How to Get SSI and Social Security Disability:An Insider's Step by Step Guide

How to Get SSI and Social Security Disability:An Insider's Step by Step Guide

by Mike Davis


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What do you really need to get SSI for an adult or child? A former SSI examiner gives a step-by-step simplified guide.

More people are denied SSI and Social Security Disability than are allowed benefits the first time they apply. This includes children and adults. Appeals can take a year or more. In a simplified step-by-step guide Mike Davis gives disability applicants the crucial information they need to know and exactly what to do to make the best case the first time around. A former SSI and Social Security Disability Claims Examiner, Davis has worked on more than 4,000 cases over a seven-year period. "Too often I have had to deny a claim when I thought there was a genuine disability, but the case was not complete enough to render a favorable decision. What I have tried to do in this book is give the reader the information needed to present his or her case fully, accurately, and in the best possible light. I believe this will increase the chances of a favorable decision dramatically." How To Get SSI And Social Security Disability is the inside scoop on what the decision makers are really looking for and how you can help them to get it.

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ISBN-13: 9780595125746
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 09/28/2000
Pages: 148
Sales rank: 680,917
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Table of Contents

List of Abbreviations7
Part IStep by Step Instructions
Introduction to Part I15
Chapter 1The Application17
The Application Step by Step19
Chapter 2The Disability Determination Service25
Medical Records: The Heart of Your Claim28
Medical Source Statement: The Determining Factor30
Physical and Mental Examinations32
Questionnaires: More Important Than You Think35
Exit Interview or Reconsideration?37
One last piece of business here40
Children's Claims: Difficult At Best40
Children's Function Questionnaires44
Read This Important Hint45
Help, I Don't Have A Doctor47
Part IIIncrease Your Chances Even More
Introduction to Part II53
Chapter 3More on Medical Records, Exams and the MSS55
Understanding the Disability Examiner61
Chapter 4Medical Evidence; Disability Defined65
Medical Evidence65
Disability Defined68
Chapter 5Denials and Cessations73
I have been denied at my reconsideration or following my exit interview75
My claim has been denied by the ALJ. Now what?78
I have been receiving benefits, but I have been notified that they are about to be discontinued or they have been stopped. Now what?79
Reviewing Your File83
Reviewing Your Consultative Examination85
Chapter 6Mental Disorders87
Activities of Daily Living89
Social Functioning90
Concentration, Persistence, and Pace92
Deterioration or Decompensation at Work93
About the Author97
Appendix AThe Disability Examiner99
Appendix BField Office Information103
Appendix CTreating Source Information106
Appendix DDenial Record121

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How to Get SSI and Social Security Disability:An Insider's Step by Step Guide 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Finally a book on a difficult subject that the average person can understand and use. This book is relatively short (and inexpensive compared to other books on the subject) and in just two chapters there are all the steps you need to go through to get disability. He tells how to work with your doctor, the disability workers, and how to fill out your form correctly. He tells what's really going on behind the scenes and what to do if you don't have a personal doctor. He goes step by step through the forms and tells what they are looking for and how to answer questions to have the best chance of getting disability. He also tells what to do to not lose your benefits when your case is being reevaluated, as well as what to do when you have been turned down. I'm recommending this to everyone I know who is applying for disability or knows someone who is.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book simplifies a complicated process by giving step by step instructions from an experienced Disability Examiner on how to present your case fully and accurately to win your Disability claim. The author makes the requirements understandable to a lay person and explains what is needed from the Examiner's perspective. He provides his e-mail address and responded promptly and helpfully when I contacted him. I highly recommend the book.
Guest More than 1 year ago
From the perspective of a disability claims examiner, Mike Davis effectively articulates the importance of the completeness of the application and also the communication with doctors and the claims examiner. Volumes of documentation are critical, and Mr. Davis helps claimants through this process. Mr. Davis returned my emails promptly and provided a great deal of support. I would highly recommend this book to anyone filing for SSI or SS Disability Insurance.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is the ULTIMATE source for anyone who wants or needs to know all the basic information on how to get SSI or Social Security Disability benefits. The author does an excellent job telling the reader what to do when their case comes up for review in order to keep disability and what procedures to follow if you they are turned down. Its recipe-style delivery is easy to understand and doesn't seem to waste time discussing technical details that the reader really doesn't need to know. The book is very clear on what is required as well as where and how to get it. The really vital information can be found in an insightful step-by-step instructional format. My sincere thanks to the author, Mike Davis, as this is exactly the book I've been searching for! Why didn't someone write a simple 'how-to' guide like this before? I GIVE THIS BOOK A ROUSING THUMBS-UP!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I didn't see any information I didn't find on the internet for free.