Julian Fellowes's Belgravia

Julian Fellowes's Belgravia

by Julian Fellowes


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The New York Times bestselling novel about scandalous secrets and star-crossed lovers

On the evening of 15 June 1815, the great and the good of British society have gathered in Brussels at what is to become one of the most tragic parties in history - the Duchess of Richmond's ball. For this is the eve of the Battle of Waterloo, and many of the handsome young men attending the ball will find themselves, the very next day, on the battlefield.

For Sophia Trenchard, the young and beautiful daughter of Wellington's chief supplier, this night will change everything. But it is only twenty-five years later, when the upwardly mobile Trenchards move into the fashionable new area of Belgravia, that the true repercussions of that moment will be felt. For in this new world, where the aristocracy rub shoulders with the emerging nouveau riche, there are those who would prefer the secrets of the past to remain buried...

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ISBN-13: 9781455541164
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Publication date: 07/05/2016
Series: Julian Fellowes's Belgravia Series
Pages: 416
Sales rank: 449,967
Product dimensions: 6.40(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.40(d)

About the Author

Educated at Ampleforth and Magdalene College, Cambridge, Julian Fellowes is a multi-award-winning actor, writer, director and producer. As creator, sole writer, and executive producer of the hit television series DOWNTON ABBEY, Fellowes has won three Emmy awards.

Fellowes received the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay for GOSFORD PARK (2002). His work was also honored by the Writer's Guild of America, The New York Film Critics' Circle and the National Society of Film Critics for Best Screenplay. Other writing credits for film include PICCADILLY JIM (2004), VANITY FAIR (2004), YOUNG VICTORIA (2009), THE TOURIST (2010), ROMEO & JULIET (2013), and the upcoming three-part drama DOCTOR THORNE for ITV. Fellowes also directed the award-winning films SEPARATE LIES and FROM TIME TO TIME. Fellowes wrote the books for the Tony-nominated stage production of MARY POPPINS and SCHOOL OF ROCK - THE MUSICAL which opened on Broadway in December 2015, and is written and produced by Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Fellowes has authored two novels: the international bestsellers SNOBS (2005) and PAST IMPERFECT (2008/2009).

Julian Fellowes became a life peer in 2010. He lives in Dorset and London with his wife, Emma.

Table of Contents

1 Dancing into Battle 1

2 A Chance Encounter 29

3 Family Ties 65

4 At Home in Belgrave Square 95

5 The Assignation 129

6 A Spy in Our Midst 159

7 A Man of Business 191

8 An Income for Life 231

9 The Past Is a Foreign Country 275

10 The Past Comes Back 315

11 Inheritance 359

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Julian Fellowes's Belgravia 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Really enjoyed the story. Gave glipses of life in Britain in the 1800s. The novel includes adultery, deceit, hard work, social climbing, death, loss of a daughter and a son, snobs, betrayal, and more. The book deserves an A++++
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I throughly enjoy this novel, though I would have preferred just a bit more back story regarding Anne & James. I found it hard to put down even knowing from the beginning how it would end.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
True to his extreme talent for weaving a great tale, I was hooked and just couldn't put it down. I loved Downton Abbey and Belgravia was just as wonderful.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
An interesting post - Waterloo historical exploration of the lives of society and trades family's living in the newly created section of London known as Belgravia. While the characters take themselves a d their secrets quite deriously, the story is as light as a cream cake at tea. Enjoysble.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Brussels - June 1815 Sophie Trenchard, 18, is observing people preparing to head to war. Sophie and her parents have been invited to a ball at the home of the Duchess of Richmond. Sophie’s mother, Anne, is reminding her that as they are not socially as high as the Richmonds, she must not get her hopes up of attracting a wealthy, titled man. Sophie’s friend, Lord Bellasis, got them tickets for the ball. He is the nephew of the Duchess of Richmond. While she is quite taken with him, she fears that there could never be a future for them due to their class differences. Sophie’s father, Mr. James Trenchard, is a sharp businessman who has impressed the Duke of Wellington with his ability to acquire necessary supplies that are needed for the soldiers yet hard to find. James is an ambitious man set on breaking through the class barriers. The Duke and Duchess of Richmond are staying in Brussels as a cost-cutting measure and to show solidarity with the Duke of Wellington. It is soon learned that Napoleon has just escaped his exile at Elba. Soldiers and other men leave straight from the ball to enter the Battle of Waterloo. London - 1841 Anne Trenchard has arrived at the home of The Countess of Brockenhurst. James and Anne Trenchard are very wealthy and live in a lovely home in the beautiful area of Belgravia. However,there is still that class difference and Anne sees that often. While they live in a luxurious home, some in Society still look down on them. This story follows the Brockenhurst and Trenchard families and how they inevitably become intertwined. Secrets long hidden will soon come out when a young man called Charles Pope enters the scene. I absolutely loved this book. It is totally delightful and true to the time period. I highly recommend it especially for those readers who love Downton Abbey. You will be turning these pages becoming more and more enthralled.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I thoroughly enjoyed this book! It held my attention and was full of plot twists.
caslyn More than 1 year ago
"On the eve of the Battle of Waterloo, 15th June 1815, when the Duchess of Richmond threw a magnificent ball in Brussels for the Duke of Wellington. Just before 1am, word came that Napoleon had unexpectedly crossed the border and Wellington and his troops had to leave immediately to prepare for war. Many of the officers died on the battlefield, still in their dress uniforms." (book jacket) Belgravia, by the creator of Downton Abbey, is a tale touching a myriad of human emotions and weaknesses. It's a slice of the world in the early to mid 19th century. As the story begins we meet "James and Anne Trenchard, who have made their money in trade. Their beautiful daughter Sophia has caught the eye of Edmund Bellasis, the son and heir of one of Britain’s most prominent families." (reviewer's note) The majority of our story takes place in the 1840's Edmund Bellasis had died in the Waterloo conflict and Sophie had died months later. --- Let me begin by saying...I did not read this as an episodic novel. My hardcover runs through the entire story. Yes, it had a certain predictability. There are the rich and those who provide services for them. But the story was engaging and moved at a sufficient pace. Fellowes did give me a good sense of place and the customs and formalities of the time; but, we also find the aristocrat now must interact with the "emerging industrial nouveau riche." The reader is privy to a secret that dictates the direction of the novel. I recommend it as a worthwhile historical fiction read with emphasis on the timeless foibles of human nature. 4★ Goodreads Giveaway
KateUnger More than 1 year ago
Belgravia by Julian Fellowes wasn’t as good as Downton Abbey, although it is set up well for television. It’s broken into “episodes” instead of chapters. The plot centers around the Trenchard family: James, who’s always looking to climb the social ladder, his wife Ann, much too smart and sensible for her husband, their dead daughter Saphia, and their son Oliver. The novel begins in 1815 Belgium on the eve of the Battle of Waterloo. We’re introduced to Saphia, who is tricked into a love affair by, Lord Bellesis. The result is an orphaned illegitimate son who the Trenchard keep secret and squirrel away to a clergyman somewhere outside of London. The book then jumps ahead 25 years and everyone surrounding the Trenchard’s and Bellesis’ mother, Lady Brockenhurst is trying to figure out the significance of newcomer, Charles Pope. I promise I’m not giving anything away by saying all of that. I loved the characters in this book, but the plot was too slow. The reader knows everything, but the characters are completely in the dark. It was amusing at times to see them floundering around, but mostly it was just frustrating. I wanted more action. I think Fellowes could have written this same story without the reader knowing the secret, and it would have been more enjoyable. If you just want descriptions of 1840s London and great characters, you may enjoy this book more than I did. I listened to the audiobook, and the accent was fun. It filled my longing for more Downton Abbey a bit, but I was hoping for more drama. It seemed like one plot line from a TV show, but I was expecting there to be many more things going on at once like a TV episode would have. http://opinionatedbooklover.com/review-belgravia-by-julian-fellowes/
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
While I enjoyed the book, it was a bit hard to get in to. The characters were not easy to identify with in the beginning, but they grew on me.