Koran Portraits

Koran Portraits

by Richard Sanders

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This is one of the most provocative books ever written about war and religion. The prose contained in this manuscript is as controversial as the “Satanic Verses.” The author dares to delineate his empirical perspective of Islam. Mr. Saunders has chosen to conflate images and satire to illuminate a path for discussion. Moreover, he has blazed an intrepid trail to unveil Islam’s contemptuous tenets toward infidels and the misogynistic treatment of women.

The author also delves in the hypocrisy within Islam. In 2006, artists in Amsterdam made cartoon drawings of Muhammad. There was a great uproar among Muslim communities worldwide. The call went out for jihad and a fatwa was issued for the illustrators. Muslims engage in violent behavior which included assaults, murder and arson. However, there was quite a different response to the carved image of Muhammad on the wall of the Supreme Court Building (Washington DC). Muslims residing in the US were as silent as a church mouse.

Few men have been courageous enough to question the doctrines of Islam.
The essays of Mr. Saunders pose the questions most Americans would like answered. His words are like wasps which strategically sting a wild boar. Each point that is made sends a jolt of clarity to the cerebral cortex of the reader. Everyone who reads the Koran Portraits will arrive at a different meaning. Some will say it extraordinary prose. Some will say it blasphemy. No one will utter the words, “I’ve already read this.”
The feelings expressed by Mr. Saunders are quite palpable in America. A survey conducted by Fraternal House Publishing interviewed 100K Americans. The survey revealed 60% of Americans think there is something quite sinister about Islam and do not trust Muslims. Another 47.5% feel Muslims should be converted to Christianity. In addition, 68.7% of Americans don’t care how many Muslims are killed during any war involving the US.
The United States is one of a few countries in the world wherein a book of this magnitude could be written. America offers a platform for authors, artists and philosophers to freely discuss the contemporary issues of the day. Moreover, this is done without the fear of reprisals from the government, religious extremist or terrorist groups. In contrast, the majority of countries on the planet brutally suppress such discourse. Thus, the new book Koran Portraits, is an undeniable testament to the freedom of speech.

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BN ID: 2940015690712
Publisher: Fraternal House Publishing
Publication date: 09/15/2012
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
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About the Author

I live in NYC with my wife and kids.
My mother and father were both in the military and I lived on quite a few military base around the US.
In addition, I am an Army Veteran and I fought in both the Iraq and Afghanistan theaters.
My hobbies include: fact checking the statements of politicians, traveling and helping
fellow soldiers reintegrate into society.
I am currently working on my next novel.
Thanks for your support,
Richard Sanders September 16, 2012

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