John Burnet of Barns

John Burnet of Barns

by John Buchan


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Set in the Scottish Borders in 1678, John Burnet of Barns is the story of two young noblemen -- John Burnet, heir to the ancient house of Barns and the last in a long line of Border reivers; and his cousin, Captain Gilbert Burnet, a dashing but ruthless soldier of fortune.

Despite their family ties, an enduring rivalry develops between them, causing them to cross swords on more than one occasion. This smouldering feud swiftly becomes a matter of life and death when John travels to the Low Countries. In his absence, Gilbert Burnet seizes the opportunity to settle things once and for all, and John returns home to discover that he has been denounced as an agent of the Covenanters, outlawed, and deprived of his rightful inheritance.

A tale of honour and loyalty, betrayal and retribution, John Burnet of Barns is also a marvellous evocation of the Border country during the 'Killing Time' of the Covenanting period.

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ISBN-13: 9781717320681
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 04/26/2018
Pages: 306
Product dimensions: 5.98(w) x 9.02(h) x 0.64(d)

About the Author

John Buchan was a Scottish diplomat, barrister, journalist, historian, poet and novelist. He published nearly 30 novels and seven collections of short stories. He was born in Perth, an eldest son, and studied at Glasgow and Oxford. After spells as a war correspondent, Lloyd George's Director of Information and Conservative MP, Buchan moved to Canada in 1935. He served as Governor General there until his death in 1940.

Table of Contents

Book ITweeddale
IThe Adventures Which Befell me in the Wood of Dawyck3
IIThe House of Barns9
IIIThe Spate in Tweed17
IVI go to the College at Glasgow25
VCousinly Affection33
VIHow Master Gilbert Burnet Played a Game and was Checkmated44
VIIThe Pegasus Inn at Peebles and How a Stranger Returned from the Wars52
VIIII Take Leave of my Friends60
IXI Ride Out on my Travels and Find a Companion65
Book IIThe Low Countries
IOf my Voyage to the Low Countries75
III Visit Master Peter Wishart85
IIIThe Story of a Supper Party94
IVOur Adventure on the Alphen Road100
VThe First Sunday of March106
VIThe First Monday of March112
VIII Spend My Days in Idleness118
VIIIThe Coming of the Brig Seamaw125
IXAn Account of My Home-Coming131
Book IIIThe Hillmen
IThe Pier O' Leith137
IIHow I Rode to the South143
IIIThe House of Dawyck151
IVHow Michael Veitch Met His End157
VI Claim a Promise, and We Seek the Hills162
VIThe Cave of the Cor Water168
VIIHow Two of his Majesty's Servants Met with Their Deserts175
VIIIOf Our Wanderings Among the Moors of Clyde182
IXI Part from Marjory188
XOf the Man With the One Eye and the Encounter in the Green Cleuch193
XIHow a Miller Strove with His Own Mill Wheel200
XIII Witness a Valiant Ending207
XIIII Run a Narrow Escape for My Life215
XIVI Fall in with Strange Friends222
XVThe Baillies of No Man's Land227
XVIHow Three Men Held a Town in Terror233
XVIIOf the Fight in the Moss of Biggar239
Book IVThe Westlands
II Hear No Good in the Inn at the Fords O' Clyde257
IIAn Old Journey with a New Errand263
IIIThe House with the Chipped Gables269
IVUp Hill and Down Dale275
VII Make My Peace with Gilbert Burnet289
VIIOf a Voice in the Eventide298
VIIIHow Nicol Plenderleith Sought His Fortune Elsewhere304
IXThe End of All Things309

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