In the South Seas

In the South Seas

by Robert Louis Stevenson


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In the South Seas records Stevenson's travels with his wife Fanny and their family in the Marquesas, the Paumotus and the Gilbert Islands during 1888-9. Originally drafted in journal form while Stevenson travelled, it was then ambitiously rewritten to describe the islands and islanders as well as Stevenson's own personal experiences. These revisions continued when Stevenson settled on the Samoan island where he died in 1894, and In the South Seas was published posthumously in 1896. Its combination of personal anecdote and historical account, of autobiography and anthropology, of Stevenson and South Sea islands, has a particular charm.

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ISBN-13: 9789389414936
Publisher: Prince Classics
Publication date: 07/29/2019
Pages: 260
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.59(d)

About the Author

Robert Louis Stevenson (1850-94) became a professional writer when he became afflicted with a severe respiratory illness in his early twenties. Many of his works are available in Penguin Classics, including Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and Weir of Hermiston. Neil Rennie is a Lecturer in English at UCL, and is currently completing a book about travel writing and the New World for OUP.

Date of Birth:

November 13, 1850

Date of Death:

December 3, 1894

Place of Birth:

Edinburgh, Scotland

Place of Death:

Vailima, Samoa


Edinburgh University, 1875

Table of Contents

Note on the Textxxxvi
Further Readingxxxvii
In the South Seas
Part IThe Marquesas
I.An Island Landfall5
II.Making Friends10
III.The Maroon17
VI.Chiefs and Tapus36
VIII.The Port of Entry49
IX.The House of Temoana55
X.A Portrait and a Story62
XI.Long-Pig - A Cannibal High Place68
XII.The Story of a Plantation77
XIV.In a Cannibal Valley91
XV.The Two Chiefs of Atuona97
Part IIThe Paumotus
I.The Dangerous Archipelago - Atolls at a Distance107
II.Fakarava: An Atoll at Hand113
III.A House to Let in a Low Island120
IV.Traits and Sects in the Paumotus127
V.A Paumotuan Funeral136
VI.Graveyard Stories139
Part IIIThe Gilberts
II.The Four Brothers160
III.Around Our House166
IV.A Tale of a Tapu174
V.A Tale of a Tapu - continued180
VI.The Five Days' Festival189
VII.Husband and Wife199
Part IVThe Gilberts - Apemama
I.The King of Apemama: The Royal Trader209
II.The King of Apemama: Foundation of Equator Town215
III.The King of Apemama: The Palace of Many Women222
IV.The King of Apemama: Equator Town and the Palace228
V.King and Commons234
VI.The King of Apemama: Devil-Work242
VII.The King of Apemama252

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