Law and Mental Health Professionals: Kansas

Law and Mental Health Professionals: Kansas

by Jan Bowen Sheldon, Scott A. Letts

Hardcover(New Edition)



Law & Mental Health Professionals: Kansas provides a thorough review of the laws in the state of Kansas as they relate to the mental health profession. Identifying legal topics affecting mental health practices, this resource addresses rulings about licensing; forms of business practice; insurance reimbursements and deductions for services; privacy of professional information; practice laws related to families, juveniles, civil matters, and criminal matters; and limitations on and liability for practice. The authors present and integrate information from the Kansas State Constitution, state statutes, regulations of administrative agencies, appellate court decisions, and the Kansas Supreme Court to complete this volume. The laws taken from these sources are expressed with minimal legal jargon, making this reference maximally accessible to those outside of the legal profession.

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ISBN-13: 9781433803314
Publisher: American Psychological Association
Publication date: 02/28/2008
Series: Law and Mental Health Professionals Series
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 528
Product dimensions: 6.30(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.60(d)

Table of Contents

Editors' Preface     xi
Authors' Preface     xvii
Acknowledgments     xxi
Legal Credentialing     1
Licensure and Regulation of Mental Health Professionals     3
Licensure and Regulation of Psychiatrists     4
Licensure and Regulation of Psychiatric Nurses     15
Licensure and Regulation of Psychologists     22
Subdoctoral and Unlicensed Psychologists     36
Licensure and Regulation of Social Workers     43
Licensure and Regulation of School Psychologists     52
Licensure and Regulation of School Counselors and School Social Workers     56
Licensure and Regulation of Marriage and Family Therapists     60
Licensure of Other Types of Mental Health Professionals     67
Licensure and Regulation of Hypnotists     87
Licensure and Regulation of Polygraph Examiners     88
Regulation of Unlicensed Mental Health Professionals     89
Sunset of Credentialing Agencies     90
Business Matters     93
Sole Proprietorships     95
Professional Corporations     96
Partnerships     101
Health Maintenance Organizations     107
Preferred Provider Organizations     109
Individual Practice Associations     110
Hospital, Administrative, and Staff Privileges     111
Zoning for Community Homes     112
Insurance Reimbursement for Services     115
Mental Health Benefits in State Insurance Plans     119
Tax Deductions for Services     120
Limitations on and Liability for Practice     123
Informed Consent for Services     125
Extensiveness, Ownership, Maintenance, and Access to Records     128
Confidential Relations and Communications     134
Privileged Communications     142
Search, Seizure, and Subpoena of Records     150
State Freedom of Information Act     153
Right to Refuse Treatment     156
Regulation of Aversive and Avoidance Conditioning     160
Quality Assurance for Hospital Care     162
Malpractice Liability     165
Other Forms of Professional Liability     170
Criminal Liability     174
Liability of Credentialing Boards     177
Antitrust Limitations to Practice     180
Families and Juveniles     183
Competency to Marry     185
Guardianship for Adults     187
Conservatorship for Adults     195
Annulment     202
Divorce     205
Child Custody After Marital Dissolution     208
Reporting of Adult Abuse     216
Reporting of Child Abuse     221
Abused and Neglected Children     227
Termination of Parental Rights     237
Guardianship for Minors     244
Conservatorship for Minors     249
Foster Care     253
Adoption     257
Juvenile Offenders     266
Competency of Juveniles to Stand Trial     277
Nonresponsibility Defense     280
Transfer of Juveniles to Stand Trial as Adults     282
Voluntary Admission and Civil Commitment of Minors     286
Education for Childen With Disabilities and Gifted Children     291
Consent, Confidentiality, and Services for Minors     297
Consent for Abortion     301
Evaluation and Treatment of Children at the Request of a Noncustodial Parent     305
Other Civil Matters     307
Mental Status of Licensed or Certified Professionals     309
Workers' Compensation     315
Vocational Disability Determinations     323
Emotional Distress as a Basis for Civil Liability      330
Mental Disability and Civil Liability     334
Competency to Contract     339
Competency to Sign a Will     342
Competency to Vote     345
Competency to Obtain a Driver's License     347
Product Liability     349
Unfair Competition     353
Employment Discrimination     356
Civil and Criminal Trial Matters     359
Jury Selection     361
Expert Witnesses     369
Polygraph Evidence     373
Competency to Testify     375
Psychological Autopsy     378
Battered Woman's Syndrome     380
Rape Trauma Syndrome     383
Hypnosis of Witnesses     386
Eyewitness Identification     389
Criminal Matters     391
Screening of Police Officers     393
Competency to Waive the Rights to Silence, Counsel, and a Jury     395
Precharging and Pretrial Evaluations     399
Bail Determinations     400
Competency to Stand Trial     404
Provocation     408
Mens Rea     411
Diminished Capacity     413
Criminal Responsibility      415
Competency to Be Sentenced     421
Sentencing     423
Probation     425
Dangerous Offenders     427
Habitual Offenders     430
Competency to Serve a Sentence     431
Mental Health Services in Jails and Prisons     432
Transfer From Penal to Mental Health Facilities     434
Parole Determinations     436
Competency to Be Executed     439
Pornography     442
Services for Sex Offenders     445
Services for Victims of Crimes     448
Voluntary or Involuntary Receipt of State Services     455
Medicaid     457
Health Care Cost-Containment System     459
Voluntary Admission of Adults With Mental Illness     461
Involuntary Commitment of Mentally Ill Adults     464
Voluntary Admission and Involuntary Admission of Persons Who Abuse Alcohol     479
Voluntary Admission and Involuntary Commitment of Adults Addicted to Drugs     484
Services for People With Developmental Disabilities     485
Hospice Care     492
Appendix     493
Table of Cases     495
Table of Statutes     499
Table of Rules of Court      513
Table of Administrative Rules and Regulations     514
Table of References to Constitution     517
Index     518
About the Authors     525

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