have To Do With the Combat Zone? 67

Chapter 4 Learning To Endure 69

An Early Church Leader Who Endured 71

Total Commitment in the Face of Opposition 73

When You're Wounded in a Christian Relationship 75

Enduring Hardness as a Good Soldier of Christ 78

How the Church Continued Strong for Generations 80

Take Your Place in the Ranks 81

What Is a Good Soldier of Jesus Christ? 85

The Great Commission 88

Where Are the Front Lines? 91

Just When Your Breakthrough Is About to Occur 94

Chapter 5 Another New Testament Soldier Who Endured 97

God's Soldier on a Barren Island 101

John's Reward for His Faithful Endurance 107

How the Lord Comes to Us 112

Chapter 6 Warring in the Combat Zone 113

The Roman Soldier in New Testament Times 114

The Perfect Soldier 116

The Cream of the Crop 123

The Best Age for Enlisting 124

How To Train Good Soldiers 126

Marching; Running, Leaping, Swimming! 128

Be Sure To Go to Sword Practice! 131

Spiritual Armaments 134

The Necessity of Carrying Burdens 137

God's 'Boot Camp' 138

Staying Untangled From the World 140

The Affairs of This Life 142

Resist the Grip of Fear! 144

Take the 'Big Leap' 146

A Personal Goal for Every Soldier 148

Who Is Your Enlisting Officer? 149

A Final Word about the King's Army 150

Chapter 7 Training for the Combat Zone 151

Compete To Win! 152

The High Privilege of Being a Competitor 154

Strip Off Everything That Hinders Your Training 156

Sports in the Ancient World 158

The 'House of Struggle' - Wrestling With Principalities and Powers 160

It's Time to 'Strip off Your Clothes' 162

Dip To Cleanse - Then Receive the First Dose of Oil 165

A Spiritual Picture 168

First Things First 169

Oiled From Head to Toe with a Second Dose 171

The High Value and Perfect Timing of the Holy Spirit's Oil 172

The Real Exercise Begins 174

The Hotter the Conflict, the Slipperier the Oil 175

Exercise Was Begun to the Melody of a Flute 176

Stronger and Tougher 178

A Divine and Generous Contribution of Needed Supply 180

Do Heavenly Prizes Await Us? 182

The Crown of Victory 184

What Does All This Mean to You? 185

Chapter 8 Reaping the Benefits of the Combat Zone 189

A Hard-Working Farmer 190

Farming in the Middle East 191

The Task of Sowing Seed 193

Maintaining a Personal Touch 194

How Does This Apply to the Combat Zone? 196

Two Primary Methods of Sowing Seed 197

Sowing on Hardened Soil 200

Keep Your Eye on the Weather, Bugs, and Birds 201

Winds of Opposition Today 203

Soaking the Seed with Protection 205

Has the Enemy Attacked Your Personal Field? 206

Harvest Time Finally Arrives 207

Should We Be Jealous of Another's Success? 208

Who Does the Reaping? 210

How to Get Rid of Locusts 212

Turn Up the Fire! 215

God's Promise to You as a Combat-Zone Fighter 216

When Do You Get Rewarded? 219

Did Paul Really Say That? 221

Prescription for Supernatural Revelation 222

To Be an Undefeated Champion! 226

Chapter 9 The Choice Is Ours To Make 227

What If the Fight Intensifies? 228

'For the joy Set before Him' 229

Jesus Knows How To Triumph! 232

Remember, Remember, Remember 234

A Fight Always Follows Illumination 236

You're on Center Stage 239

'Lest Ye Be Wearied…' 241

Remember the Resurrection 243

Do It for the Sake of the Gospel 244

A Song for Warriors 248

'If We Be Dead With Him…' 249

'If We Suffer…' 250

'If We Deny Him…' 251

The Early Church Was an Army! 252

The Choice Is Ours to Make 253

Reference Book List 255

About the Author 256

Books Rick Renner 261

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