King Tut's Gold

King Tut's Gold

by Bill Butler


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King Tut's Gold: Mystery of the Golden Water-Screw is historical fiction, written in the first person narrative. The main subject involves a 14 year old second year scribe, Ahmes-VI, who is invited to travel with his father, an irrigation engineer, to Nubia, the land of gold and 'Ta-Seti' or the bow people. With invitations from the royal sculptor Bek, they travel on the royal barge with Egypt's most powerful lady Tiye, wife and Queen to King Amenhotep-III, grandparents to the boy King Tutankhamen.

The queen is making her last journey to Nubia, where she is summoned by her aunt Catava, a powerful sage who gives prophecies of the next two kings, and the crack in the religious foundation of Egypt's 2000 year old pantheon of gods, one king will cause. As a tribute to the next kings of Egypt, the sage Catava orders the preparation and construction of a ten foot cylinder; a golden water-screw that will be kept in a sacred magical pond, where the wondrous object is used to pour out unlimited amounts of the finest, purest Nubian gold for King Akhenaten, Queen Nefertiti and their son, the most memorable monarch in all human history, King Tutankhamen.

A magical amulet placed around the neck of Ahmes by the Nubian sage contributes to his elevated status as an apprentice to Master Khay, King Akhenaten's personal scribe. And ultimately, the scribe's magical amulet will place him in the presence of men of a religious cult who carries out the act of murder. Finally, the powerful amulet also place Ahmes in the presence of the powerful teacher, vizier who is most plausibly responsible for giving the order for the murder of a boy king whose objects of wealth continue to glitter like star-light and known forever to the world as King Tut's Gold.

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ISBN-13: 9781434324511
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 10/02/2007
Pages: 172
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