I Beat Back Pain So Can You: Cure Back Pain Without Surgery Or Drugs

I Beat Back Pain So Can You: Cure Back Pain Without Surgery Or Drugs

by Peter James Johnson

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The author suffered a major back problem where the pain was monumental and the disabling effect ridiculous: doctors said it could leave him in a wheelchair. Determined to get better, without surgery or drugs, he embarked on a journey to find out what would work to regain full mobility and live a normal life again.

This book covers that journey, sharing areas that are seldom spoken about and rarely make it into print. It has empathy with fellow back pain sufferers yet applies some ‘tough love’. The chapters address everyday lifestyle issues and suggest practical solutions.

Written as someone who is not a medical practitioner, it is a true-life explanation of what he found worked so that he could live a ‘normal’ life again – if subsequently trekking to the base camp of the highest mountain in Tibet can be considered normal!

“Brilliant … information you won’t find anywhere else.”

"One of the most easily understood and informative books on back pain I've ever read."

“Medically safe and sound."


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ISBN-13: 9781907105111
Publisher: Project In Mind Limited
Publication date: 01/25/2016
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 218
File size: 703 KB

About the Author

Peter Johnson is a businessperson who suffered a major back problem at the height of his career. Determined to get better, without surgery or drugs, he applied his businesslike approach to research, trial and regain full pain-free mobility. He runs his own business consultancy, is highly qualified, and became the 1st person in the world accredited in one of his specialist fields. His pragmatism is evident in his work, speaking and writing.

Table of Contents

Preface by Dame Margaret Anstee; Author's Story; Introduction; How to use this book; Chapter 1 - Combating the fear of back pain; Chapter 2 - How to deal with relapses; Chapter 3 - Pain and the wider implications often overlooked; Chapter 4 - Food and drink: the impact on recovery speed; Chapter 5 - Taking a sensible approach to fitness; Chapter 6 - Remaining active and even taking up a new sport; Chapter 7 - An easy way to flexibility; Chapter 8 - Posture: looking and feeling good; Chapter 9 - Harnessing the power of the mind in recovery; Chapter 10 - Managing and working through stress; Chapter 11 - Home and work: advice to speed recovery; Chapter 12 - Tested approaches to ease the hassle of travel; Chapter 13 - Measuring, recording and monitoring changes; Chapter 14 - Family, friends, neighbours: take the right approach; Chapter 15 - How to be effective and comfortable at work; Chapter 16 - Tips for a better night of sleep; Chapter 17 - Setting goals and having focus; Chapter 18 - Promises and pitfalls of alternative therapies; Chapter 19 - Avoiding the vicious circle: taking responsibility; Chapter 20 - Medical opinion and working with your practitioner; Final Comment; Acknowledgements;

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