I Was an Erk in the Royal Air Force

I Was an Erk in the Royal Air Force

by Roy Taylor


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Back in the late 1930s it was a common practice for the Government of England to call up young men into the Armed Services.
After the war with Germany ended (1945) this practice continued so that England would have ready trained Armed Forces in case war with any other country should be declared. North Korea was a good example.

I decided to beat the call up and instead volunteer so that I could be in the service that I desired.
For the average service person, the Royal Air Force was a force that did not put the person in an area where gunfire ruled.
I did not want to be involved in the exchange of gunfire with anyone.
Electronics was my liking and although many over the air two way discussions did take place, it was always in firm, sensible, good language.
That was the way that I was brought up and that was the way that I stayed.

The book is about my life and the way that I reacted when mixed with other youth from around England.

I have long had the belief that I was chosen and helped to become what I am.
The book is about my experiences and how my helper kept me on track, even when serving in a foreign country.

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