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Nueva edición de un libro conocido por todos "La Biblia en cuadros para niños". Los niños y sus padres disfrutarán mucho las nuevas y hermosas ilustraciones en esta edición.

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ISBN-13: 9780825417092
Publisher: Editorial Portavoz
Publication date: 11/28/2003
Edition description: Spanish-language Edition
Pages: 382
Product dimensions: 6.42(w) x 7.70(h) x 1.12(d)
Age Range: 3 - 7 Years

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La Nueva Biblia en Cuadros Para Ninos / New Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes

By Kregel Publications Kregel Publications

Copyright © 2003 Kregel Publications
All right reserved.

ISBN: 9780825417092

Chapter One

God Makes the World

WHEN IT IS NIGHTTIME and the lights are out you know how dark everything gets. You can't see anything. That is how all the world once was. There were no pretty flowers; there were no trees or grass or birds. There were no children either. There was only darkness. God did not want everything to be all dark. He decided to make some people. People could not live in the darkness so God made a beautiful world full of light. Genesis 1:2-5

Let's find out!

* Can you see anything at night when you go to bed and the lights are out?

* Did God want everything to be all dark?

Dear Lord Jesus, thank You for making light so that I can see.

Everyone Is Happy

THIS IS THE BEAUTIFUL WORLD GOD MADE. How different it is from the cold, dark picture we looked at before! Now the world is warm and bright and pleasant. The animals are playing and everyone is happy. God has made all these things and all of them are very good but there are no people anywhere. God has not made any people. All the pretty things are here but there are no people to enjoy them, so God will make some peopleto live here. Genesis 1:1

Let's find out!

* Can you see a lion in this picture?

* Can you see any people?

* Did God decide to make some people?

I like the beautiful world You made, Lord. Thank You for it.

God Makes Adam and Eve

THESE ARE THE PEOPLE GOD MADE. Can you see them in the picture? They are behind the flowers in the middle of the picture. Can you point to them? The man's name is Adam. The lady's name is Eve. Adam and Eve did not have a mother and father. God made Adam out of dust from the ground, and then He made Eve. God made them happy and good. They love God and God loves them. In the picture you see them looking up toward God. No wonder they are so happy. Genesis 2:7-9

Let's find out!

* What is the man's name?

* What is the lady's name?

* Who made Adam and Eve?

I'm happy, too, Lord Jesus. I'm happy that You love me.

Adam and Eve Disobey God

ADAM AND EVE ARE NOT HAPPY NOW. Do you know why they are so sad? It is because they have been bad. They did something God told them not to do. God told them they could eat anything except the fruit from one tree. God told them not to eat that one kind but they could eat all the other kinds. The tree was so pretty and the fruit on it looked so nice that Eve wanted to eat it, but God said, "No." Then Satan, who is God's enemy, told Eve to eat it even if God said not to. Eve took the fruit and ate some of it; then she gave some to Adam and he ate it too. Now God is punishing Adam and Eve. He is sending them out of the beautiful garden and they can never come back again. Genesis 3:8-13

Let's find out!

* Who are these two people?

* Where are they going?

* Why can't they stay in the garden?

Lord, sometimes I do bad things, too, and I'm sorry.

Cain Kills Abel

THESE TWO MEN WERE ADAM AND EVE'S CHILDREN. See how big and strong they are! Once they were little children, but now they have grown up. Do you see the one with the lamb? His name is Abel. His brother's name is Cain. He is bringing some stalks of grain to give to God. Abel is giving God a lamb. God accepted Abel and his lamb, but He did not accept Cain and the grain he brought. This made Cain angry. He was so angry and jealous and mean that one day Cain said to his brother, "Let's go out and walk in the field." While they were together there in the field, Cain killed Abel. God will punish Cain for killing Abel. Cain killed his brother Abel because he was angry at God. What a terrible thing to do! Genesis 4:8-13

Let's find out!

* Which of these two men is Abel?

* Which is Cain?

* Why was Cain angry?

Help me, Father God, to do the things that make You happy.

Noah Builds a Big Boat

THIS MAN'S NAME IS NOAH. Can you say his name? I am glad to say that this man loves God very much. He wants to do whatever God tells him to do. He is a good man. God has told him to build a big boat. It is so big that it takes him a long, long time to build it. Can you see the big boat he is building? See how hard he and his sons are working! They are working so hard because God has told him to build the boat and he is happy to do whatever God says. Do you know why God wants Noah to have a boat? It is because God is going to send so much rain that all the ground and the houses will be covered with water, and if he does not have a boat he will die. The waters would go over his head and he would drown, but if he is in the boat he will be safe and dry. God is going to take care of Noah and his family and keep them safe and dry. Genesis 6:13-22

Let's find out!

* What is this man's name?

* Why is he building the big boat?

Lord, I want to be like Noah and do just what You tell me to do.

The Animals Go into the Boat

AT LAST NOAH'S BOAT IS ALL FINISHED. Can you see the boat in the picture? It is away in the back, over by the sun. See how nice the boat looks! Now it is time for Noah and his family to go into the boat. God tells Noah to take a mother and daddy lion with him into the boat. He tells him to take a mother and daddy bear too. A mother and daddy of every kind of animal are going into the boat because that is what God said. In the picture you can see all the animals going into the boat. Maybe all the other people laughed at Noah for believing that God would make it rain so hard, but Noah didn't care. He believed God and got into the boat. Then God sent the rain. Genesis 7:6-17

Let's find out!

* Where are all the animals going?

* Who told the animals to get into the boat?

* Why did God want the animals in the boat?

Noah obeyed You; the animals obeyed You; help me to obey You.

It Rains for Days and Days

AFTER NOAH AND HIS FAMILY and the animals all went into the boat God sent the rain. It rained and rained, all day and all night, and for many days and nights. Down and down the rain came until all the flowers and bushes were covered up with water; soon all the houses and trees and people were covered up with the water too. Noah and his family are safe in the boat where God is taking care of them. The animals are safe too. The bird you can see in the picture is a dove that was inside the boat. Noah let it go out to see if it could find a home, but now it is coming back to the boat because of the water. Genesis 8:8,9

Let's find out!

* Where are the flowers and houses?

* Where is Noah and his family?

* Where are all the other people in the world?

Thank You, Lord God, that You take good care of Your people.


Excerpted from La Nueva Biblia en Cuadros Para Ninos / New Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes by Kregel Publications Copyright © 2003 by Kregel Publications. Excerpted by permission.
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