Is Socialist Revolution Possible in the U. S. ?

Is Socialist Revolution Possible in the U. S. ?




"To think that a socialist revolution in the U.S. is not possible, you would have to believe not only that the ruling families of the imperialist countries and their economic wizards have found a way to 'manage' capitalism. You would also have to close your eyes to the spreading imperialist wars, civil wars, and economic, financial, and social crises we are in the midst of."
-Mary-Alice Waters
Caracas, Venezuela, November 2007

Part of a wide-raging debate on "The United States: a possible revolution" at the 2007 Venezuela International Book Fair. Not only is socialist revolution in the U.S. possible, says Waters. Revolutionary struggles by working people are inevitable-initiated not by the toilers, but by the crisis-driven assaults of the propertied classes. As a fighting vanguard of the working class emerges in the U.S., the outlines of these coming battles-whose outcome is not inevitable-can already be seen. The future depends on us.

Introduction by Norton Sandler, photos

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