IRA Jailbreaks 1918-1921

IRA Jailbreaks 1918-1921

by Florence O'Donoghue


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From 1918-1921 Irish political prisoners were incarcerated in jails in Ireland and Britain, and treated by the authorities as common criminals. IRA Jailbreaks is an account of the terrible conditions these prisoners faced and the daring and often ingenious attempts they made to escape from their captors. Recorded here are the stories of twenty-five audacious rescues, rescue bids and jailbreaks, as well as the hunger strikes and jail riots used by the prisoners to protest against their treatment.

From the commander of Kilkenny's 3rd Battalion, Padraic Fleming's fight for political rights during his incarceration, to the deadly gunfight at Knocklong station when Seá Hogan, commander of the 2nd South Tipperary flying column, was rescued from his RIC captors, IRA Jailbreaks uses first-hand accounts to bring to life events which raised the morale of republican Ireland and brought worldwide ridicule and discredit on the prison and internment camp authorities in both Ireland and Britain.

This is history told by the men who made it.

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Publication date: 11/01/2010
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Table of Contents

Foreword 7

1 Rescue Of Donnchadha Macneilus From Cork Jail 18

2 The 'German Plot' Arrests 28

3 The Break-Out From USK Jail In Wales By Four 'German Plot' Prisoners 38

4 Escape Of De Valera, Mcgarry And Milroy ('German Plot' Prisoners) From Lincoln Jail 52

5 Twenty Got Away In The Big Daylight Escape From Mountjoy Jail 70

6 Padraic Fleming's Personal Fight For Political Rights - A Horror Story With Few Equals In Prison Annals 79

7 Recollections Of Jail Riots And Hunger Strikes - Grim Times In Mountjoy, Dundalk And Belfast Jails 94

8 Journal Of The Big Belfast Jail Riot 114

9 Bobby Byrnes Of Limerick Was Among The First To Fall - His Rescue A Pyrrhic Victory 123

10 Daring Rescue Of Seán Hogan At Knocklong Station 132

11 Escape From Strangeways Jail, Manchester 147

12 Rescue Of Frank Carty From Sligo Jail 162

13 Escape Of Three Leaders From Kilmainham Jail Was Aided By British Soldier 172

14 The Rescue Of Frank Carty From Derry Jail 182

15 Heavily Guarded, Wounded Prisoner Rescued From Monaghan County Hospital 193

16 Daring Rescue Of Seán Macswiney And Two Other Ira Officers From Spike Island 199

17 Captured Armoured Car Driven Into Mountjoy In An Attempt To Rescue Seán Maceoin 204

18 Two Got Out From Boyle Military Barracks And Escaped Execution 217

19 Fifteen Minutes To Freedom From Sligo Jail 228

20 Mass Escape Of Internees From The Curragh Camp 239

21 Escapes From Kilworth Camp 249

22 Rescue Of Linda Kearns Macwhinney From Mountjoy Jail 256

23 Second Escape From Spike Island 268

24 Escape Of Seven From Mountjoy Jail 274

25 The Tunnel Out Of Kilkenny Jail 285

The Authors 296

Index 310

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