In the Garden

In the Garden

by Yusef Lateef



It would probably be an exaggeration to say that Yusef Lateef is underrated; the veteran saxophonist has long commanded a loyal, enthusiastic following. But it might be safe to say that some historians in the jazz world don't adequately explain just how much of an innovator he is. Lateef was one of the very first people to play modal post-bop -- he certainly deserves as much credit as Miles Davis and John Coltrane in that area -- and his world music-influenced experiments of the late '50s were quite advanced for their time. Long after the '50s, world music continued to fascinate Lateef -- and it's certainly a big part of what he does on In the Garden. Recorded live at the Electric Lodge in Venice, CA (a Los Angeles suburb) on March 1-2, 2003, In the Garden finds an 82-year-old Lateef leading a large ensemble that is mindful of African, Middle Eastern, and Asian music. Lateef not only plays the tenor sax on these performances -- he's also heard on a variety of flutes -- and his sidemen play everything from flutes and clarinets to traditional string and percussion instruments from Africa and Asia. Those who are seriously into world music might recognize the sound of the Indian bansuri flute, or African udu drums, but even if you can't pick out all the instruments, it is obvious that Lateef and his colleagues are thinking globally throughout this rewarding two-CD set. These performances tend to be abstract, sometimes drawing on free jazz. But those who are adventurous enough to go along for the ride will find a lot to enjoy about In the Garden.

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Release Date: 11/25/2003
Label: Meta
UPC: 0638977100821
catalogNumber: 8

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Yusef Lateef   Primary Artist,Flute,Alto Flute,Tenor Saxophone,Vocals,Shenai,Bamboo Flute,Overtone Flute
Bennie Maupin   Shakuhachi,Bass Clarinet,Alto Flute,Bugle,Rainstick,Bamboo Flute
Adam Rudolph   Conductor,Conga,Vocals,Balafon,Djembe,Cajon,talking drum,Hand Drums,Overtone Flute
Pablo Calogero   Bass Clarinet,Bass Flute,Tibetan Horn
Alex Cline   Percussion,Cymbals,Drums,Bass Drums,Gong,Bells,Snare Drums,Iya,Wood Block
Emily Hay   Flute,Alto Flute,Piccolo,Bamboo Flute,Train Whistle
Munyungo Jackson   Percussion,Bells,Balafon,Surdo,Cajon,Iya,talking drum,Udu,Marimbula
David Philipson   Bansuri,Suling
Karen Elaine Bakunin   Viola,Waterphone
Paul Sherman   English Horn,Oboe,Baroque Oboe
Tracy Wannomae   Clarinet,Flute,Human Whistle,Bamboo Flute
Cory Wright   Clarinet,Bass Clarinet,Kena
Matthew Zebley   Alto Clarinet,Bamboo Flute
Ellen Burr   Flute,Alto Flute,Ocarina,Piccolo,Jaw Harp,Bamboo Flute
Sara Schoenbeck   Bassoon
Harris Eisenstadt   Percussion,Drums,Itotele
Gustavo Bulgach   Clarinet,Bamboo Flute
Chris Heenan   Bass Clarinet,Bamboo Flute,Pungi
Miles Shrewsbery   Tabla,Shaker,Udu,Frame Drum
Ralph Jones   Flute,Conductor,Alto Flute,Hichiriki,Ney,Bamboo Trumpet
Ralph Jones Band   Flute,Conductor,Alto Flute,Hichiriki,Ney,Bamboo Trumpet
Fawntice McCain   Flute,Harmonica,Ocarina,Suling,tin whistle
Andres Renteria   Bata,Cajon,Shaker,Bowls

Technical Credits

Adam Rudolph   Composer,Producer
Yusef Lateef   Composer,Producer,Contributor,Liner Notes
Sara Schoenbeck   Sona
Harris Eisenstadt   Contributor
Jason Lord   Engineer

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