iPad For Dummies

iPad For Dummies


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Take your world with you—with an iPad!

When you're a person who can't be chained to a desk, an iPad is your ideal tool for working or enjoying entertainment wherever you want, whenever you want. An iPad is an ideal tool for connecting to websites and networks, staying in touch with your family, keeping track of the office, or just settling in with a movie or a good book,. And to make it easier than ever, grab a copy of iPad For Dummies for simple steps on handling all your iPad's basic functions—as well as iOS 11, the latest version of the software that powers Apple's mobile gadgets.

Assuming no prior experience with an Apple tablet, this hands-on guide helps users from every walk of life navigate their way around an iPad and an iOS 11. From setting up your eMailbox and using your iPad as an eReader to finding the best iPad apps and using voice commands, it covers everything you need to squeeze all the value out of your portable device.

  • Get help with basics on running your iPad
  • Personalize your tablet for your needs
  • Connect to WiFi or Bluetooth devices
  • Find easy fixes to common iPad problems

iPad rookies rejoice! You'll be up and running like the pros in a flash!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781119417125
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 12/18/2017
Pages: 384
Sales rank: 330,251
Product dimensions: 7.30(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Bob "Dr. Mac" LeVitus writes the popular "Dr. Mac" column for the Houston Chronicle. Edward C. Baig is the personal technology columnist for USA Today. Together, Bob and Ed have coauthored all editions of both iPad For Dummies and iPhone For Dummies. Bryan Chaffin is Editor-in-Chief of The Mac Observer.

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Table of Contents

Introduction 1

About This Book 1

Foolish Assumptions 2

Icons Used in This Book 2

Where to Go from Here 3

Part 1: Getting To Know Your iPad 5

Chapter 1: Unveiling the iPad 7

Exploring the iPad’s Big Picture 8

The iPad as a media player 8

The iPad as an Internet communications device 9

The iPad as an e-book reader 10

The iPad as a multimedia powerhouse 10

The iPad as a platform for third-party apps 10

What do you need to use an iPad? 11

Touring the iPad Exterior 11

On the top 12

On the bottom 13

On the sides 13

On the front and back 14

Status bar 15

Discovering the Delectable Home Screen and Dock Icons 18

Home is where the screen is 18

Sittin’ on the dock of the iPad 20

Chapter 2: iPad Basic Training 23

Getting Started on Getting Started 24

Turning On and Setting Up the iPad 26

Automatic setup 27

Manual setup 30

Locking the iPad 33

Mastering the Multitouch Interface 33

Training your digits 34

Navigating beyond the Home screen 35

Select, cut, copy, and paste 36

Multitasking 37

Splitting the screen 39

Picture-in-picture 40

Organizing icons into folders 41

Printing 42

Proactive search 42

The Incredible, Intelligent, and Virtual iPad Keyboard 44

Anticipating what comes next 45

Discovering the special-use keys 46

Choosing an alternative keyboard 47

Finger-typing on the virtual keyboards 47

Editing mistakes 52

Chapter 3: Synchronicity: Getting Stuff to and from Your iPad 53

A Brief iCloud Primer 54

Syncing with iTunes 57

Backing Up Your iPad 61

Disconnecting the iPad 63

Synchronizing Your Data 63

Contacts 64

Calendars 65

Advanced 66

Synchronizing Your Media 66

Music, music videos, and voice memos 67

Movies 69

TV shows 69

Podcasts and books 70

Photos 71

Manual Syncing 72

Part 2: The Internet iPad 75

Chapter 4: Going on a Mobile Safari 77

Surfin’ Dude 77

Exploring the browser 78

Blasting off into cyberspace 78

Zoom, zoom, zoom 80

Reading clutter-free web pages with reader view 81

Finding Your Way around Cyberspace 82

Looking at lovable links 82

Tabbed browsing 83

iCloud tabs 84

Doing the splits 85

Revisiting Web Pages Time and Again 85

Book(mark) ’em, Dano 85

Altering bookmarks 86

Saving to your reading list 87

Clipping a web page 88

Letting history repeat itself 88

Saving web pictures 89

Sharing Your Web Experiences 90

Launching a Mobile Search Mission 91

Private Browsing 93

Smart Safari Settings 94

Chapter 5: The Email Must Get Through 97

Prep Work: Setting Up Your Accounts 98

Setting up your account the easy way 98

Setting up your account the less-easy way 99

See Me, Read Me, File Me, Delete Me: Working with Messages 103

Reading messages 103

Threading messages 106

Managing messages 107

Searching emails 108

Don’t grow too attached to attachments 109

More things you can do with messages 110

Darling, You Send Me (Email) 111

Sending an all-text message 112

Formatting text in an email 113

Sending a photo with an email message 113

Adding attachments 114

Marking up attachments 114

Saving an email to send later 115

Replying to, forwarding, or printing an email message 116

Settings for sending email 117

Setting Your Message and Account Settings 118

Checking and viewing email settings 118

Altering account settings 120

Getting the iMessage 121

Sending iMessages 121

Group messages 122

Adding voice to an iMessage 122

Massive multimedia effects overhaul 123

Being a golden receiver: Receiving iMessages 126

Sending pix and vids in a message 128

Smart messaging tricks 129

Chapter 6: Maps Are Where It’s At 131

Finding Your Current Location with Maps 132

Searching 133

Finding a person, place, or thing 133

Connecting maps and contacts 134

Viewing, Zooming, and Panning 135

Saving Time with Favorites, Categories, and Recents 136

Favorites 136

Categories & Recents 137

Smart Map tricks 138

Getting route maps and driving directions 138

Getting traffic info in real time 141

Getting more info about a location 142

Part 3: The Multimedia iPad 143

Chapter 7: Get in Tune(s): Audio on Your iPad 145

Introducing Your iPad’s Music Player 146

It’s music, just not YOUR music 147

Your Music Library 150

A library without library cards 151

Play it again, list 153

Share and share alike 155

Taking Control of Your Tunes 157

Customizing Your Audio Experience 160

Setting preferences 160

Setting a sleep timer 161

Using your voice to control your music 162

Shopping with the iTunes Store App 163

Chapter 8: iPad Videography 165

Finding Stuff to Watch 166

Watching shows with the TV app 166

Renting and buying at the iTunes Store 167

Perusing podcasts and courseware 168

Watching your own videos 169

A moment for HEVC 170

Playing Video 170

Finding and Working the Video Controls 171

Watching Video on a Big TV 173

Restricting Video Usage 173

Deleting Video from Your iPad 174

Shooting Your Own Videos 174

Going slow 176

Going fast 177

Editing what you shot 177

Sharing video 178

Seeing Is Believing with FaceTime 178

Getting started with FaceTime 179

Making a FaceTime call 180

Receiving a FaceTime call 181

Chapter 9: Photography on a Larger Scale 183

Shooting Pictures 184

Syncing pix 187

Connecting a digital camera or memory card 187

Saving images from emails and the web 188

Tracking Down Your Pictures 188

Choosing albums 189

Categorizing your pics 190

Making memories 192

Live Photos 193

A moment for HEIF 194

Searching for pictures 194

Sharing your photos 194

Admiring Your Pictures 196

Maneuvering and manipulating photos 196

Launching slideshows 197

Storing pictures in the (i)Cloud 198

Editing and Deleting Photos 199

Editing Live Photos 201

More (Not So) Stupid Picture Tricks 202

Entering the Photo Booth 205

Chapter 10: Curling Up with a Good iBook 209

Why E-Books? 210

Beginning the iBook Story 211

Reading a Book 213

Turning pages 214

Jumping to a specific page 216

Going to the table of contents 216

Adding bookmarks 216

Adding highlights and notes 217

Changing the type size, font, and page color 219

Searching inside and outside a book 220

Shopping for E-Books 220

Just browsing the iBooks Store 221

Searching the iBooks Store 222

Deciding whether a book is worth it 223

Buying a book from the iBooks Store 223

Buying books beyond Apple 224

Finding free books outside the iBooks Store 225

Reading Newspapers and Magazines 225

Part 4: The iPad at Work 229

Chapter 11: App-solutely! 231

Tapping the Magic of Apps 231

Finding Apps in the App Store 233

Browsing the App Store 233

Updating apps 234

Searching for apps 235

Finding details about an app 235

Downloading an app 237

Working with Apps 238

Deleting an app 238

Writing an app review 239

Chapter 12: People, Places, and Appointments 241

Working with the Calendar 241

Year view 242

Month view 242

Day view 242

Week view 243

List view 244

Adding Calendar Entries 245

Managing your calendars 247

Letting your calendar push you around 248

Displaying multiple calendars 249

Responding to meeting invitations 249

Subscribing to calendars 250

Sifting through Contacts 250

Adding and viewing contacts 251

Searching contacts 252

Contacting and sharing your contacts 252

Linking contacts 253

Removing a contact 253

Chapter 13: Indispensable iPad Utilities 255

Taking Note of Notes 255

Remembering with Reminders 258

Working with lists 259

Setting up reminders 260

Viewing and checking off reminders 261

Loving the Lock Screen and Navigating Notifications 261

Punching the Clock 263

World clock 263

Alarm 265

Bedtime 266

Stopwatch 266

Timer 266

Controlling Smart Appliances 267

Socializing with Social Media Apps 267

Facebook 268

Twitter 269

Sharing Your Connection (Personal Hotspot) 269

Dropping In on AirDrop 270

Chapter 14: Taking iPad Controls Siri-ously 273

Controlling Control Center 274

Summoning Siri 276

Figuring Out What to Ask 278

Correcting Mistakes 279

Using Dictation 279

Making Siri Smarter 281

Part 5: The Undiscovered iPad 283

Chapter 15: Setting You Straight on Settings 285

Checking Out the Settings Screen 286

The New Apple ID Settings 286

Flying with Sky-High Settings 287

Controlling Wi-Fi Connections 288

Getting Fired Up over Bluetooth 290

Roaming among Cellular Data Options 291

Managing Notifications 292

Controlling Control Center 295

Location, Location, Location Services 295

Settings for Your Senses 296

Display & Brightness 297

Wallpaper 298

Sounds 299

Siri & Search 299

Transactional Settings 300

iTunes & App Store 300

Wallet & Apple Pay 300

Exploring Settings in General 300

About About 300

Software Update 302

Handoff 302

Multitasking & Dock 302

Accessibility 302

Storage 307

Background App Refresh 307

Restrictions 307

Use Side Switch 308

Date & Time 308

Keyboard 309

Language & Region 310

VPN 310

Reset 311

Touch ID & Passcode 312

Promoting Harmony through Family Sharing 313

Settings for Social Media 313

Twitter 314

Facebook 314

Flickr, Vimeo, Sina Weibo, Tencent Weibo 314

Sorting and displaying contacts 315

Find My iPad 315

Chapter 16: When Good iPads Go Bad 317

Resuscitating an iPad with Issues 318

Recharge 319

Restart 320

Reset your iPad 320

Remove content 321

Reset settings and content 321

Restore 322

Recovery mode 323

Problems with Networks 324

Sync, Computer, or iTunes Issues 325

More Help on the Apple Website 326

If Nothing We Suggest Helps 326

Dude, Where’s My Stuff? 327

Chapter 17: Accessorize Your iPad 329

Accessories from Apple 329

Listening and Talking 330

Wired headphones, earphones, and headsets 331

Bluetooth stereo headphones, earphones, and headsets 331

Listening with Speakers 332

Desktop speakers 332

Bluetooth speakers 332

AirPlay speakers 333

Wrapping Your iPad in Third-Party Cases 333

Standing Up Your iPad 334

Part 6: The Part of Tens 335

Chapter 18: Ten Appetizing and Free Apps 337

TripCase 338

Shazam 339

Flipboard 340

Movies by Flixster 341

IMDb Movies & TV 341

Netflix 342

Comixology 342

Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List 343

Evernote 344

Pandora Radio 345

Chapter 19: Ten Apps Worth Paying For 347

Bill Atkinson PhotoCard 347

Words with Friends— Best Game 348

ArtStudio — Draw and Paint 349

Pinball Crystal Caliburn II 350

Art Authority for iPad 350

Solar Walk 351

Action Movie FX 352

Facetune 2 for iPad 353

Dark Sky Weather 354

Parallels Access 355

Index 357

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