Higgs Boson - Its Place in Particle Physics, the Universe, Space, and Beyond

Higgs Boson - Its Place in Particle Physics, the Universe, Space, and Beyond

by Mr John Gilbert Bean


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NOVEMBER 13, 2015.
* The latest advances in physics and cosmology are important and exciting. This book provides this information for both the general reader and the science student. It also serves as a reference book. Information is indexed and easily found and used.
Content includes:
*A timeline of key happenings in the history of our Universe including the birth of the Universe 13.8 billion years ago, first multi-cell life on Earth 4 billion years ago, Einstein's Special and General Theories of Relativity 1905-1915, and the end of the Universe a few hundred billion years or so from now. *The values of important constants such as the speed of light and the mass of the sun to nine significant digits. *Basic science information (a quick course in general physics). *Tiny unseen particles that make up the atoms of our planet. Higgs Boson that was experimentally detected at the Higgs Boson at the high-energy collider at CERN, Switzerland in July 2012. *Gravity Waves
• Information about empty space before Big Bang, at the Big Bang, during the Big Bang, after Big Bang.
• Empty space beyond our Universe and empty space after our Universe disappears.
*There are 22 sections including:
* Timelines of Earth, Our Universe, History, and Science
*Basic Physics: Force, Mass, Work, Energy, Power, Momentum, and Pressure
* Light Radiation and Spectrum
*Wave Motion and Wave Mechanics
* Elementary Particles -- Fermions (Leptons and Quarks) and Bosons
* Composite Particles: Hadrons (Mesons, Baryons, Tetra Quarks, and Penta-Quarks)
* Particle Interactions
• Conservation Principles
• Super-Symmetric Particles
* Higgs Fields and Bosons
• Origin of Gravity
• Spacetime
* Geodesic Warps
• Cosmology
• Before Big Bang
• After Big Bang
* Expanding Universe
• After our Universe ends
• Dark Energy and Composition of Matter
* Other Universes
• Inter-Universe Travel
* Special Relativity
• General Relativity
* Understanding Our Universe Using Scientific Method

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ISBN-13: 9781484162316
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 04/13/2013
Pages: 334
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About the Author

John Gilbert Bean has a BS Degree in Physics from the University of Arizona and graduate study in Physics and Electrical Engineering at the University of Arizona and California State University at Northridge (formerly San Fernando Valley State College).

His career and interests enabled him to work at the forefront of technology and remain knowledgeable of the state-of-the-art in the rapidly changing relevant science and mathematics of the origin and destiny of our Universe and Space beyond.

He has also written: Communicating Successfully With Everyone.

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