If You Looked At Me You Would Not KNow

If You Looked At Me You Would Not KNow


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'If you looked at me you would not know' is a travel through a young girls life recognizing and celebrating diversity. We explore people and experiences and wonder what the reader's life is like. Interactive pages complete this journey. We visit friends and family that are unique and wonderful. We learn about a viewpint that accepts people as they are and celebrates their differences. At the end we are hoping for a mutual understanding that comes without assumptions and judgements..

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780692583500
Publisher: Wanda Remmers
Publication date: 04/01/2018
Pages: 40
Product dimensions: 11.02(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.10(d)

About the Author

Wanda Remmers is a mother and grandmother. She and her husband 'blended' their families many years ago. This resulted in a potpourri of joy and challenge. The diversity of their family and lives are pictured in the book 'If you looked at me' through the illustrations of Damon :) Guthrie. As they watch their family members and friends wade through life they observe how the world reacts to them. It is not always positive. Understanding how diverse everyone's worlds may be (in my case ARE) and how that diversity makes everyone's lives richer is a good thing. And something we hope this book does.
Their 'children' are now in their 40's. Their grandchildren represent our future.
"I spent all of my working life working as a social worker or in related positions. I live with my husband and two cats (and various traveling relatives and friends). Just finished my second knee replacement and am looking forward to a more mobile lifestyle. As I enjoy the diversity around me."


Artist, Damon :) Guthrie, created the images for, If You Looked At Me...You Would Not Know, working with the Author, Wanda Remmers. Watercolor images, lined with India ink, came to final draft form after various pencil-drafts, discussion and approval. IN addition to creating the original images, he also designed and laid-out the book, consulting with the printing company as well.

Damon :) Guthrie, brings comedy, color and creativity to almost every image he creates!
Damon is an artist who primarily presents watercolor images (there's a lot of pencil-drafts and detailed alterations before the watercolors and brushes are brought out). Freelancing for various publications throughout the bay area (Edible East Bay, The Potrero View, Berkeley Times, ABV Magazine, The Pointer, etc.) he is always learning, teaching and trying something new (ie: a parent of 2 daughters under the age of 4, adobe-Illustrator and political advocacy). Damon is a very flexible artist, open to different styles and levels of intensity, in order to bring forth the images that will make the most impact to compliment the job at hand. For more information, peruse online: SameTeam.Us or call him: 510.815.0691 or set up a visit to his nifty backyard studio in Berkeley California. " Create-on!" - Damon :) Guthrie

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