High Performance After Burnout: Fixing The Stress Before The Damage Is Done

High Performance After Burnout: Fixing The Stress Before The Damage Is Done


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After burnout it is difficult to overcome the protection strategies your brain has put in place to stop you doing again what you did to get into burnout. Like the Phoenix it is possible to rise up out of burnout to a new high performance and without the stress. There is a syndrome known as "Want to but cannot" that high performers experience after burnout. Going back is out of the question. But there is a way, not back; but forward and forward in a very special way. There is no magic, smoke and mirrors, it is using what you already have and do, except in a far more powerful way.
The fact is clear, a large number of people discover how recovery from overwhelming stress or burnout is far from easy. It is natural for active intelligent people to want to get back to their job and the security it gives. There is no question about intelligence at the level of profession. The question arises of the lack of intelligent awareness about a different level of performance responsible for your burnout. The problem with healing burnout is that of a mindset of more of the wrong effort, which invariably leads to a longer healing process. Usually this wrong effort is doing everything possible to get better that seems right, rational and logical. A clue to this wrong thinking is that burnout is directly due to wrong thinking about stress in the first place. Certainly, in the early stages after the burnout crisis; letting go of exerting little or no effort to restore yourself to fitness is the best effort you can possibly apply to your life. Get this right and you have a fair chance to work and enjoy life once more. Get it wrong again and you have a fair chance of staying in a "want to but cannot" limbo.
As is the case so often with life; doing the right things is infinitely more difficult than doing the wrong things. Immediately this suggests the wrong thing is being treated if the treatment is easy. Dr. Deepak Chopra says the inner healer intelligence knows what it is doing. Therefore; it is best to follow counter rational behaviour and do nothing other than focusing on doing nothing until you know it is time and safe to start moving forward in a different direction.
About two years after the height of the burnout crisis, his healing was making headway at a steadily faster rate. Nonetheless; making any attempt to restore the remains of his dwindling group of companies proved fruitless. He describes this stage as like running into an invisible wall of resistance part of which was the appearance of chronic dyslexia. Before, he had been adept at strategic thinking, planning action and long hours of work. After the burnout that capability had simply gone. Slowly but surely those companies faded away. Although he was a well known professional arboriculturist; his great love was as an entrepreneur; nonetheless; further efforts to start a new business ran into the same immovable mental barrier.
Looking back after an in-depth analysis of his total burnout experience, Denton concluded that after a burnout crisis there is no way back to pick up the reins to do what one did before burnout. He says he certainly agrees with and confirms the findings of Richard Boyatzis and Annie McKee who said many years later in their book 'Resonate Leader,' - "that company directors and managers after burnout cannot or will not go back to what they did before." In this book he explains in detail exactly why that certainly proved to be true in his case; also for other burnout victims he had encountered. From his combined studies of the brain and burnout Robert Denton understood, how over a period of many years; he had steadily poisoned unknown millions of his own brain cells with cortisol produced in his own body and caused by the high stress for decades. As he unknowingly headed into burnout, he did recognise being in a permanent state of high stress. He knew why he was in a high state of stress. He was at a loss to know what to do.

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At the age of twenty four Robert Denton had already embarked on a career as an entrepreneur and was destined to develop a group of companies. While all this was going on he discovered an spontaneous healing and the body's innate healing system. This involved a search to understand how the body's healing system worked and when it did not, why not? He also developed an inquisitive research into the apparent effectiveness of spiritual or similar healing gifts. It was a quarter of a century later when these studies proved helpful as massive burnout brought his life and a promising professional career to a definitive and painful standstill.
In the months leading up to his burnout crisis, there were many signs that all was not well. In England during the 1980s little was known about burnout and even less as to how to deal with it. Although he was experiencing symptoms better recognised and understood today as the run-up to burnout; at that time they were just put down to the results of consistent high stress. Following his doctor's advice, it was clearly time to take a holiday. Soon after his return to work, he went straight back into his high stress thinking ways. In the true style of limiting behaviours, old habits die hard. Months later the inevitable burnout crisis hit suddenly, violently and with devastating impact. Immediately following the actual crises, he experienced a state of total physical and mental exhaustion. The first example of which was the fact it took a mammoth effort of mind and physical effort to climb twelve steps lasting far more than one hour; to get to his bedroom. This incapacity to function at simple levels lasted for many months during, which time Robert Denton found it impossible to focus his mind on anything without triggering massive mind and body fatigue. Before the burnout; one of his professional roles was as a legal expert witness. This entailed writing detailed reports and proofs of evidence. In the lead-up just before the burnout crisis, chronic dyslexia became apparent and made writing more than a few sentences practically impossible. His own proof there really is the possibility of performance and high performance after burnout is in writing this book. In addition the writing of a series of detective thrillers and hundreds of weblogs and magazine articles on his books, performance and a life after burnout.

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