How to Master the Times Crossword: The Times Cryptic Crossword Demystified

How to Master the Times Crossword: The Times Cryptic Crossword Demystified

by Tim Moorey, Times Staff


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The Times Crossword is the best-known crossword in the world. Expert crossword solver and setter, Tim Moorey, dispels the misconception that cryptic crosswords are the preserve of the elite. In this accessible guide, he demonstrates that anyone who enjoys words and word play can learn to solve a cryptic crossword clue.In order to master The Times Crossword, Tim Moorey guides the beginner and intermediate solver through the following:• What is a crpytic clue• Each clue type in detail• Tips to aid the solving process• What to do when stuck• Practice clues• Solutions with clear explanations• Why do The Times Crossword• Facts about The Times Crossword• Recommended websites and blogsThis book reveals all you need to know about the enjoyable cerebral pastime of crossword-solving and how to decipher the most intricate of clues. Tim Moorey proves that you too can revel in the deep satisfaction that comes from finishing The Times Crossword.

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ISBN-13: 9780007277841
Publisher: HarperCollins UK
Publication date: 11/03/2008
Pages: 224
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About the Author

Tim Moorey has been solving Times crosswords for the past 50 years, having begun in his early teens. His setting career started at an equally early age, when he submitted puzzles to the Evening News, who offered two guineas for each successful puzzle. His business career, as a financial controller and director of several BP subsidiary companies, allowed little time for more setting until 1991 when Tim joined The Sunday Times team. He now sets crosswords for the Mephisto and Owzat puzzles in various newspapers. In addition, he was the joint winner in the Observer’s monthly Azed clue-writing competitions for 2004/5. Tim also runs crossword workshops for beginners and, as the Cluru (the Clue Guru), provides help for puzzled puzzlers for the Crossword Club.When not puzzling or solving crosswords, Tim Moorey is an after-dinner speaker. He has also umpired cricket matches for the MCC.

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