Homesteading Guide For The Garden Homesteader: How To Become A Master At Homesteading

Homesteading Guide For The Garden Homesteader: How To Become A Master At Homesteading

by William Ellis


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"Homesteading Guide For The Garden Homesteader" is a book that offers some quick tips for the individual who wants to learn the most effective way to get started with homestead gardening. The process does take some planning and a bit of implementation but once everything is set, it should be relatively easy to maintain from then on. Of course the larger the garden is, the more plantings there'll be to be put in -- but that is all dependent on the time the person has and the space available to work with.

The author has gone to great lengths to ensure that the reader has a proper understanding of what homesteading is and the steps that they will have to follow to get it set-up. It really is a viable solution for the individual that is not only seeking healthier, fresher foods but is also seeking to save more money in the long run.

It is a great addition to any household that has an interest in doing some gardening to provide food for the family. Some may even take it a step further (if they have enough space to grow products) and sell to their neighbors and others in their community.

About the Author: William Ellis is a firm believer in living sustainably and made the decision from an early age to adopt as many principles of homesteading as he possibly could. As he lived in the city, the best that he could do, apart from conserving on energy and making the most of what he needed, was to have a raised bed garden in his backyard.

William grew things that he would use on a daily basis like tomatoes, lettuce and carrots. He also grew his own herbs like thyme. After sharing this information with a few friends, he discovered that a lot more individuals were coming to him for advice. One of them even gave him the idea to write a book about it, and so he did.

William is aware that many people don't think they have enough time to get anything done, much less having a homestead garden, but the joy is this: once the initial setup is done, the rest is pretty easy as long as you have a sound plan.

William leaves the reader to make their own decision as to whether or not this is the best option for them based on how he or she currently live.

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