How to Amaze Your Daughter: Crafts, Recipes and Other Creative Experiences to Teach Her to See the Extraordinary in the Ordinary

How to Amaze Your Daughter: Crafts, Recipes and Other Creative Experiences to Teach Her to See the Extraordinary in the Ordinary

by Raphaele Vidaling


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How to Amaze Your Daughter can help parents experience life with open eyes. It has more than 50 truly creative and inspiring projects that will enthuse and enrich girls. There are crafts, science experiments, creative experiences, recipes and easy magic tricks. Each is cheap and easy.

All the amazements use items found in the home. Here are some examples:

  • Things To Do Together: Popsicle Stick Dolls; Bubble Candle; Bits 'n' pieces Color Portraits; Mini Origami Dresses; Lace Angel Wings
  • Treasures: Miniature Vase Necklace; Forest Fairy House; Paint with Shaving Foam; Snow Globe with a Toy Inside
  • Toys: Water Bottle Canoe; Easy-Fold Cardboard House; Tablecloth Teepee; Mermaid Costume with Detachable Tail
  • Experiments and Magic: Milk that Paints; Jellyfish in a Bottle; Edible Cracked Eggs; Paper Flower That Magically Opens in
  • Projects to Eat!: Spaghetti Nests; Bear in a Pancake; Origami Cake; Edible Butterflies; Rubber Egg; Carousel Cake.

How To Amaze Your Daughter is a practical and inspiring resource for all parents, teachers and caregivers.

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ISBN-13: 9781770856011
Publisher: Firefly Books, Limited
Publication date: 09/22/2015
Pages: 144
Sales rank: 1,124,572
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About the Author

Raphaele Vidaling has published two novels and many illustrated books. She is the author of How to Amaze Your Toddler.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents



    DOLLS made of Popsicle sticks
    BALLERINAS made from paper doilies
    PEBBLE PEOPLE made with mix-and-match bodies and heads
    AN ARCHEOLOGISTS' ICE FLOE with frozen animals
    CANDLEHOLDERS made of wax balloons
    MONOCHROMATIC PHOTOS of odds and ends
    THE ART OF KOKEDAMA hanging Japanese gardens
    A KITCHEN SAND PAN to use for writing practice
    SHAVING CREAM PAINT to create random imprints
    LITTLE DRESSES made of origami


    MINIATURE VASE NECKLACES a bouquet around your neck
    A SNOW GLOBE with a recycled toy inside
    COLORED VASES made with cut balloons
    KEEPSAKE BOX made from a dried clementine
    WALLPAPER PATCHWORK pretty and inexpensive
    A MINIATURE TREASURE CHEST made from a pillbox
    SMALL FAIRY HOUSES found in the forest
    ANGEL WINGS made from doilies


    DOLL CANOES made from water bottles
    A TABLE TENT that's both a tablecloth and a hideout
    BEACH CHAIRS FOR DOLLS made from chopsticks
    A RECYCLED SHEET TEEPEE that's easy to fold and store
    THE CLEANEST HOUSE IN TOWN made from a laundry detergent jug
    A CARDBOARD HOUSE foldable in a flash
    MINIATURE SHOPS made from small matchboxes
    A MERMAID COSTUME with a detachable tail


    THE MAGIC MILK that draws by itself
    AN EFFERVESCENT EXPERIMENT like a lava lamp from the 70s
    EGGS that you can eat
    A JELLYFISH in a bottle
    A MAGIC FLOWER that opens on water
    A VERY STRANGE SUBSTANCE solid when you move it, liquid when it's still
    A RUBBERY EGG with its shell dissolved in vinegar
    THE MAGICAL GLASS FULL OF WATER that doesn't spill when it's upside down


    FAKE MUSHROOMS made of mozzarella and tomatoes
    SPAGHETTI NESTS baked in a muffin pan
    ADORABLE RADISH MICE with long tails
    MINIATURE GARDENS made of mushrooms
    AN APPLE SPIRAL dazzling in minutes
    MY NEIGHBOR TOTORO made of lychees
    A TEDDY BEAR PANCAKE or how to draw in a pan
    A MELON CAGE with a pear-fennel bird
    AN ORIGAMI CAKE baked in folded parchment paper
    AN ALPHABET NOODLE STAMP and a heart-shaped cookie cutter
    A PINATA CAKE with candy hidden inside
    AN ANGEL HAIR NEST to top a cake
    A SWARM OF EDIBLE BUTTERFLIES to decorate a cake
    A CAROUSEL CAKE with hazelnuts and lollipops
    PINECONE SYRUP that tastes like maple syrup
    THE PHASES OF THE MOON made from sandwich cookies

What you'll discover in How To Amaze Your Son




"All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up." This sentence is Picasso's. But what is an artist? Someone who looks at the world with a curious eye, gifted with a creativity that transforms raw material into poetry? Yes, children have this talent, this perpetual wonder that makes them enthusiastic for new experiences, capable of investing themselves in a little project with as much enthusiasm and seriousness as they would if their life depended on it: making soap bubbles or paper airplanes, tying a remote-control motor to a stuffed animal on wheels, or making a skirt of flowers to put around a little doll. Playing is about inventing, testing, letting your imagination and concrete experiences rub up against one another. And, in the end, it's about growing as well. Only while growing up, we sometimes lose our open mind. We throw out bottle caps without seeing the possibility of them being wheels; we no longer pick up feathers on the sidewalk. Sometimes, even, we forget to sculpt volcanoes in our mashed potatoes! That is, we forget unless we have the chance to have children of our own, who remind us not to neglect the most important things: play, fantasy and making wonderful things for the sake of making something wonderful!

This book is a helping hand for parents who haven't lost their inner child, for those who, between the "brush your teeth" and "don't forget to say thank you," will add the essential insight: "Never forget to see the extraordinary in the ordinary!"

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