Hold On

Hold On

by Carol Haney


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"Hold On" is a story about having aspirations, goals, dreams, desires, wants, successes and keeping your memories alive. This is a story about a family whose love for one another is strong and unwavering. They have hope, hope for the better things in life. Hope for a better way of life. Living for the present yet preparing for and wondering what the future will bring. The main character, Maddie, is a hard working mother of two children, a girl and a boy who she had in her twenties. She comes from a close knit family. She has a brother and sister who she is very close to and a mom who she loves dearly. She has a steadfast determination to progress in life and no matter what, she will work hard to provide for her family. She is very much in love with her children's father who is in the army and wants to make a career of it. She really doesn't know whether or not he will return home. She is hoping that he will return and they can become a family who will love one another, work together and strive to be successful. This is truly what Maddie wants out of life. She is faced with several dilemmas that cause her to question herself at times. Along with the trials and tribulations of everyday life she is still holding on to her dream. A dream that a better way of life will come to her and her family. With this reality she continues to hope for and wish for her dreams to come true.

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ISBN-13: 9781796049022
Publisher: Author Solutions Inc
Publication date: 08/07/2019
Pages: 218
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.63(d)

About the Author

Hello, I'm Carol Haney, I have been a teacher in the New York City public school system for 28 years. I reside in New Jersey. I have always enjoyed the various art forms such as theater, music, singing, dance, film and the art of writing. Growing up as a little girl I have always enjoyed writing, Whatever genre, whether it be creative writing, poetry or narrative, putting words together to create an expression, emotion or story. I have always wanted to be an author which inspired me to begin my first fiction novel "Hold On". I enjoyed bringing my characters to life and seeing them unfold before me. Writing brings out the creative images and expands the thought processes. Creating my first novel was a pleasure and when I completed it, that gave me a sense of accomplishment. I truly hope my readers will enjoy my book and perhaps they will see a reflection of themselves or someone they know. In addition, I hope they will come to realize that when you set your mind on something you really want to do, don't stop, do it, work hard, have faith, believe in yourself and you will reach your goal. ENJOY!

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