Lethal Greed (Greed Series, #2)

Lethal Greed (Greed Series, #2)

by John W. Mefford

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Seduced by an insatiable urge to escape reality, North Texas teens are falling prey to the one weakness parents fear most--the use of illicit drugs. And North Texas is just the tip of the iceberg. With his city under siege by a series of drug deaths and a kidnapping, recently hired newspaper publisher Michael Doyle and those closest to him are sucked into a twister so toxic and destructive, no one will be the same in its wake.

From the jagged mountains and alluring beaches of Mexico to the suburban concrete jungle in North Texas, Michael defends an entire drug-ravaged generation against ruthless killers who attack on every front possible. And just when you think the dragon has been slayed, a vile act of cruelty threatens to shred his own family.

LETHAL GREED can be read as a stand-alone novel, or as part of the Greed Series (#2).

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BN ID: 2940156843763
Publisher: Sugar Hill Press
Publication date: 07/10/2014
Series: Greed , #2
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 836,840
File size: 190 KB

About the Author

Amazon Top 50 Author, #2 bestselling author on Barnes & Noble, and a Readers' Favorite Gold Medal winner.

A veteran of the corporate wars, former journalist, and true studier of human and social behavior, John W. Mefford has been writing his debut novel since he first entered the work force twenty-five years ago, although he never put words on paper until 2009.

A member of International Thriller Writers, John writes novels full of intrigue, suspense, and titillating thrills. They also evoke an emotional connection to the characters. 

When he’s not writing, he chases three kids around, slaves away in the yard, reads, takes in as many sports as time allows, watches all sorts of movies, and continues to make mental notes of people and societies across the land.

Connect with John on Facebook at www.facebook.com/JohnWMeffordAuthor

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Lethal Greed (Greed Series #2) 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers' Favorite Lethal Greed is the second book in John W. Mefford's Greed Series. While this is the second book in a series, the author provides enough background information for Lethal Greed to be read as a standalone novel. Michael and Marisa are now married, and he is working for the Times Herald as the associate publisher. Arthur Sparnackle, the publisher and Michael's mentor, was on an anniversary holiday with his wife of five years, Trudy, when they were apprehended by two men in official uniforms. The men demanded a million dollars as a vacation tax. Arthur refused and began to leave the building where they had been taken. The men grabbed Trudy, however, and told Arthur that she would be released when their "tax" was paid.  John W. Mefford's thriller, Lethal Greed, continues the story of Michael Doyle, who became a journalist by virtue of his partnership with Arthur in investigating corruption in Fatal Greed, the first book. Doyle, the associate publisher, is worth following as he continues to grow into his position. I enjoyed reading about how business at the newspaper was conducted and seeing the new faces on the staff. Trudy's kidnapping and the efforts made to rescue her are exciting and well-orchestrated. The main thrust of the story is drugs and the devastating effects they have on society, especially the young. While admittedly a serious issue, the parts of the story that dealt with this problem, particularly the "girls gone wild" spring break episodes, didn't particularly resonate with me although they may with other readers. Lethal Greed is recommended reading.
SinAngel More than 1 year ago
Favorite Quotes "Hey, baby." I tossed my keys in the bowl on the entry table. Marisa came up and gave me a big smooch. I held on longer than usual, appreciating her touch and her lips, as the news about Arthur's wife lingered in the back of my mind. I asked Marisa to sit on our old plaid couch, and I explained the bizarre, agonizing story from our friend. A worried crease formed between her watery eyes. "My God, Michael, what can we do to help? I'm really afraid for her, and I'm sure Arthur is a wreck, especially since he has no way of contacting her." Marisa ran her fingers through her thick locks of highlighted curls. "You should have seen Stu and his family today. They were devastated. I think they believed Courtney was just like any other teenager, going through regular ups and downs, dating and maybe experimenting a bit. But in their worst nightmares they never imagined she could be drugged up and discarded." A lump formed in my throat as I recalled the depressing scene. "Dear God, you're alive, you're alive!" Arthur said over and over again, holding Trudy's face and her naked body. She tried to speak, but her sobbing interrupted any possible verbal response. Distracted momentarily by the unforgettable reunion, I felt something hitting my knee. Francisco was moving his arm. Arthur still had water left in his bottle, so we poured it into Francisco's mouth. He became more lucid then held his hand up to his head. I hadn't noticed the bleeding until then. "Did you get shot in the head, Francisco?" I asked. "I think it just grazed me, unless you see a bigger hole than I feel," he said sarcastically. I looked back at Arthur, and the three of us let out grateful sighs amidst half smiles. "Did you rescue Trudy?" "No, Francisco, you did. You saved all of our lives." Trudy buried her head in Arthur's chest, her emotions gushing from infinite relief. This book was given in exchange for an honest review.  This is the second book in the series. As with first one you are taken by surprise. This story is about parent’s worst fears. DRUGS and their children. In this North Texas town illicit drugs have been taking lives of their children. It wasn’t until Michael Doyle takes on the drug dealers and kidnappers to protect and defend the town and friends. But will he be too late to save his own family? Or will the drugs take over the whole town? Only by reading this story will you find out. This story is a fast paced story that you start reading and don’t want to put it down. The author has made an exciting and compelling story showing that greed can take many forms. Each of these stories in this series can and do stand alone. The author has done a great job of developing the each and every character in this book. That is plenty of greed, kidnapping, murder, suspense, and twists and turns. From the first page to the last one you will not be disappointed.
MikiHope More than 1 year ago
Greed takes many forms. In this fast moving story which revolves around drugs and the cartels it clearly illustrates what can happen when drugs overtake a small town. Teenagers from the local school are dying from over doses. When the daughter of one of the writers at the local newspaper dies it is decided by the others to get to the bottom of this and find the people responsible for handing out the drugs. Andi, a young intern at the paper volunteers to go back as a student to try and discover what exactly is going on. Meanwhile one of Michael's best friends and mentor's wife is kidnapped for ransom where they were vacationing in Mexico, he has promised to help him get his wife back. Michael's wifes mother has a couple of terrible secrets-- This is a book you really should read--it is an eye opener for sure!
lifeasleels More than 1 year ago
Being book #2 in the Greed Series, I was hopeful that it would be a continuance of book #1. So as not to spoil things in case you haven’t read either books, it was a continuance… of sorts. There are characters that are the same, but it isn’t a continuance of the same situation… (it is really hard to portray what I want to say without giving spoilers to either book). I thought book #2 would pick up from the ending of book #1. It didn’t. I personally enjoyed the subject of book #2 better just because of my personal history, education, and experience; I felt it was something I was knowledgeable in and that the book really followed the realism of it. It’s something that people could actually relate to. I liked Lethal Greed and cannot wait to get started on book #3!
ForeverWM More than 1 year ago
The author takes us on a wild ride into the mysterious world of Mexican cartels and how they can impact unsuspecting families.  This is both a timely and timeless book that shows the result of greed on the victim  and his prey. The action is swift and unpredictable and the ending will shock you! The second effort by this author is superb and will leave you wanting more!