Joyful Inspirations Coloring Book: With Illustrated Scripture and Quotes to Cheer Your Soul

Joyful Inspirations Coloring Book: With Illustrated Scripture and Quotes to Cheer Your Soul

by Robin Mead


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Color uplifting depictions of God's creation—from blossoming gardens to smiling children—and vibrant cityscapes, with illustrated scripture and quotes to inspire and encourage.

Do you delight in spying cheerful birds outside your window? Are you awed by God's creativity as your eyes scan the fields alongside a road of quiet beauty? If your soul craves more moments like these, you'll experience endless joy through coloring the intricate pictures and illustrated scripture in this book. Excite your creativity by filling in creatively rendered cities, gardens, and seas. Reinvigorate your spirit through the uplifting messages of these pages. As you do, you'll feel happily reminded that God is ever-present and looking out for you, because His love touches everything and everyone.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781455539345
Publisher: FaithWords
Publication date: 04/05/2016
Pages: 96
Product dimensions: 9.70(w) x 9.40(h) x 0.40(d)

About the Author

ROBIN MEAD is an artist who combines her background in social work, studies in Fine Art, and love of expression to create joyful depictions of life. Using insight and intuition she translates positive emotions onto paper, canvas, and the digital screen. A native of New York, Robin and her husband of 27 years now reside near Athens, Georgia, where she delights in seeking inspiration outdoors.

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Joyful Inspirations Coloring Book: With Illustrated Scripture and Quotes to Cheer Your Soul 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
StephanieTiner More than 1 year ago
Our world is filled with beauty. From flowers growing wild along the road to the early morning songs of the birds. God has constructed our beautiful home so that we may find joy and happiness in our daily lives. The coloring pages in this collection cultivate the beauty of the world around us, allowing us to stop and color the flowers, while reminding us that not everything has to be rushed, and there is beauty all around us. This is a very nice, hand-drawn coloring book, suitable for children, teens, and adults. Many of the images feature crosses or churches and the details are quite extensive and unique. There are also many pictures of flowers, birds, and city landscapes. The many shapes and designs provide extra details, allowing for a multitude of different coloring options. Inspirational statements and Bible verses accompany many of the coloring pages. This brings an added positive to all of the pages and helps to remind us of the beauty that surrounds us, if we only slow down long enough to take it in. I would recommend this coloring book to anyone looking for a unique coloring experience. I received my copy of this coloring book from the publishers at Faith Words for the sole purpose of providing an honest review and have their permission to us the cover artwork image featured above.
Teadrinker More than 1 year ago
The Joyful Inspirations Coloring Book by Robin Mead is a beautifully illustrated coloring book brimming with cheerful, whimsical designs. This beautiful color book has 96 pages of well drawn illustrations to color. I like Mead's renditions of people and animals with cheerful faces and large, bright eyes. I also like her illustrations of summer beach scenes, churches, flowers, butterflies, birds, sunrises/sunsets, and so much more--many of which have Scripture verses that accompany them. This is just a wonderful coloring book to turn on your favorite playlist and relax with. I also especially like that Mead includes a page at the back of the book that list her favorite coloring products along with tips for using those products to create your best work. She also has a page with ten coloring tips that I found helpful. I tried blending some oranges and yellows to create the ball part of my sun in this picture. I hadn't done that previously. I plan to try that more and to try some of her other ideas. This list gave me some good ideas to step up my coloring game. I highly recommend this coloring book to anyone who enjoys coloring Christian coloring pages. If you like Mead's work, she also has a Christmas coloring book, A Very Blessed Christmas, that also has nice illustrations to color.
Heart2Heart More than 1 year ago
When you look around in the world today, what do you think of when you consider God? Do you think of beautiful sunrises or sunsets? How about the wonder of a bird taking flight? Perhaps it is a field of colorful flowers of every shape and size? Or the beautiful stained glass windows in a church that reflect the colors from the sun? Or even the laughter of a child? Within each of us, we can see evidence of God's creative power in the world around us in unique ways and Robin Mead has brilliantly captured that in Joyful Inspirations Coloring Book. Beautiful illustrations capture the beauty in the world around us in coloring pages we can make our own using various types of media from crayons, coloring pencils, gel pens or you name it. There are 96 pages of pages for you to color including the types I have mentioned above and more coupled with beautiful biblical scriptures to invoke a sense of beauty and peace. What better way to take a moment to slow down from our busy days and just appreciate all the God have so abundantly blessed us with. We don't live in a world of black and white but vibrant and brilliant colors. I think this is a perfect way to simply take some time for yourself and spend time coloring and reflecting on those beautiful biblical promises. Maybe even grab your kids and teens and have a coloring day and post the pictures prominently on your refrigerator or even frame some. This are simply ways to remind you of the beauty that is all around us each day and so often we are too busy that we fail to take time and smell the flowers or even catch our breath as busy moms, and women! I received Joyful Inspirations Coloring Book by Robin Mead compliments of Faith Words, a division of Hachette Book Groups. I would recommend not using markers in this coloring book as the pages have print on both sides. Some markers might bleed through and compromise the illustration on the reverse side. I used Prisma Coloring Pencils on mine and had no issue. Crayons and some gel pens might work depending on their absorption rate, so use caution when coloring in them. For that reason I give this coloring book a 4 out of 5 stars in my opinion just because of the issue with having bleed through issues. Would love to see single page illustrations to prevent that from ruining other pages you might want to color. Simply using other media forms would prevent that as well.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I’ve looked for an adult coloring book for a long time, but all I could find were books full of intricate designs with tiny spaces to fill in. I really wanted to find a book to help me relax. All those books were going to do nothing other than give me more stress. Then this book found me. Yes, it does have some of those intricate designs, but most of the designs are the kind that help lessen my stress. Another bonus – appropriate scripture and quotes sprinkled throughout the book. Thank you, Ms Mead, for giving us a coloring book that makes me smile. ***A special thank you to Katie Connors for providing a review copy.*** Review by sunny island breezes