Labyrinth (Signed Book) (FBI Series #23)

Labyrinth (Signed Book) (FBI Series #23)

by Catherine Coulter

Hardcover(Signed Edition)

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The #1 New York Times bestselling FBI Thriller series returns with another tour de force in which Agent Sherlock risks losing her career—and her sanity—over a case that is more complicated and twisted than any she’s ever encountered.

On a dark night, Agent Sherlock is driving along circuitous mountain roads in West Virginia when her car is suddenly T-boned at an intersection. As her car spins out of control, a man’s body slams against her windshield and then—blackness. When she finally comes to, Sherlock has no memory of the accident, nor of the moments that led right up to it. But what she does know is that the man she hit is a local CIA analyst…and now he’s missing.

Meanwhile, in the small town of Gaffer’s Ridge, Virginia, Special Agent Griffin Hammersmith has just rescued a kidnapped woman who claims her captor admitted to the murder of three teenage girls. However, the man she accuses is related to the local sheriff and a member of a very powerful family. Special Agent Hammersmith reaches out to Sherlock for help, and they soon realize that the disappearance of the CIA analyst is actually connected to the string of murders. But how?

“If there’s one thing that readers can count on in a Coulter novel it is that she always delivers amazingly eerie and complex thrillers” (RT Book Reviews) and Labyrinth is no different. With white-knuckled pacing and shocking twists and turns, this is another electrifying novel that will sink its teeth in you.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781982130800
Publisher: Gallery Books
Publication date: 07/30/2019
Series: FBI Thriller Series , #23
Edition description: Signed Edition
Pages: 512
Sales rank: 166
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 8.90(h) x 1.70(d)

About the Author

Catherine Coulter is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of eighty-four novels, including the FBI Thriller series and The Brit in the FBI international thriller series, co-written with J.T. Ellison. Coulter lives in Sausalito, California, with her Übermensch husband and their two noble cats, Peyton and Eli. You can reach her at or visit

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Labyrinth (Signed Book) (FBI Series #23) 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 35 reviews.
Anonymous 9 days ago
The best of Catherine Coulter about Savich, Sherlock and their amazing FBI associates. Couldn't put it down.
Anonymous 15 days ago
another outstanding story by a truly enthralling author. i had this book on preorder. it arrived and nothing got done as i couldn't put it down. i hope there will be more to come. i have already read the series three times.
Anonymous 18 days ago
hard to put down, exciting, twisted. great story
Anonymous 2 hours ago
Savich and Sherlock at their best. Loved the twits and turns.
TropicalDelusions 22 hours ago
Labyrinth – Catherine Coulter I was fortunate to receive this book as an Advance Reader Copy from Netgalley, in exchange for an objective review. Savich & Sherlock’s newest adventure starts off suddenly, when Sherlock is out running errands, and she is suddenly t-boned in an intersection, causing her to strike a pedestrian as her car careens out of control. When she regains consciousness at the hospital, she remembers the body striking her windshield, but no victim is found at the scene. Who was he and what became of him? Agent Griffin Hammersmith is out visiting a college friend in Gaffer’s Ridge and is walking through the streets of the more remote sections of town when he hears a voice screaming for help. Taking a quick look around, he sees no one, and he heads for the nearest home to assist. Inside, Carson DeSilva, has managed to free herself from after being kidnapped and wrapped in duct tape, and is waving a broken piece of pipe at her captor as she yells for help. Griffin bursts through the door, distracting the kidnapper, who Carson then hits in the head, subduing him. When they call for help from the local police, they learn that then kidnapper is the sheriff’s nephew, and both Griffin & Carson find themselves locked up. Griffin calls Savich for help. As Griffin & Carson talk amongst themselves, he learns of her abilities, that seem to mirror his own – she had heard the kidnapper, Rafer Bodine, thinking about three missing girls, and how one of them had died hard. As the FBI descends upon the town of Gaffer’s Ridge and takes over the investigation, it appears that the entire Bodine family perhaps has something to hide…but what?? As both investigations continue, Sherlock struggles to overcome her injuries, as she and Dillon continue their search for the missing and injured pedestrian, they learn that he was a CIA analyst, and surmise that he is on the run…but from what? Meanwhile, during a search of the Bodine properties, Sherlock learns that the Bodine matriarch may have a few psychic secrets of her own… This is another series that I just cannot get enough of! Sherlock & Savich are like old friends that have come back to visit, each time I open the cover of a new book, and I just want the story to go on and on. Saying goodbye as I turn the last page is always so hard to do! Another, great, un-put-downable read from one of the best!!
Anonymous 2 days ago
For starters. I was a little disappointed that they had turned Anna into a an insecure twit. I had liked that chacter. I guess it just proves no past romances are set in stone! I did like Carson though, so that's, that!My issue is that I was under the impression that there was a connection with the cases. Unless I missed it (Which is possible). I didn't notice one, except for Savich, and Sherlock, but they're both in all of them. (Except The Cove). I've been reading this series since 1996 when the first one came out. Most are fabulous, but every now, and then you get a so, so one. This was above so, so for sure!Also, I'm just the reader. I have the easy part. It amazes me what wonderful stories authors are able to create from thin air. How much work, and time goes into one novel.Keep them coming. They're appreciated
Anonymous 4 days ago
luvluke6t6 5 days ago
Labyrinth is the latest FBI Thriller about Dillon Savich and Lacey Sherlock and I loved every moment of the book. Catherine Coulter has once again delivered an amazing story. I love the story within the story that has become Catherine's trademark. Lacey is driving in her car when she is struck broadside by a car running a red light. As her car is spinning out of control, she hits a man, Justice Cummings. When Sherlock regains consciousness, she is suffering from amnesia. She does not remember anything about herself, her life, Dillon, or Sean. While this is happening in Washington, DC, Griffin Hammersmith is in Gaffer's Ridge, VA for some much needed vacation. While walking around after Gaffer's Ridge after eating lunch, he telepathically hears someone calling for help. Griffin rescues Dr. Carson DiSalvo from her kidnapper Rafer Bodine. Rafer kidnaps Carson after she telepathically hears him grumbling about three missing teen age girls. After the rescue, Griffin and Carson find themselves in jail for assaulting Rafer. Rafer's uncle is Booker Bodine, the Gaffer's Ridge sheriff. So Griffin and Carson start investigating the kidnappings and Rafer's involvement. Dillon and Lacey offer help to Griffin, then return home to investigate all the mystery surrounding Lacey's accident. It was a great story and a page turner. I could not put it down. I love the surprise twists that Catherine always adds to her books. Love that everything is resolved in the end.
MonnieR 9 days ago
I'm a big fan of this series, in particular the FBI duo (and married couple) Dillon Savich and Lacey Sherlock. Oh sure, they're always a little too "perfect," but I enjoy them, their interaction and respective talents - a lot. So it was that I looked forward to reading this, their 23rd adventure. And I have to say that while I enjoyed it, the whole thing seemed just a bit, well, sappy compared with others I've read. Much of that, I think, is because early on, Sherlock is involved in an auto accident that results in substantial memory loss - primarily of people. Her skills seem to be intact, so Savich has no real qualms about involving her in whatever he's investigating; but he also spends a ton of time trying to convince her (and himself) that she'll get her memory back, and that part, to me, is a bit overdone. After her car was hit, Sherlock's car spun out and, in turn, struck and wounded a man who they learn is a CIA agent being chased by a couple of (presumably) bad guys. Now, the goal is to find him and keep him safe - if in fact he's still alive. While all this is going on, another FBI teammate, Griffin Hammersmith, is grabbing some R&R in tiny Gaffer's Ridge, Virginia, when he "hears" distress cries from a damsel who's been kidnapped and stashed in a houxe he's passing by. When he rescues her, she says she heard her captor - whose family basically owns the town - admit to murdering three teenage girls who have gone missing recently. Needless to say, the man denies everything, putting Hammersmith and Dr. Carson DeSilva, the woman he saved, at serious odds with said powerful family. The two plots overlap here and there, allowing interaction among Savich, Sherlock, Hammersmith and deSilva, the latter a much-accomplished journalist. Also on display are the special psychic talents of Sherlock and Hammersmith, who share those abilities with select other characters who use it in not-so-friendly ways. All of this makes readers wonder: Who will win the war of the minds? How far up the CIA food chain does responsibility for Sherlock's accident reach? And will she ever remember the people she once loved, including Savich and their young son Sean? All in all, it's another fun adventure that is, as always, well worth reading.
SarkuraCherryBlossom 10 days ago
Title: Labyrinth Series: FBI #23 Author: Catherine Coulter July 30th 201 Genre: thriller On a dark night, Agent Sherlock is driving along circuitous mountain roads in West Virginia when her car is suddenly T-boned at an intersection. As her car spins out of control, a man’s body slams against her windshield and then—blackness. When she finally comes to, Sherlock has no memory of the accident, nor of the moments that led right up to it. But what she does know is that the man she hit is a local CIA analyst…and now he’s missing. Meanwhile, in the small town of Gaffer’s Ridge, Virginia, Special Agent Griffin Hammersmith has just rescued a kidnapped woman who claims her captor admitted to the murder of three teenage girls. However, the man she accuses is related to the local sheriff and a member of a very powerful family. Special Agent Hammersmith reaches out to Sherlock for help, and they soon realize that the disappearance of the CIA analyst is actually connected to the string of murders. But how? My thoughts rating: 5 Would You recommend it ? yes Will I read more of this series ? yes Would I read more by this author? yes Wow this one was way batter then the last one I read which was part of her series A Brit In The FBI , this one had a lot of stuff I like in a story , and I loved how some of the characters as well as the bad guys seem to have the presence of paranormal powers which add to the story and help make the story flow together even if there was two stories in one , but even that didn't take anything away form the story , in fact it made me want to keep on reading , with that said I want to say thank you to Netgalley for letting me read and review it.
Anonymous 11 days ago
Anonymous 11 days ago
as always the advenures and cases that savich and sherlock become involved with do not disappoint. loved it
Anonymous 11 days ago
Suspenseful, humorous and well developed characters, Ms. Coulter has another great story!
pseudosara 11 days ago
Catherine Coulter‘s new book Labyrinth is gripping and tense. Sherlock suffers a concussion giving her amnesia, and she and Savich have to adjust to a new normal that they hope is temporary. They get embroiled in two cases in two cases, the first case is with the CIA and the second case is with Griffin Hammersmith. The plot is indeed labyrinthian. You’ll enjoy working your way through the maze with the FBI team.
Loy3 13 days ago
This is another good installment in the Sherlock and Savich FBI series. I have read them all. There are two stories here. One about Sherlock who is in a car wreck and a man’s body slams against her windshield. She is in the hospital with memory loss. At first, I thought this might not work but Ms. Coulter pulled it off nicely. The other story is Special Agent Griffin Hammersmith rescues a woman who was kidnapped by the nephew of sheriff and a member of a powerful family. Hammersmith calls Savich who is tied up with the accident with Sherlock. The book is fresh and well written. The story is fast paced and Sherlock even with memory loss handles everything. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book. Thank you, Net Galley,
Anonymous 13 days ago
I couldn't put this book down and read it in two days ! the characters are so interesting and well developed . I really enjoy reading Coulter 's books .
Anonymous 13 days ago
As always enjoyed this novel with the characters Savich and Sherlock.
Teri1957 13 days ago
Provided with an ARC to read and review. An intoxicating Savich and Sherlock book that will keep you turning page after page to see what excitement happens next. Catherine Coulter has done a superb job of writing a fabulous book. "Just one more chapter......please!" Enjoy!
Anonymous 14 days ago
Always a favorite, great read.
cherlym 14 days ago
Appropriately titled! Two stories arch through and there are plenty of twists and turns. I love this series, some more than others she knocked this one out of the park. Small town redneck - go ahead, fall for that. Some creepy happenings and some powerful women. Rafter telling the FBI agent Griffin, "go ahead, mom will shine you " Sherlock and Savich cross into both story lines, The CIA analyst who Sherlock hits and the Gaffers Ridge. The plot with the CIA analyst is a scary scenario. There is plenty of action, I read this in one sitting, I did not want to be disturbed. I felt for Savich as he struggled with Sherlocks amnesia. I thought it was handled extremely well, Loved when Sherlock asks "are we expected to solve everything" I enjoyed Carson and Griffin interaction (how about her history is there a story there or what?). All that evil in Gaffers Ridge...…… Thank you Gallery Books, Catherine Coulter and NetGalley. I am thrilled to have received this arc, all thoughts and opinions are my own and were unsolicited.
Booklover225 14 days ago
My favorite Sherlock and Savich book yet! What would you do if you lost your memory even of yourself? Agent Sherlock was in an accident and received a serious concussion. When she woke up she has with no memory of anything or anyone. Not her husband or her son Sean, co-workers or even her parents. She is a stranger even to herself. She doesnt remember she is a famous tough FBI agent or that she is married to Agent Savich. Frightened and still having headaches but physically ok she goes back to work, along side Savich her boss. He is a stranger who is telling her they are married. It is so strange she thinks, this handsome man was her husband? Taking her to work with him to keep an eye on her Savich knows she is operating on automatic and that she can do it, until her memory comes back. If it comes back he worries. First order is to investigate the accident. A man flew into her windshield during the accident and left only his blood on her car and he disappeared. Where is he? Dillon, a friend and fellow FBI agent who is taking some well deserved time off in Gaffer's Ridge Virigina. A small town essentially owned by one family. When he "hears" someone calling for help. Dillon has a gift of being able to communicate mentally with certain people. When he hears the frightened woman's pleas for help he moves into action. The kidnapped woman Carson DeSilva is shocked when she gets help. She knows she has the gift but is amazed someone heard her silent pleas. When the sheriff arrives everything goes haywire. Dillon and Carson are arrested. The sheriff doesn't believe he is FBI and the perp - well that's the sherriff's nephew and Dillon an Carson must be imposters. He puts Dillon and the girl Carson into a jail cell. He won't even take Agent Savich's call to say he's Dillon's boss and that Dillon really is a FBI agent. The sheriff also hasn't done anything much about the 16 year old girls that have been reported missing in the last few months in this town and others close by. Things are about to change now that he has a federal agent in his jail. Sherlock and Savich rush to help Dillon while continuing the investigating into her accident. From the DNA left on her windshield they learn the victim is a CIA agent and no one has seen or heard from him since that day. The woman driving the car that hit Sherlock is ok just banged up but she is sacred of something and she and the witness's on the street have connections to one another is that just a coincidence? So many twists and turns in this book to keep you reading into the night. Catherine Coulter always delivers exciting and intriguing books and this one is one of her best! Thank you to NetGalley and Catherine Coulter and the publishers for allowing me to read this ARC in exchange for my honest opinion.
lhill82125 14 days ago
Well you have made a slam dunk with this book! I couldn’t put it down. I was so mesmerized by everything that was happening. I love reading Catherine’s books and this one is right there at the top! I would love to be able to “shine“ a few people. I can’t wait until the next book to come out! Thanks Catherine!
Anonymous 14 days ago
I enjoyed Labyrinth it was exciting, fast paced story. There were three mysteries in this book. First Sherlock is involved in an accident, with an additional mystery concerning the CIA and a man who was I injured by Sherlock’s car when she was spinning from her car being hit. The biggest mystery concerned Griffin. He was visiting a friend from college when his arc began. This is one of the best FBI series.
DebbieLTD 17 days ago
WOW! Once again Catherine Coulter did not disappoint at all. Great FBI thriller from beginning to end. This book carefully weaves two different FBI cases happening consecutively. While the two cases are not related, the characters involved are. FBI agent Lacey Sherlock is driving when her car is suddenly hit, she spins out of control, hits a pedestrian, and wakes up in the hospital with amnesia. While the accident truly was a case of Sherlock being in the wrong place at the wrong time, it leads FBI Agent Dillon Savich (Sherlock's husband) and Sherlock on a path leading to corruption in the CIA. Can they unravel the mystery and keep anyone else from losing their lives? Meanwhile, another agent, Agent Hammersmith, is on vacation when he hears someone yelling for help. Captivating! Running into a house he discovers a kidnapping victim trying to escape. When they are faced with the local law enforcement, it appears that all the major players in the town of Gaffer's Ridge are related to Rafer, the suspected kidnapper. With the help of the local branch of the FBI, Hammersmith and DeSilva (the victim) embark on a mission to find out what exactly is going on in this town, where there are also 4 teenage girls missing. Can Sherlock recover her memory and still be valuable to not only her family but the agency that needs her help to solve these crimes? Highly recommend this book, and the whole series. I received an advanced copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.
ZR1000 18 days ago
An entertaining, intriguing, complex, deceptive, twisted storyline… This is the twenty-third book in the FBI Thriller series that can be read as a stand-alone. Imagine waking up and not knowing who you are or who the people in your life are. The mind can’t really conceive the depth of such trauma but for those with amnesia, it’s a terrifying reality. FBI Agent Sherlock started out on what she expected to be a normal drive when another automobile struck hers sending her Volvo careening out of control at an intersection, to make matters worse she strikes a man who slams into her windshield, his blood on the glass is one of the last things she perceives before the world falls into darkness. Awakening in a hospital, suffering from a severe concussion, the sight of her husband does not provide the comfort it should because she doesn’t know who he or she is. This reader wondered who the reality was worse for Sherlock or Savitch who had lost the woman he loved. But a little thing like amnesia will not stop these two from finding out what happened and who the man Sherlock unfortunately hit was not to mention helping a friend in trouble. It was interesting how the amnesia was portrayed, one might lose their memories but what is inherent to a person remains and shines through periodically bringing color to the blank canvas they happen to be. There’s something very wrong in the town of Gaffer’s Ridge, Virginia. FBI Agent Hammersmith, in the area on vacation visiting friends, rescues a kidnapped woman with an interesting tale to tell regarding her abductor but local law enforcement doesn’t believe them or that Hammersmith is even FBI. When you accuse the nephew of the local Sheriff and the son of the richest man in town of a crime you have a problem and being thrown in jail is the least of the problem. It’s good to have bad-ass connections, the cavalry that arrives to save Hammersmith, a take no-nonsense woman with a team in full riot gear and loaded submachine guns made for quite an entertaining scene. Hammersmith now has a difficult job ahead of him and finding the truths hidden in this town won’t be as simple as a jailbreak. This author never just provides one storyline to confound the reader, she’s intertwined two intriguing cases that may or may not be connected. The book is aptly titled, it has a devilishly labyrinthine plot that’s shockingly twisted, filled with a depth of complexity that had this reader wondering how the author manages to keep track of it all and she does so superbly. The reader is kept riveted with fast-paced action and suspense, great characters with tangible emotions, the inclusion of moments of entertaining humor, and deceptive mysteries to try and unravel before they are resolved. The unexpected paranormal aspect was intriguing, the villains were decidedly evil yet so human. An advanced reading copy was obtained from the publisher via NetGalley.