Everything travelers need to know to get the most from both famous and little-known attractions as well as popular adventure travel sports such as hiking, skiing, and horseback riding
-- Over 13 million people visit New Mexico each year

With its magical light, Old West history, and "tricultural" blend of Anglo, American Indian, and Spanish cultures, New Mexico more than earns its reputation as "The Land of Enchantment".

Whether the traveler fancies soaring the bright blue skies in a hot air balloon, riding the white water of the Rio Grande in a kayak, or cruising old Route 66 in a convertible, Hidden New Mexico has the details. It provides the reader with all the particulars for exploring the crossroads city of Albuquerque, where cowboys and entrepreneurs coexist side by side. Then it ventures on to Santa Fe, state capital and center of the Southwestern art scene.

Hidden New Mexico also steers the adventurer down backroads to a succession of small communities as exotic and varied as those in any foreign land. Journey to the Pojaque pueblo for ceremonial dances, the village of Abiquiu where Georgia O'Keeffe lived and painted for years, or the magical little town of Taos.

Choose among a variety of dining alternatives, from the Coyote Cafe, birthplace of New Mexican cuisine, to the Iron Skillet, where they serve up the best truck-stop food around. Stay at the beautiful Bishop's Lodge, a ranch where guests can fish, ride horses, or play tennis, or the La Fonda Hotel, "the inn at the end of the Santa Fe trail".

Just about all of the best places in New Mexico are hidden from view. Hidden New Mexico will help readers find each of them, whether it means heading up canyons, downdirt roads, to the other side of the mountains, or just beyond those trees.

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