Legacy of the White Star Line: Titanic, Olympic, Britannic and other White Star Line ships

Legacy of the White Star Line: Titanic, Olympic, Britannic and other White Star Line ships

by Mr Timothy Paul Duncan Turner


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For over a century the Titanic disaster has fascinated the world's historians, writers, film makers and general public ever since she sank with the loss of over 1500 lives in April 1912. This copiously illustrated book considers much more than its title suggests, beginning with an overview of the White Star Line's fleet. Next, Titanic's construction, layout, opulent furnishings, passenger experiences and the central personalities are introduced. Important aspects of her maiden voyage are revisited; the first ice warnings, lookouts, striking the iceberg, sinking, partial lifeboat evacuation and the lessons learned from the Inquiries held in Britain and America. After touching on the 'Titanic's Curse', forewarnings, and myths of 1912, it moves to Dr Robert Ballard's dramatic discovery and exploration of her in 1985. This reawakened interest, and in 1997, James Cameron's film "Titanic" proved an outstanding success.
RMS Olympic and HMHS Britannic are also reviewed together with the heroic rescue of stranded passengers from the hospital ship, Rohilla, which hit rocks in Whitby in October 1914 during a violent gale.
The author has also written "Legacy of the Cunard Line" featuring the Lusitania, Mauretania, Aquitania, Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth and QE2 with other famous sea disasters: Empress of Ireland, SS Normandie, SS Andrea Doria & the history of SS Great Britain.

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About the Author

The author has been fascinated with maritime history since he was a boy. He is especially interested in the White Star Line, the Cunard Line and the ships they built. At the age of 13, he remembers buying a copy of Walter Lord's, "A Night to Remember," and was enthralled from cover to cover until he finished reading about the loss of the Titanic. After which, he wanted to know more about the subject and his book "Legacy of the White Star Line" resulted from his research. He is also interested in the Napoleonic naval battles, especially the life and career of Admiral Adam Duncan, who is a direct ancestor of his, who was victorious at the Battle of Camperdown in October 1797.

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