Journeys with Florida's Indians

Journeys with Florida's Indians

by Kelley G. Weitzel


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"A marvelous account of Florida’s Indians for young readers."—Jerald T. Milanich, Florida Museum of Natural History

Journeys with Florida’s Indians launches readers in grades 4 through 8 on an adventure into Florida's past. Young readers will meet the Paleoindians and learn about their arrival in the Americas, then join a boy on his first mammoth hunt as he escapes stampedes and the flames of a fire drive. Next, readers move forward in time to meet Spanish explorers, the Timucua, the Calusa, and the Apalachee Indians–first through fact, then through fiction. They'll attend the first meeting between French explorers and the Timucua and learn how Europeans impacted Florida's Indians. Alternating factual chapters are filled with maps, historical engravings, and modern illustrations. Fictional chapters are narrated by Tenerife, a fictional Timucua Indian kidnapped by the Spanish as a child, whose tales about Florida's native cultures reflect his own escape and adventures on his journey home.

Weitzel's book fills several basic needs for Florida's young readers and educators. It is a valuable tool for school libraries serving students in state history classes at both upper elementary and middle school levels. It highlights native cultures in northeast, northwest, and south Florida, making it appropriate for public libraries, national parks, and bookstores throughout the state. Although there are multiple books on the Seminoles, this text is the only one for young readers on Florida’s many historic and prehistoric cultures. Fiction and fact are combined in an engaging introduction with solid, up-to-date history—in effect, two books in a single economical package.
 Combining accessible archaeology and history, compelling fiction, and more than 50 illustrations, Journeys with Florida’s Indians will appeal to all young Florida readers and the teachers and librarians who work with them.

Kelley Weitzel is senior preserve naturalist at the Pelotes Island Nature Preserve. Her previous book The Timucua Indians – A Native American Detective Story (UPF, 2000) received the Florida Historical Society’s Charlton Tebeau Book Award for the best general interest/youth oriented book on Florida history.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780813025810
Publisher: University Press of Florida
Publication date: 12/28/2002
Series: UPF Young Readers Library Series
Edition description: First
Pages: 256
Sales rank: 811,525
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 10.00(h) x (d)
Age Range: 9 - 13 Years

Table of Contents

List of Figuresxiii
Introduction: How Is This Book Set Up?1
The Chase3
Florida's First People7
2.Archaic Indians13
3.Tenerife's Tales16
4.Fire Drive21
5.Mammoth Hunt26
Historic Native Peoples31
6.Woodland Indians33
7.Who Were They?35
8.Living Near the Water40
9.Foods and Tools43
10.Homes and Villages47
11.The Storm50
12.The Plan54
13.Springing the Trap61
Timucua People67
14.A Big Misunderstanding69
15.Chiefs and Beliefs72
16.Hunting on the Land74
17.Drawings and Stories77
18.Fighting for Ashefa81
19.Deer Hunt86
Calusa People97
21.Calusa Power99
22.Native Religions102
23.Hunting in the Water104
24.Learning from Archaeology107
25.Healing Magic109
27.Shark Hunt118
Apalachee People129
29.Farmers and Governments131
30.Games, Trade, and War133
31.Women's Jobs135
32.The Council House137
33.Living Off the Land140
34.The Challenge145
35.Meeting the Chief150
36.Earning a Way Home155
37.Playing the Ball Game160
38.Kateema's Baby167
39.Who Came to the New World?173
40.Many Soldiers176
41.A Changing Way of Life179
42.An End and a Beginning183
44.Face to Face190
45.Friends or Enemies?197
46.New Treaties201
Native American Places to Visit205
References: Other Books about Florida Indians221
Index: Where Do I Find the Page About ...?225

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