Im Not Mad Im Psychic

Im Not Mad Im Psychic


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Wayne Isaacs & John G. Sutton

From his earliest childhood Wayne Isaacs experienced inexplicable, seriously disturbing phenomena that caused him deep emotional and mental stress. Attacked in the hours of darkness by his own toy monkey he did what any terrified young boy would do, he wet the bed. Night after night dark shadows haunted his little bedroom, unseen beings whispered in his ears driving him wild with terror. Eventually his parents took him to a psychiatrist, Wayne was considered to be psychologically unbalanced.

This book tells the true story of one of the UKs best known TV Psychics who went from being an inmate within a secure psychiatric unit to incredible international success.

You will be astounded by the honesty with which Wayne describes his experiences inside what at the time was termed a 'mental hospital'. They said he suffered from Bi-Polar psychiatric problems, that the voices he was hearing were part of his illness but Wayne told them, 'I'm not mad, I'm psychic'. It would take many years for him to prove this.

This amazing book is full of incredible insights into just what it is like to be a child with paranormal powers when everyone thinks you are insane. There is humour in here too, strange stories about how Wayne met various odd characters on his way to understanding the true nature of his gift. At one stage of his young life Wayne ran away to live by the seaside at Margate where he was approached by a large Nun who told him he must be baptised in the name of The Lord Jesus. This was really weird as Wayne is Jewish but the Nun insisted and dunked him naked in a bath full of freezing cold water. When his landlord came in and saw Wayne minus his underpants being blessed by a gigantic Nun he ordered him out of the lodging house.

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'The funniest book I have read in years' Spike Milligan

'Astonishing, scary, illuminating and hilarious' Psychic World

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ISBN-13: 9781502775368
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 10/11/2014
Pages: 212
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About the Author

Wayne Isaacs is today one of the best known faces on Psychic Television. This book tells his incredible story from a seriously disturbed childhood, where he was considered to be psychologically challenged to a period inside a secure psychiatric hospital. Wayne was hearing voices, seeing visions, accumulating information without recourse to any identifiable source, they said he was mad. Wayne was not mad, Wayne was a Psychic-Medium. This is his incredible story, told by Wayne himself in conjunction with international best selling author John G. Sutton who is also the feature editor of the voice of Spiritualism Psychic World monthly. This is the terrible truth of what it is like to have a very special supernatural gift in a hard materialistic world where outsiders are required to conform or else! Sad, funny, disturbing, thoughtful and true, this book will change the way you view psychic phenomena forevermore.

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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A superb Psychic and a superb book