How to Photograph Absolutely Everything

How to Photograph Absolutely Everything

by Tom Ang


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This practical guide teaches you how to take the best possible photo in any situation imaginable with clear, step-by-step guidance from expert photographer Tom Ang.

Full of essential advice, hints, and tips, this guide gives you straightforward instructions on what equipment you will need, the best approach for each subject, how to compose your shot and find the right light, and how to frame your shot effectively. Checklists offer you guidance on getting results, and tricks of the trade show you how to turn a good picture into a great one.

From still-life to sports photography, cityscapes and landscapes, and tackling children's parties to capturing the magic of seasonal celebrations, How to Photograph Absolutely Everything is the essential guide to improving your digital photography skills and getting the most out of your camera.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781405333078
Publisher: DK
Publication date: 02/28/2009
Pages: 384
Sales rank: 1,217,968
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 1.25(h) x 9.00(d)

About the Author

Tom Ang is an award-winning photographer and best-selling author and was the host of BBC TV's A Digital Picture of Britain. He was Senior Lecturer in Photographic Practice at the University of Westminster for 12 years and has worked as a technical and picture editor for numerous specialized magazines and is now a full-time writer. His own photographs are exhibited around the world, and he has contributed to magazines such as the British Journal of Photography, Ag+ Photographic, What Digital Camera?, Total Digital Photography, MacFormat, MacUser, and Digital Camera Shopper.

Table of Contents

Introduction     08
Elements of photography
Introduction     12
Which digital camera do I choose?     14
What else to consider?     16
Camera settings     18
Finding focus     20
Judging exposure     22
Zoom settings     24
Framing images     26
Picture space     30
Time tips     32
Capturing light     34
Using color     36
Brightness and levels     40
Color balance and saturation     42
Contrast and tone     44
Removing distractions and sharpening     46
Cropping and resizing     46
Introduction     52
Portraits on sunny days     54
Children at play     56
People in action     58
Holiday highlight     64
Creating a silhouette     66
Informal child portraits     68
Candid shots     70
Using dramatic lighting     74
Posed child portraits     76
Alternative portraiture     80
Beautiful baby pictures     82
Children year by year     84
Family self portrait     88
Informal family portraits     92
Formal portraiture     94
Capturing the party spirit     96
Nude study     98
Character-driven portraits     100
Unposed portraiture     104
Gallery     106
Landscapes and nature
Introduction     112
A mountain view     114
Gardens in bloom     116
Flowers in close-up     118
Flowers and foliage     120
A rustic landscape     126
Panoramic views     128
Landscapes in black and white     130
Sunlight through trees     132
Misty woodlands     134
Seasons and weather     136
Reality and reflection     142
Colors of the seashore     144
Crashing waves     146
Fast-flowing water     148
A tranquil scene     150
A city waterscape     154
The colors of sunset     156
An alluring moonlight     158
Cloud formations     160
Gallery     162
Introduction     170
Posed pet portraits      172
Fun pet portraits     174
Equine elegance     176
Birds in flight     180
Exotic birds in close-up     182
Garden birds     184
Wildlife close to home     186
The natural look     192
Wildlife from a car     194
Around the animal park     198
At the aquarium     202
Movement underwater     204
Gallery     206
Introduction     212
Focusing on details     214
Form and space     216
The postcard look     220
Nighttime illuminations     222
Romantic ruins     224
Abstract views     226
Large enclosed areas     228
Dimly lit interiors     230
Modern interior spaces     232
Iconic city landmarks     236
World landmarks     238
Radiant stained glass     242
City fountains     244
Bridge life     246
Contrasting old and new     250
An unusual city skyline     252
City streets     254
A nocturnal cityscape     258
City skyscrapers     260
Reflected city     264
The city by night     266
Black-and-white street scene     268
Cityscapes from a vehicle     270
An urban landscape     272
Gallery     276
Introduction     282
An explosion of color     284
Milestone moments     286
A children's party     288
Wedding photography     290
Wedding-day details     292
The spirit of carnival     296
A street demonstration     300
The magic of Christmas     302
Festivals around the world     304
Intimate music venues     308
On-stage drama     310
The thrill of the race     312
A theatrical production     314
Gallery     318
Artistic expression
Introduction     324
Exploring art     326
Sharpness and blur     330
Light trails at night     332
Abstracting the everyday     334
Color and light     336
Reflections     338
Impromptu still lifes     344
Still lifes      346
Patterns from chaos     350
Exploring textures     352
Art on the street     354
Gallery     358
Other applications
Introduction     364
Practical photography     366
Photography for online auctions
Promoting a business
Selling your car
Recording your belongings
Charting a building project
Photographing home interiors
Promoting a cause
Cataloguing collections
What the eye can't see     372
Strobe lighting
Satellite imaging
Kirlian photography
Space photography
Galaxy photography
Infrared imaging
X-ray photography
High-speed photography
Glossary     376
Index     379
Ackowledgments     384

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