Implementing E-Procurement

Implementing E-Procurement

by Eric Evans, Maureen Reason

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Whether you believe it is the second industrial revolution or merely an over-hyped offering from the software industry, e-procurement is upon us. Something that has been around in various forms for more than ten years in a small way, has now accelerated to the point where 92% of the Fortune 500 companies say they are using it, or intend to use it. The statistics showing take-up and growth point to a phenomenon that is rivalling the Internet itself as a characteristic of modern growth.

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ISBN-13: 9781854181848
Publisher: Thorogood
Publication date: 01/28/2001
Series: Thorogood Reports Series
Pages: 86
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About the Author

Eric Evans is a management consultant, author and practitioner, specialising in procurement and relationships between suppliers and their customers. He has held director level positions with a number of organisations, including Dunlop and Diageo. His consulting experience covers Europe, North America, Latin America, Africa and the Far East and his clients include IBM, Nokia, Mercedes Benz, TetraPak, Shell and Argos.

Maureen Reason began her career in the Digital Equipment Corporation supporting teams selling hardware, software and consultancy. Since then she has worked in consulting and project management. She is currently working in the global procurement department of a major European company where she is involved in the business process design and roll-out of an e-procurement solution. Her former clients include British Gas, Bank of Ireland, NTL, Schroders and Diageo.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: The e-procurement journey
An historical perspective
Popular applications of e-procurement
Current formats
A map of the e-procurement world
The future?
Concluding remarks

Chapter 2: Alternative approaches to e-procurement
A strategic approach
MRO procurement

Chapter 3: Writing the business case
The need for a business case
Key factors in preparing your business case
Selling your business case
Likely cost structures
The cost of implementing end-user systems
Quantifying the benefits
Sources of benefit
Demonstrating the benefits
How to get the benefits quickly

Chapter 4: How to choose the right software vendor
How do you compare vendors using the easy approach?
The scientific approach
Contents of RFP or specifications

Chapter 5: Catalogue management and content management
Catalogue management
What should a catalogue roll-out strategy look like?
Content management

Chapter 6: Change management
Why change management is important
Why is e-procurement a change management issue?
Impact on the procurement organisation
Change management components
Leading change

Chapter 7: Project management of an e-procurement solution
Project planning
Special aspects associated with e-procurement projects
Project risks
Procurement risks

Chapter 8: Case studies
Buck & Hickman
General Electric
General Mills (USA)
The Far East
TI Group

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