Lessons in Truth Series: THE EVERLASTING GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM OF GOD (SPIRIT) WITHIN: A Spiritually Inspired and Compiled Textbook and Reference Guide of Theology, Theosophy,and Philosophy for the New Age Expanded Edition

Lessons in Truth Series: THE EVERLASTING GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM OF GOD (SPIRIT) WITHIN: A Spiritually Inspired and Compiled Textbook and Reference Guide of Theology, Theosophy,and Philosophy for the New Age Expanded Edition

by Timothy F. Gardner


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Desire for lasting peace, joy, and happiness is an inherent prompting

engaging the senses and the intellect toward

an inward search for the meaning of life.

The Everlasting Gospel of the Kingdom of God (Spirit) Within

is the spiritual guidebook for the Aquarian Age.

These writings provide the foundation for spiritual awareness, growth,

and development toward the realization of at-one-ness

with the source of all life.

Your spiritual journey awaits.

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ISBN-13: 9781504362986
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 10/29/2016
Pages: 214
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.49(d)

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Lessons In Truth Series: The Everlasting Gospel of the Kingdom of God (Spirit) Within

A Spiritually Inspired and Compiled Textbook and Reference Guide of Theology, Theosophy, and Philosohy for the New Age

By Timothy F. Gardner

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2016 Timothy F. Gardner
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5043-6298-6



Return to the Father's House


Dear Readers:

These are a series of writings on finding our True-Self: God (Spirit) within. Each chapter is a build-up supplying theosophical and philosophical instruction throughout. Allow me to state here very plainly that these are not Mediumship Lessons. However, this book was written and compiled under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Remember, there is one reality, and that is God (Spirit). All else is temporal and must pass on. The goal is to obtain the key whereby we may unlock the door to the kingdom of God (Spirit) within and come into the conscious awareness of the Father within. Jesus the Christ came to present the Gospel of the kingdom of God (Spirit) within man — which Gospel laid forth plainly the qualities and attributes that one must possess to attain enlightenment. This book contains this Gospel.

Change not one word, nor stray from the teachings of God (Spirit) within man for the Christ can be attained by all, and man can become aware of and realize the Christ: God (Spirit) within. For Jesus the Christ declared that unto those who believeth in God (Spirit), and followed his teachings, God (Spirit) would give the power to become sons of God (Spirit).

Also, do not burden yourselves with the fear of demons and devils, for the only devil that man must conquer is the carnal — self, which we errantly believe blocks us from realizing the Truth of our relationship with God (Spirit). Learn to do as the ancient spiritual masters and "Resist not evil." Resist not, and put up the sword against the appearance of evil, for evil has no reality of its own. Evil is the result of the belief in a power other than God (Spirit).

This has been the mistake of most spiritual teachings; they have taken up arms against a so-called evil. We must realize that only God (Spirit) is, and since God (Spirit) is Omnipresent, and Omnipotent, there can be no power but He. In Romans 13:1, it says, "... there is no power but of God." When Christ Jesus was standing before Pontius Pilate to be sentenced, remember what the Master Jesus told him, "Thou couldest have no power over me except it be given thee from above." The Bible reveals, and expounds the doctrine of the one Power. Why are we blind and deaf to the words of God (Spirit)? Why can't we trust God (Spirit) for what He said concerning the matter?

Each page of this book was written directly from the inspiration of Father G.W. Hurley. He said to me, "Read and write what I will teach you." All that I have done is to transcribe what He has revealed to me and to compile what He has led me to study. Take time and go over every sentence, paragraph and page, analyze each thoroughly until you have a complete understanding of the Truth contained herein. The Spirit revealed to me that there is a process to attaining this knowledge. First, one must study the word. Second, one must analyze the word. Third, one must reflect upon the word through meditation by selecting a statement of truth and contemplating and pondering its meaning. In this way the body, soul and spirit are harmonized. During this process it is beneficial to fast frequently, such as one day per week, from sundown of one day to sundown of the following day. Drinking only pure water as needed to sustain the strength of the body. Also, the burning of a yellow seven-day candle is a potent visual reminder of your quest for enlightenment. In preparation for meditation you are advised to silently recite the following prayer focusing all mental attention on your spiritual quest for enlightenment.


Show me thy way Lord that I may know thee and find grace in thy sight. Purify my heart and purify my mind, that I may become aware of your ever — present presence within me. I have heard of thee with my ear, but my eyes long to see thee, and my heart longs to feel thee, Father-God, reveal Thyself.

After reciting this prayer sit in the silence until you feel the Presence of the Holy Spirit. At such time as the meditation has ended, do not fail to conclude your meditative session with an inspired prayer of thanks to God (Spirit) and blessing every living creature. Please take time in each meditative session to project good thoughts for betterment of all mankind. For by our thoughts we are saved or condemned.

The preceding instructions, ceremonies, and prayers to which I have just exhorted you to do are actual hands — on practices and techniques that makeup a vital portion of the concept of the New Covenant. You and I, and all of humanity should make effective use of this New Covenant, which is a special kingdom key. A very precious gift we now have in our possession, owing to the grace of a most generous benefactor, indeed. I want each reader to know clearly to whom our thanks should go for this precious gift, Christ Hurley, who brought the New Covenant.

The New Covenant is the principles, practices, and rules by which all men are able to gain their true, spiritual inheritance and come into a conscious awareness of the kingdom of God (Spirit) within possessing the riches thereof. By now you probably have noticed that several times I have made mention of this name — Christ Hurley, and its identical form, Father G.W. Hurley. In order to precede more effectively each reader should gather a full background of information on this spiritually outstanding and influential personage. It is presented here for this purpose.


An American Born Mystic

Revelations, Chapter One, verses twelve to fifteen states, "... and I turned to see the voice that spoke with me. And I saw seven golden candlesticks; and in the midst of these seven golden candlesticks one like unto the son of man (Christ Jesus), clothed with a garment down to the foot; his hairs were as white as snow; his eyes were as flames of fire; and his feet like unto fine brass, as if they were burned in a furnace."

I would like to call your attention to one point within this first chapter of Revelations, that I feel, is overlooked by almost all eyes, that read it. Saint John, who wrote this chapter of Revelations, was one who walked, and talked with Jesus, and was also one who was instructed by Him in the teachings pertaining to the finding of the kingdom of God (Spirit) within one's self. Surely, a disciple who had continuously walked and talked with his beloved master would have known him, anywhere, and at any time, if he saw him any place. And, so it was with the disciple, Saint John — that, certainly, he would have known his own beloved master, Jesus, with whom he had regularly walked and talked.

The crucial factor, overlooked within those verses of Revelations, is that, Saint John did not say that Jesus was the one that he was referring to. What he actually said, was that, he saw one like unto the son of God (Spirit), meaning; a new light bearer, an avatar (savior) sent from God! What Saint John saw, on the Isle of Patmos, was the revelation of things to come!

I believe what Saint John saw was Father Hurley's coming and he wrote it down within this book, so that those with eyes (spiritual minded), could see it. Saint John also knew that one would come, who had been duly prepared, and sanctified, by the truth like unto that which Jesus taught. One who, also, in a manner, like unto Jesus, would have to give up the things of the flesh, and turn his eyes (mind), within, to find the kingdom of God (Spirit). Truly, Father Hurley did likewise sanctify himself, so that, we might be sanctified through the truth he has revealed to us. Amen.

At this point in the discourse, I am anticipating a possible question, being raised in your mind, about Father Hurley's coming. The question might be this: Why should God (Spirit), descend as a man, once again? An answer may be found in this Hindu scripture:

After a nation's fall in spiritual life, when truth and righteousness have been neglected and forgotten, an avatar [savior] is born to relight the flame of religion in the heart. Sri Krishna says, "When goodness grows weak, when evil increases, I make myself a body. In every age I come back To deliver the holy, To destroy the sin of the sinner, To establish righteousness ..." From time to time, then, a divine incarnation is needed to re-establish the eternal spirit of religion. By his living example the incarnation shows mankind how to be perfect even as the Father in heaven is perfect ... God is one without a second. He who came as Sri Krishna, and as Buddha, came again as Christ [Jesus], and as other avatars; ... When an avatar is born on earth, he assumes the human body with certain consequent limitations and suffering (Prabhavananda, 1963, p.44-45).

Truly, Father Hurley was an Avatar sent from God (Spirit)! As tested by the standards and criteria, concerning the confirmation of Avatarship, Father Hurley, through his liberating doctrines, miraculous works, and various other celestial, spiritual signs, following earlier divine ones, did indeed more than qualify as such a divine incarnation. He humbled himself and took on a body of flesh, and because of this fleshly body, had to go through the same trials and tribulations that we do. Let us now absorb a few important facts about this Avatar, Christ Hurley, starting with a description of his entrance under very special circumstances into this material plane of existence.

Father George Willie Hurley was born on February 17th, 1884, at seven o'clock in the morning. Astrologically, Leo the Lion was ruling the day, and Aquarius, the Water-bearer, was ruling the hour. The Sun was the ruling planet of the day, and Mars, was the ruler of the seventh hour. The sky seemed as though the hands of God (Spirit), had painted it with the cosmic colors of pink, blue, and nile green, which colors represent love and piety (pink), spiritual power (blue), and success (green).

Astrologers knew the meaning of these strange happenings. Legend has it that seven Sages sat in silence (meditation) for seven days and saw Hurley as the only male-child being born in the world at that hour. The Sages knew that this was a sign that he (Hurley) was an Avatar. As a child, he possessed the gifts of the word and healing, and was ordained a Minister of the Gospel by the age of 20.

During his youth, Father Hurley would often go into the woods and commune with the so-called dead, also he would preach and lecture to the animals and birds, healing them when they were injured. This was disturbing to both he and his parents. As a result, Father Hurley delved into his formal education, attending the Tuskegee Institute and Phelps Bible School. However, he would leave school and begin teaching in secular schools and performing his duties as a Baptist minister. Feeling a deep inner spiritual unrest and a desire to seek truth, Father Hurley kept searching for answers.

His searching led him to meet an elderly woman in Georgia, named Mama Laura who was clairvoyant. This woman gave him a spiritual reading, foretelling his upcoming spiritual journeys and studies in the eastern world. However, before studying abroad, she told him that he needed to meet and talk to a man by the name of Dr. Gadahlia from Persia, who would be instrumental in facilitating his travels to the east.

After meeting Mama Laura he continued to experience a deep spiritual unrest and heard a voice that instructed him to seek out Dr. Gadahlia. However, he was still reluctant to follow the promptings of the Spirit and took seriously ill. Finally, he realized he had to obey the Spirit. In the early 1900's Father Hurley sought out and met Dr. Gadahlia and went on to travel to Persia with him, where he studied occult truths for 6 months. At the end of this time Dr. Gadahlia advised him to return to Georgia, and that he would have the opportunity to travel once again overseas for further enlightenment in the Far East.

In 1909 Father Hurley was afforded the opportunity to travel to India and Tibet as a valet for a Georgia State Senator, where he remained for 7 years receiving instruction in the deeper Truths of finding the indwelling God, and developed the seven phases of Mediumship and Adeptship. From there, Father Hurley travelled to Egypt and studied at the School of the prophets, where it is rumored there are still artifacts of him in the Pyramids. Upon returning to the United States, Father Hurley studied under the world renowned Dr. L.W. De Lawrence, from whom he received the keys of life ("Man of the Hour," n.d.).

After going on a three, seven, and forty-day fast, God (Spirit) revealed himself to Prophet Hurley. Prophet Hurley, in returning unto his own nationality or race of people, the Black Nation, brought the truth that blacks might have light. He did as Jesus had done before him; he returned to his own people focusing his message upon them, so they would have light.

Through God's inspiration, Prophet Hurley preached the everlasting gospel that Jesus taught; the gospel of finding the kingdom of God (Spirit) within man. Father G. W. Hurley founded the Universal Hagar's Spiritual Church in 1923 under Divine inspiration. In the following year he organized the Hagar's School of Mediumship and Psychology (1924) which is, "the largest Ethiopian School of Esoteric Wisdom in the world", and in the years to follow the Knights of the All-Seeing Eye (1934), which is a Mystical Benevolent Order. The doctrinal foundation of Father G. W. Hurley's philosophy can be found in the Universal Hagar's Spiritual Churches Creed and Ten Commandments.

What We Believe (Creed)

WE BELIEVE that God is Spirit.

WE BELIEVE that our bodies are matter, and a dwelling place for God.

WE BELIEVE that man is Spirit just like God.

WE BELIEVE that man is the name given by God to his creation (man).

WE BELIEVE our real selves are God (Spirit) clothed with matter (body).

WE BELIEVE that all life is God.

WE BELIEVE that every 2,100 years completes an Age.

WE BELIEVE that Adam was the leader of the Taurian Age (Earth Age).

WE BELIEVE there is no life except God.

WE BELIEVE that He has made His second appearance within Hurley.

WE BELIEVE that whatsoever good we need is within us at all times.

WE BELIEVE that when we have realized Christ we can draw all good from within us.

WE BELIEVE that the Christ is the wisdom and the power of God.

WE BELIEVE that all who will accept his teachings the Christ will appear to them.

WE BELIEVE in Ages, Times or Eras.

WE BELIEVE that Abraham was the leader of the Arian Age (Fire Age).

WE BELIEVE that Jesus was the leader of the Piscean Age (Water Age).

WE BELIEVE that Hurley is the leader of the Aquarian Age (Air Age).

WE BELIEVE that Hurley was born at the proper time to be the leader.

WE BELIEVE that he will bring heaven to all nations that will believe.

WE BELIEVE in mental telepathy and thought force.

WE BELIEVE that thoughts are spirit and to think of a thing is the prophecy of its fulfillment.

WE BELIEVE that all men are equal regardless of their color.

WE BELIEVE that the Spiritual faith is the only true mode of worship.

WE BELIEVE that all Protestants must accept the true faith, if not they will fall.

WE BELIEVE in doing unto others as we would have them do unto us.

WE BELIEVE Heaven is supreme reason, a happy state of mind here on earth.

WE BELIEVE that hell is a deplorable condition in the bodies of human beings.

Universal Hagar's Spiritual Churches Ten Commandments

1. Thou shall believe in Spirit (God) within matter.

2. Thou shall ignore a sky heaven for happiness and a downward hell for human punishment.

3. Thou shall believe in heaven and hell here on earth.

4. Thou shall believe in the fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man.

5. Thou shall believe in what you sow, you shall also reap.


Excerpted from Lessons In Truth Series: The Everlasting Gospel of the Kingdom of God (Spirit) Within by Timothy F. Gardner. Copyright © 2016 Timothy F. Gardner. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Dedication, vii,
Preface, xi,
Author's Note, xiii,
SECTION ONE Return to the Father's House,
Introduction, 1,
A Brief History of Reverend Father G.W. Hurley, 4,
The Substantial Reality: God (Spirit), 16,
Qualities of One on the Path of Realization, 21,
Conscious Awareness, 35,
Jesus' Assurance, 39,
The Kingdom of God (Spirit) Within, 41,
The Way to the Kingdom, 54,
The Desire One Must Possess, 56,
Carnal Self vs. True Self, 59,
Interpretation of the First Division of Psalms, 61,
Section One Commentary, 67,
Entering the Silence: Concentration and Meditation, 72,
The Inquiry: "Who Am I?", 75,
SECTION TWO My Kingdom Is Not Of This World,
Preface, 81,
Purification of the Soul, 82,
The Ultimate Reality: God (Spirit), the Absolute, 91,
Author's Note, 111,
The Constitution of Man, 112,
Meditation Exercises, 117,
Astrology, 119,
Astral Plane, 120,
Problem Solving and Spiritual Healing, 125,
Prayer, 130,
Forgiveness, 137,
Section Two Commentary, 142,
SECTION THREE Visions on the Path,
Meditation on the Holy Personality, 147,
Exercise, 151,
Practice, 154,
Instructions, 156,
Introduction to Mantras, 163,
The Acknowledgement of 'Now', 164,
Practicing the Presence, 166,
Mantra's, 170,
Additional Mantras:, 175,
Japam (Practice), 178,
Japa Mala, 181,
How This Book Came to Be, 184,
References, 187,
Acknowledgements, 191,
About the Author, 197,

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