How to Precision Clean All Fiber Optic Connections: A Step By Step Guide

How to Precision Clean All Fiber Optic Connections: A Step By Step Guide

by Edward John Forrest Jr.


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Speeds and capacities of fiber optic transmissions now exist as what was 'theoretical' only a few years ago. In this time, numerous new products to clean the fiber optic connection have been introduced to the market. Some are based on 'convenience', others marginally perform, while still others approach the ideal of first-time-cleaning.

The reality is that barely 30% of these connection are inspected in the field, while there is nearer 100% inspection on the production line. Thus, along with "dry cleaning" and "wet-to-dry" cleaning the author introduces the reality of "blind cleaning" by those without fiber inspection.

Fiber optic cleaning is a simple process that follows tenets dating back more than two millennia! Outlined in this work are comparisons of contemporary products and suggestions how to make them work better. The author encourages each user to create an internal standard based on the applications specific needs of an individual deployment. This work is intended to assist in identifying how to initiate an internal standards process by identifying not only specific debris, but also include the idiosyncrasies of a specific deployment or connection type.

The author directs each reader to come to their own conclusion as to which cleaning process and cleaning product works best for an individual deployment or application. Logically, not all cleaning products work the same way or return the same result. The test sections of this book provide valuable insights as crafts persons work to maintain existing installations and 'future proof' deployments.

Suggested is an expansion of existing standards to include a wider 'field-of-view' than commonly provided by most video inspection. Existing standards consider both the end face as well as debris and contamination in only two dimensions: in reality connections, as well as contamination, are, of course, three dimensions. These awareness are critical to properly clean the connection and "future proof" deployments of all types as ever greater speeds and network capacity evolve.

This work is an abridged version without photographic detail of an actual laboratory study with more than 70 additional pages and 100+ photographs also available at

The author offers to analyze specific problem areas and will train and certify.

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Publication date: 12/14/2014
Pages: 70
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About the Author

Previously employed at ITW Chemtronics®, retired in 2014, he was schooled to analyze precision and gross cleaning applications in a wide range of applications. In 2001 he began development of a program that resulted in formal approvals at all major telecommunications providers.

He has seven patents specifically in fiber optic precision cleaning with six products in production. He innovated a chemical mid-span break-in for ribbon fiber and has other patents pending.

He is active on fiber optic standards committees and considered a SME in fiber optic cleaning and inspection. His work is based on field experiences and the needs of network and system designers, fiber optic theoreticians, crafts persons and production line workers.

His practical thesis of "Five Zone Cleaning" is a look forward to the times when high speed and capacity of fiber optic transmission (even more) will be impacted by a contaminated or improperly cleaned connections. He has uniquely researched inspection of the 4th and 5th Zone and the influences of various debris and contamination as it is positioned on these areas of the connector.

He worked as an Electronics Manufacturer's Representative throughout the 1970's. He actively participated in the early introduction of some of the most fundamental electronic products in the changeover from analogue to solid state. These included solid state components in the changeover from analog to digital circuitry, consumer products including hand-held calculators, esoteric high fidelity, test equipment, games and other electronic products considered 'cornerstones' of the contemporary marketplace. He is a hobbyist collector of esoteric high-fidelity and also has production credits in that industry segment.

He worked in a then-developing market segment in the Home Furnishings Industry. By coordinating North American and International Development he initiated promotional activity in conjunction with USA Embassy and Trade in Denmark, Germany. Great Britain, Italy and work in South Africa and Japan.

Early career as a Technical Representative in Union Carbide Corporation's Automotive Consumer Products group with career-forming experiences include introduction of Prestone® AntiFreeze as a Summer Coolant in a one year NASCAR race test and associated promotions. He was actively involved in an innovative experience with Standard Oil of Ohio® as SOHIO® introduced "self-service fueling" to the market in the late 1960's.

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