I Made My Own Bed (Special Edition): Take Responsibility for Your Relationships

I Made My Own Bed (Special Edition): Take Responsibility for Your Relationships

by Derrick Barnes


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Sorry folks but this is not a mushy romance novel. It's not even a book to help me to get laid or find a lady. It's not a book to help get some unforeseen fan base. It's not to get riches and famous, even though that would be nice. I'm just a man who looked himself in the mirror and began to write about the man he saw. To be more specific what I saw in my different relationships with women.

I keep getting it wrong, at this very moment as you read this, some woman will be standing in front of me crying, cursing, screaming at me because of something I did, or didn't do.

"Is it not the right time for a relationship?"

"Is it too soon to get into another relationship?"

"Are we just having sex or is this officially a relationship?"

"Is it me?"

"Is it you?"

"What! I'm pregnant?!"

"Wait,... Are you pregnant also?"

"I'm keeping this baby!"

"I'm not fucking going to have a baby by yo ass!"


These are just some questions, statements, and screaming matches I've been faced with throughout my many experiences with women. This book is a series of short stories about me, and my dysfunctional relationships with women and some insight that I have gained from those experiences. I also had to sprinkle a few lessons in there (it's the teacher in me I couldn't help it). Some of these women are/were famous but no names will be mentioned to protect the innocent. I also dug a little bit deeper to understand relationships as it relate to the culture I grew up in.

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Publication date: 07/24/2012
Pages: 82
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