Kid Chef Bakes

Kid Chef Bakes

by Lisa Huff


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A Cookbook and Baking Class for the Kid Chef in Your Kitchen, Any parent to an aspiring baker knows that there comes a time when kids are ready to stop watching and start doing. Giving your young one control over the kitchen is not just about fostering a hobby, it's about inspiring a lifelong sense of confidence and independence. Kid Chef Bakes is designed to motivate young chefs who are eager to take the mixer into their own hands. Providing tips for safety, hands-on recipe tutorials, and sweet and savory recipes, this introductory cookbook equips your kid chef with the tools they need to create treats the whole family will enjoy. Baking Skills Recipe tutorials to master skills such as measuring liquids vs. solids, cutting in butter, and melting chocolate, Over 75 Recipes Help kids to hone their skills while making delicious baked treats for friends and family, The Baker's Kitchen An introduction to kitchen setup and prep covering tools, equipment, and pantry essentials every young chef needs, including safety tips for using the oven and stove

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781623159429
Publisher: Callisto Media
Publication date: 10/31/2017
Pages: 226
Sales rank: 116,146
Product dimensions: 7.40(w) x 9.20(h) x 0.70(d)
Age Range: 8 - 12 Years

Table of Contents

Introduction viii

Part 1 Welcome to Baking School!

1 In the Baker's Kitchen 3

2 Baking Skills 23

Part 2 Recipes

3 Muffins & Breads 59

4 Cakes & Cupcakes 85

5 Cookies & Bars 115

6 Pies, Tarts & Pastries 143

7 Savory Baked Goods 181

Appendix A Baking for Every Occasion 201

Appendix B Conversion Charts 203

Glossary 204

Resources 206

Recipe Index 207

Index 209

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Kid Chef Bakes 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
ChrisWebAdmin More than 1 year ago
In her introduction to “Kid Chef Bakes, The Kids Cookbook For Aspiring Bakers“, author Lisa Huff explains the goal of this book. With it, she hopes you will be able to learn more about the Kitchen Tools and Appliances you will need for baking. You will also master baking skills like Measuring, Mixing, and so on, and discover a world of Sweet and Savory Baking Recipes. After that very brief introduction, the book is then divided into two basic parts. Part One is “Welcome To Baking School“ and Part Two is all Recipes. The first section in part one is “In The Baker’s Kitchen“. Here kitchen rules are explained along with details about what is included in a “Baker’s Pantry”, complete with a list of “Seasonal Ingredients”. “Baking Equipment”, such as “Cookware and Bakeware” and “Other Tools and Utensils”, is also described. Another section covers “Knives and Other Sharp Tools”. This includes a description of various “Cutting Styles”, “How To Use A Knife”, and the all-important “Knife Safety”. “Using A Stove” and “Using An Oven” are explained followed by a “Baker’s Dozen Tips”. Chapter 2 covers “Baking Skills”. Starting with “Lesson One“ the basics like measuring liquids and dried ingredients are covered, also butter, when to use and at what temperature, and greasing pans. The lesson ends with a recipe tutorial for “Very Berry Granola Bars“ which uses your newly acquired skills. “Lesson Two“ starts with “Cracking And Separating Eggs”. This is a not to be ignored skill which everyone must master, and covers everything from the temperature of the egg to the best techniques on how to separate eggs. The lesson ends with a recipe tutorial for “Little Meringue Clouds“. “Lesson Three” covers “Mixing And Folding”. It describes the various types of mixing, like beating, creaming, folding, etc. as well as mixing wet and dry ingredients separately. Lesson Four ends with a recipe tutorial for “Cinnamon Buttermilk Muffins”. With “Lesson Four”, you will learn “Creaming Butter And Sugar”. This is an important step for anybody who wants to make cookies. This lesson also includes information on how you can tell if your baked goods are done. The recipe tutorial here is “Vanilla Cupcakes With Chocolate Fudge Frosting”. The How To Frost And Decorate details are covered after the recipe. “Lesson Five” is “Making Dough”. Starting with cutting in the butter, it goes on to include information on rolling dough and tips for baking crusts. It even includes a small section on pie fluting. Not surprisingly the recipe tutorial for Lesson Five is Pie Dough. “Lesson Six” covers “Yeast Dough”. From water temperature, through to kneading, rising and proofing, everything is covered. There is a section explaining what yeast is and how it works and another on storing baked goods. The recipe tutorial includes the first non-dessert recipe “Homemade Pizza Dough“. “Melting Chocolate” is “Lesson Seven”. Starting with how to use a double boiler, it even covers how to make your own double boiler and using bars of chocolate. A small section on microwaving chocolate is included as well. “Brownie Bites” are the recipe tutorial included. That concludes the lessons section and brings us to the recipes section... See the full review and the recipe for Thick And Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies at The RecipesNow! Reviews And Recipes Magazine. This review is written in response to a complimentary hard copy of the book provided by the publisher in hopes of an honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Is the this appropriate for all ages like 7 to maybe 14, i am teach a baking class to young girls starting with elementary to possibly middle school girls i don't think any high girl would be really interested these days