How do I get my Baby to Sleep?

How do I get my Baby to Sleep?

by Marian Blake


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Are you a new parent? Are you having problems getting your baby or toddler to sleep? Do you have bedtime battles? Then this book is for you.

Getting your baby to sleep when you want him to sleep is one of the important things you can teach your child. It is thought that sleep allows your baby to process what he has learnt that day and also give him a chance to digest his food and get the building blocks he need to grow.

It is also important for you to get adequate rest so that you can be the mum the magazines tell you, you should be. They are lying to you as nobody is that good, but if you have enough sleep you will enjoy watching your child grow and develop.

This book has tips on how to get your baby or child to sleep including
1) Music and lullabies may sooth your child to sleep.
2) Gentle massage may sooth your child to sleep.
3) Your touch on their back may sooth your child to sleep.
I4) f your child is full of energy at bedtime get rid of it by dancing or playing a running game, THEN go into their quiet normal bed routine.

You baby is unique and the routine he needs is unique to you so don't listen to peopl who say their way is the only way. This book contains ideas to create the best way for you and your child.

If you are tired and tired of bedtimes battles then get this book.

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