JFK Assassins and Masterminds: The Day America Wept

JFK Assassins and Masterminds: The Day America Wept

by Anthony Pratt


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Anthony Pratt aka Tony Pratt was editor for the book The JFK Assassination Report: 13 Shots by Leroy Blevins Sr. Working on that book inspired Anthony Pratt to conduct his own personal research and this book is the result of 3 years research. In the book Anthony previously edited the author attempted to reveal images of gunmen on the grassy knoll in the photographic record through colorization. Anthony Pratt feels although it is intriguing, it is inconclusive evidence. In this book, one of the goals, is to prove other gunmen are present besides Oswald without having to physically see them. We can see the results of the shots they are firing and determine the trajectory and triangulation locations of the assassins on the ground. Coupled with eyewitness testimony, documents and other physical evidence a clear picture develops around the events of 11-22-1963. This book reveals the identities, methods and motives of the assassins, conspirators and masterminds in the government, FBI, CIA and Mafia who working together instigated the insidious plot to murder JFK. And, this book goes beyond the assassination day itself to explore the aftermath and what happened regarding Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy and his pursuit of the people behind his brother's assassination. All the evidence is presented in a way that allows the reader to reach their own conclusions.

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