In Memory Of . . . . .

In Memory Of . . . . .

by Bonnie DiMichele


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In Memory Of ... was written to encourage people who have lost someone or something that was precious to them. Loss can come in many forms. You can suffer a loss with a move, an illness, a loved one passing, or even one's youth departing from them. Bonnie has found that old memories wash over her at times when she is doing something completely unrelated to the particular memory that passes through her mind. She sets out, at those times, to capture the feeling that attached itself to her. She thinks it is important to pay attention to those unexpected moments of inspirational thoughts. By putting those feelings down on paper, Bonnie can safely put that memory away and access it anytime she likes. The words in this book show how loss impacts us. We often feel alone when encountering a loss in our life. It is Bonnie's hope that this book will help to open a dialog during times of loss and grief. She has also shared her love of photography to aid in uplifting your spirits. When Bonnie was asked to share some poems with a Hospice group, she discovered that she had accumulated many poems over the last thirty years that addressed the loss of a friend, a place, or a loved one. Writing these poems was a way of dealing with those losses in her own life. As she found the poems, she realized that they could be of help to people during the grieving process. A gift of this book is a loving gesture to friends or loved ones during times of loss and grief. Proceeds from the sales of this book will be donated to Hospice.

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ISBN-13: 9781524600921
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 04/28/2016
Pages: 88
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.23(d)

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In Memory Of ...

By Bonnie DiMichele


Copyright © 2016 Bonnie DiMichele
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5246-0092-1


Distant Friends

A friendship sometimes withers
But it surely never dies
For each time that I look
I see love within your eyes

Our lives have grown so distant
Our dreams so far apart
Yet always I have known
You are laced within my heart

The future of our friendship
May be waning at its best
But always be assured
You far out shine the rest

change of a close friendship


The clouds so brightly colored
Appear brushed against the sky
And I stand so amazed
As I gaze with human eyes

The feeling is so warming
Yet, it's empty too
For I would like to share
This moment here with you

missing someone

Your Time To Go

Spring is such a lovely time
And now I think I know
Why you chose this very time
To be your time to go

I feel a breeze rushed by you
It called to you so clear
It swept you towards the heavens
Away from ones so dear

And as you moved away from earth
You looked back and could see
The rainbow laden colors of
The fl owers I'd brought for thee

You wanted so to touch me
But reaching back you knew
You wanted rest and peacefulness
And so, that passion grew

In years to come I'll think of you
With memories that are wrought
With thankfulness in knowing you
And all the joy you brought

friend's death from cancer

Great Grandma Bates

I remember when you died
How I cried out loud inside
But no one shed a single tear
There I stood, so small, in fear

As I grew, I came to know
Why no one let their feelings show
Someday they would see you soon
Up among the clouds we'd loom

Something struck me strange one day
What if they were wrong, someway?
What if there were no tomorrow?
They had only hid their sorrow

That's the day I came to know
I would let my feelings show
Each day walk with head held high
And when in sorrow, I would cry

child's first loss of a loved one

Each Day

Each day that I awake
I look at the sky to see
What sort of day I can expect
That very day to be

Today the sky is very blue
The clouds pushed toward the hills
You'd think today a happy one
But I am mourning still

At every turn, at every thought
Your memory fills my being
Yet I can not accept
It's you, I won't be seeing

I know you never meant
To leave us all behind
But here we are without you
Ourselves we now must find

Our journey now seems endless
Each day a little longer
And yet, I know with every day
We'll grow a little stronger

We bid farewell to you today
But in our hearts you'll stay
Our perfect place to hold you
Each and every day

sudden death of a young father

Wagner Grove

My mother sends me to the pool
Sometimes I think her quite a fool
I run across the field and glen
Sometimes I do get lost, and then

My mind, it wants to stay and play
Within the clovered floors all day
And who am I to question why
For I would never seek to lie

I'd rather be here where it's cool
Than any silly, crowded pool
My spirits here can rise so high
Sometimes I think they touch the sky

The clover covers most the floor
And opens up my dreaming door
To leprechauns and Irish things
The stories that my Gaggy brings

The redwoods stretch so tall and round
I start to search for higher ground
At last I always come upon
A headstone that I wander on

It sits quiet, nestled in the trees
And often brings me to my knees
You see a child is buried there
The place and ages we do share

I wonder if she played among
The redwoods and the clover some
If we shared like fantasies
Or if she looked at all like me

These are things I'll never know
As I turn and slowly go
Some day my spirit hopes to meet
Her on some pearly, golden street

realization of a child, that children die

Meder Street Cemetery

Those old black gates
Seemed ten feet tall
Peering through them
I felt imperceptibly small

Beyond lay such
A peaceful place
I wished it here
I could be placed

But those who come,
Share religious faith
I was not born
With that my fate

I watched sunlight
Filter through the trees
Heavens glory shining
Down on these

Tall trees bordered
They guarded you all
Kept you cool and shaded,
Your protective wall

The grounds about you
Were well kept
With care and devotion
In the place you slept

Faithfully, fresh flowers
Were placed there each day
In hopes that your memory
Would not fade away

Often, I was taken back
I found great cause to weep,
In the silence that I found,
There on Meder Street

child pondering death


We watch life cycle everyday
We see it grow and fade away
Some life lasts for hundreds of years
Some just a day, and it is not clear
Why life for all is not the same
Why all of life can not remain
For life to us is something grand,
Something we don't understand
What we must hold and not forget,
Is live each day with no regrets
For the cycle will surely continue on
Till all that once was here is gone

death of an infant

Peaceful Sea

Not often am I
By the sea
To touch those feelings
Close to me

But every living thing
Doth share
The glorious feelings
They find there

The cliffs do shear
The landscape so
Then disappear
Fog comes and goes

The flowers seem
More brilliant here
Spirits lighter
Do appear

And here my heart seems
To caress
Joy and warming

appreciation of the world around us

You Called Today

My dear old friend
You called today
You did not know why
Or what you would say

I'm so glad you did
I've missed you so
I wish I were there
Watching you grow

Instead of sharing
Times from our past
We'd create new memories
Ones that would last

Our lives are so separate
Yet in their own way
We share like moments
And movements each day

I think of you often
And other friends too
I wonder if they share
The memories I do

I look back now on the
Good times we had
They warm my soul
They make me so glad

And so I know
As our years pass
Those memories created
Will surely last

realization that we share memories

    In My Garden

    The air in my garden
    Carries a clean, crisp scent
    Every moment here
    Is time pleasurably spent

    Whether lying about
    Or hoeing the weeds
    I tend to it,
    And it tends to my needs

    It's filled with tranquility
    This place that is kind
    It lends me perspective
    Gentle peace of mind

    Enraptures my senses
    Exciting them all
    For it always is changing
    Come Summer or Fall

    The birds come to rest
    In this place that is mine
    They sing their sweet songs
    Most all of the time

    The flowers do put
    A rainbow to shame
    With unimaginable hues,
    Not one is the same

    Those plants not graced
    With sun struck flowers
    Sway in the breeze
    For hours upon hours

    This place asks for nothing
    But minimal care
    Giving back much
    For me to share

    In my darkest moments
    Cascading water soothes
    Even my very
    Foulest of moods

    It's here that I come
    With paper and pen
    To capture life's fantasies
    In my garden

    finding a private place of peace

Spring's Warmth

Each day's dawn
Renews my hopes for tomorrow
And each tomorrow
Repels my impending sorrow

Soon now, as this year progresses
The skies will surely shower
Bringing with them vibrant colors
Of countless Springtime flowers

My heart will rejoice
For all the beauty I will see
Year to year my memory carries
All the warmth of Spring in me

Alas again, frosty cold
Winter's chill returns
And so again 'tis Springtimes warmth
Of which my soul shall yearn

The cycles of the seasons,
Methodically come and go
But I crave only Springtime
In their ebb and flow

pondering the seasons of life

    I Think Of You

    I often think of you
    In the wee hours of the morning
    I hope that you are resting well
    Enraptured in fantasies, dreaming

    I often think of you
    Many times each day
    I hope this life you have
    Is kind in every way

    I'll often think of you
    Someday when you are gone
    Memories of your ways
    Will fill me with a song

    I'll often think of you
    As I watch your son
    And all the ways he is like you
    You never will be gone

    I'll often think of you
    As I watch my son
    He already is, quite like you
    And so the cycle runs

    I'll often think of you
    As I watch his son
    It's then I will remember
    That I'm the lucky one

    For I wasn't born with your genes in me
    But was fortunate to be
    The vehicle to pass yours on
    What an honor that was for me

    I never want to make you sad
    I just want to let you know
    You are so very spectacular
    You've helped us all to grow

    So if you're here, or if you're gone
    Every precious moment you give
    Is filled with love and memories
    Of the distinctive life you live

    And so Dad,
    Now that you are gone
    I find I often think of you
    As the days continue on

    I think of you
    And wear a heavy heart
    In the fact that now,
    We are far apart

    I know that someday soon
    My eyes will dry from tears
    Those precious memories of you
    Will surround me through the years

    I will always miss your presence
    Though your essence has come to fill
    My heavy and quite saddened heart
    To help my soul be still

    loss of father-in-law, mentor, friend

The Last Flower of Summer's Season

One day last Fall, my mom and I went to the garden to pick the last bouquet of the season. We cut the flowers and brought them inside. We made them look so pretty in the flower basket. Just as we finished, the phone rang. It was my daddy. He told us that my poppa was in the hospital. I wanted to take the flowers to him, to cheer him up, and so we did. Poppa thought the flowers were beautiful, and he looked great and so happy to see us.

Just one day went by and the phone rang again. This time Daddy answered it and he began to cry. Poppa was very sick. I couldn't believe it. Poppa was so kind, so good, and he loved me so much. It made me warm just to be around him.

I felt very sad, so I went back to the garden to pick more flowers for Poppa, but there was only one. The flowers from Summer's Season were gone. I picked that flower and pressed it in the biggest book I could find.

Even though I can't be with Poppa, I can hold that flower and think of him. The last flower of Summer's Season, strong, bright, beautiful ... forever warm within my heart.

1990 helping children cope with loss

Our Force

Last Fall we laid to rest
A force so true, so strong
We knew it would continue
To carry us along

With great sadness in our hearts
We stood speechless on that wind whipped hill
Now Spring's colors are showing through
But our hearts are saddened still

We always looked for Spring to call
To breathe new life in the dormant sky
But Spring, this year, has come too soon
At times, we wish it would just pass by

The force left within, wants Spring to remain
To capture and put away our pain
For then we'll know that all we felt,
All we learned, was not experienced in vain

filled with sadness

Daffodil Spring

In the fields
Of my childhood home
Grew the brightest of flowers
Through which I would roam

The warmth of sunshine
Never failed to bring
The glorious gold
Of each Daffodil Spring

On the hills nearby,
Green, orange, and blue
Seemed to melt into sky
With magnificent hues

And though my family viewed
All as black and white,
My mind filled with colors
Drenched in sunshine's light

As days turned to years
Those colors remained
They lifted my heart
In the gravest of pain

So I give to my children
Advice through their years,
"Look for life's colors,
Lest you drown in life's tears."

advice for children

Dear Mother of Mine

We started together
Heart to heart
But over the years
Grew discretely apart

Me, I was head-strong
And wanted to fl y
You were so sweet
But refused to try

I wished you would want
To give life a fight
Yet you only wanted
To reach toward the light

Now you have gone
Away on a wing
To play only songs
That angels do sing

So hold me a place
Dear mother of mine
For I'll be along
But in my sweet time

We'll touch once again
For our love always knew
The life that we shared
Induced spirits that grew
friend's loss of her mother

Friends Parted

Our acquaintances are many
Yet our friends are very few
When first we met each other
We knew this to be true

And so we very carefully
Plowed and set the seed
In hopes we'd grow a garden
That flourished with our lead

The plants that we produced,
Reached up, toward the sky
Now that is why this time,
Makes it hard to say good-bye

For as we grew together
We knew the day might come
When we would soon be parted
And all our work undone

Though we know an ocean,
Is what keeps us far apart
We now must always carry
Each other in our hearts

We know our times together
Will be cherished and held dear
And though we're far away
We'll somehow seem quite near

So keep in touch, dear friend of mine
Though it won't be quite the same
And lock our memories safe away
So they surely will remain

change coming with a friend moving far away


Excerpted from In Memory Of ... by Bonnie DiMichele. Copyright © 2016 Bonnie DiMichele. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Introduction, 1,
Distant Friends, 3,
Sunset, 4,
Your Time To Go, 6,
Great Grandma Bates, 7,
Each Day, 8,
Wagner Grove, 10,
Meder Street Cemetery, 12,
Cycles, 14,
Peaceful Sea, 16,
You Called Today, 19,
In My Garden, 20,
Spring's Warmth, 22,
I Think Of You, 26,
The Last Flower of Summer's Season, 30,
Our Force, 33,
Daffodil Spring, 34,
Dear Mother of Mine, 37,
Friends Parted, 38,
Peaceful Place, 42,
Ebb & Flow, 45,
A Breath In Time, 48,
Firsts, 51,
Intertwined, 52,
Johnny Curry, 55,
Garden of Time, 56,
Thoughtless, 59,
If, 60,
Our Dearest Mother, 63,
Imprints, 65,
Oceans Blue, 66,
Sixteen Years, 68,
Life's Wrinkles, 71,
Back Stories, 72,
Afterword, 74,
Notes, 77,
About the Author, 79,

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