Historical Atlas of Religions

Historical Atlas of Religions

by Karen Farrington


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From the dawn of mankind’s imagination, we have sought the favour of elemental powers and attempted to appease them with worship and sacrifice. The story of religion is one of learning to live with evolving social structures and determining how faith can provide a structure of beliefs through which we can deal with the world around us. In Historical Atlas of Religions, Karen Farrington shows how different cultures’ beliefs evolved, how their influence spread, and where they came into conflict with each other. The book is not partisan; its aims are to enlighten and not to preach, and to put each religion into its own proper context. Historical Atlas of Religions is a delightful encyclopedia of human spiritual endeavor from the earliest forms of animism to the established faiths of modern times.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780816050697
Publisher: Checkmark Books
Publication date: 10/28/2002
Series: Historical Atlas Series
Pages: 192
Product dimensions: 9.54(w) x 11.58(h) x 0.73(d)
Age Range: 14 - 17 Years

About the Author

KAREN FARRINGTON is an ex-Fleet Street journalist who worked for several years at London’s Old Bailey. She became a fulltime author in 1987 and has contributed to numerous publications on military history. Her published works include, ‘Witness to World War II’, ‘The History of Religion’ and ‘Natural Disasters’.

Table of Contents

Introduction-A Common Human Psyche6
Chapter 1The Middle East8
The Story of Judaism10
Moses and the Exodus12
The Promised Land14
The Creation of Israel16
Maimonides-Traveler and Doctor18
Persecution of Jews20
Jewish Tradition22
Focus of Faith-the Synagogue24
The Story of Christianity26
The Death of Christ28
St. Paul and the Spread of Christianity30
Christian Persecution32
Schism in Christianity34
The Story of Islam36
Succession to the Prophet38
The Spread of Islam40
The Koran-Teacher of Man42
Islamic Worship44
A Lifetime's Journey-the Hajj46
Centers of Prayer-Mosques48
The Selected Ones-Sufism50
Baha'i-a Refuge from Orthodoxy52
Religious Conflicts in the Middle East54
Chapter 2North America56
Gods of the Moundbuilders58
Shamanism-the Healing Seers60
The Pilgrim Fathers62
Mormonism-a New Mission64
Jehovah's Witnesses66
Out of the Dark-Spiritualism68
Christian Science70
Chapter 3Central and South America74
The Maya-Order from Chaos76
The Aztec-Divine Fire of Sacrifice78
The Inca-Time and Space80
Jesuits-Missionaries Abroad82
Voodoo-Africa meets America84
Chapter 4Africa86
The Terracotta Gods88
Star Worshippers-the Dogon90
Gods of the Nile--Ancient Egypt92
Missionaries in Africa94
Chapter 5Europe98
The Dawn of Man100
Gods of the Greeks102
The Roman Empire104
Old Norse Religion106
Christianity in the Middle Ages108
The Crusades and Papal Control110
The Reformation in England112
The Reformation in Europe114
To Reach God-Cathedrals116
Greek Orthodox Church118
Russian Orthodox Church120
Methodism-a Precise Approach122
Quakers-The Society of Friends124
The Salvation Army126
Religious Conflicts in Europe130
Chapter 6Asia132
The Story of Hinduism134
Sacred Texts-the Vedas136
Hindu Tradition138
Reincarnation and the Caste System140
The Story of Buddhism142
Buddhist Belief144
The Buddhist Lifestyle146
Buddhist Texts148
Buddhist Sects: Zen, Rinzai, Soto, and Tantric150
Persecution of Buddhists152
Jainism-Faith of Sympathy154
Zoroastrianism-Faith of Fire156
Taoism-the Way to Confucius158
Confucianism-a Civil System160
Shintoism-Way of the Kami162
The Story of Sikhism164
The Sikh Gurus166
Sikh Religious Texts168
Sikh Worship-the Gurdwara170
Persecution of Sikhs172
Krishna Consciousness174
The Unification Church176
Religious Conflict in Asia178
Chapter 7Australasia180
Spirits of Dance-Aborigines182
A Fierce Spirit-Maori Religion184
Easter Island-Mystery in Stone186
Conclusion--Is there a God?188
Glossary and Index190

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